23 - 25 June 2017 Team Manual - European day, Friday 23 June 2017 32 2nd day, Saturday 24 June 2017 32 3rd day, Sunday 25 June 2017 32 Appendix 3 - Event Draw. 33. Appendix 4 - Overview of Vaasa. 34.

Download 23 - 25 June 2017 Team Manual - European   day, Friday 23 June 2017 32 2nd day, Saturday 24 June 2017 32 3rd day, Sunday 25 June 2017 32 Appendix 3 - Event Draw. 33. Appendix 4 - Overview of Vaasa. 34.

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  • Team Manual


    23 - 25 June 2017

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    Table of Contents

    1. GENERAL INFORMATION 5 1.1 Finland 5 1.2 Vaasa 52. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE 7 2.1 European Athletics Council 7 2.2 European Athletics Delegates 7 2.3EuropeanAthleticsOffice 8 2.4 Executive Board of the Athletics Federation of Finland 8 2.5 Local Organising Committee 8 2.6 Competition Organisation 9 2.7 Participating Federations 93. TRAVEL TO VAASA 9 3.1OfficialAirportandArrivalInformation 9 3.1.1 Welcome Service 9 3.2 Arrival by Train 10 3.3 Arrival by Road 10 3.4 Visa Requirements 10 3.5 Insurance 104. ACCREDITATION 10 4.1 General 10 4.2 Accreditation Centre 11 4.3 Accreditation Procedure 11 4.4 Access Areas for Teams and Special Passes 11 4.5 Loss of an Accreditation Card 115. ACCOMMODATION 12 5.1 General Information 12 5.2 Information Desk 12 5.3OfficialHotels 12 5.3.1TeamsHotels 12 5.3.2EuropeanAthleticsFamilyandMediaHotel 12 5.4 Accommodation Costs and European Athletics Quota 13 5.4.1 European Athletics Quota 13 5.4.2 Accommodation Costs 13 5.4.3 Payment Procedures 13 5.4.4 Extra Charges 14 5.5 Rooming list 14 5.6 Meals 14 5.7ServicesintheTeamHotels 14 5.7.1 Meeting Rooms 15 5.7.2 Rooms for physiotherapy 15 5.7.3 Internet access 15

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    6. TRANSPORTATION 15 6.1TransportOffice 15 6.2 Bus Shuttle Service 15 6.3 Transportation of Equipment 157.TECHNICALINFORMATION 16 7.1 Technical Information Centre (TIC) 16 7.2 Technical Meeting 178. COMPETITION & TRAINING VENUES, EQUIPMENT & IMPLEMENTS 17 8.1 Competition Venue 17 8.2 Training Venue(s) 18 8.3 Orientation visit to the Competition Venue 18 8.4.Officialtrainingatthecompetitionvenue 18 8.5 Sports Equipment 18 8.6 Implements 19 8.6.1OfficialImplements 19 8.6.2 Personal Implements 199. ENTRY SYSTEM & FINAL CONFIRMATIONS 19 9.1 Team Composition 19 9.2 Entry Procedures 20 9.2.1 Final Entries 20 9.2.2FinalConfirmation 20 9.2.3 Relays Declaration Forms 20 9.2.4 Withdrawal 2110. COMPETITION PROCEDURE 21 10.1 Timetable 21 10.2 Competition Bibs 21 10.3 Competition Clothing 21 10.4 Call Room Procedures 22 10.4.1 Call Room Procedures 22 10.5SpecificEventRegulations 23 10.5.1 Field Events except vertical jumps 23 10.5.2 Vertical Jumps 23 10.5.3 Track events 23 10.6 Starting Order and Distribution of Athletes per heat 23 10.7SpecificEventProcedures 24 10.7.1 Track Events 24 10.7.2 Trials in Field Events 24 10.7.3 Coaching Zones 24 10.8 Timing & Measurement 25 10.9 Post Competition Procedures 25 10.10 Scoring 25 10.11 Protests and Appeals 26

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    11. MEDICAL SERVICES & DOPING CONTROL 26 11.1 Medical Services 26 11.1.1MedicalServicesintheTeamHotels 27 11.1.2 Medical Care at the Competition Venue 27 11.2 Physiotherapy Services 27 11.2.1 Physiotherapy Services at warm-up and training venue(s) 27 11.3 Doping Controls 27 11.3.1 General Information 27 11.3.2 Selection of Athletes 28 11.3.3 Additional Controls 2812. CEREMONIES & SOCIAL FUNCTIONS 28 12.1 Welcome Dinner 28 12.2 Opening Ceremony 28 12.3 Victory Ceremonies 29 12.4 Closing Ceremony 29 12.5 Closing Party 2913. DEPARTURE 2914. CONTACT DETAILS 2915. APPENDICES 30 Appendix 1 - Implement List 31 Men 31 Women 31 Appendix 2 - Timetable 32 1st day, Friday 23 June 2017 32 2nd day, Saturday 24 June 2017 32 3rd day, Sunday 25 June 2017 32 Appendix 3 - Event Draw 33 Appendix 4 - Overview of Vaasa 34 Appendix 5 Competition Venue 35 Appendix 6 Warm-up Venue 36 Appendix 7 Training Venue 37 Appendix 8 Accreditation system Access Zones 38 Appendix 9 - Key dates and General Programme 38 Appendix 10 - Training arenas and schedule 39 Smedsby-Sepnkyl training venue 39 Karls Stadium (competition venue) 39 RaceTrack(justoutsideKarlsStadiumHammerThrow) 39

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    1.1 Finland

    National Languages Finnish and SwedishPopulation 5,5 million Local Time Eastern Europe Summer Time (EEST), GMT +2hrsCurrency EuroElectricity 220VWater Tap water is drinkable Country Code +358 Business opening hours Shops and Supermarkets: 9-21Average temperature in June 20 CSunrise 03.25Sunset 23.46Emergency 112Cash Points Numerous around the city and in most supermarkets

    Phrases in local languages Finnish Swedish Goodmorning Hyvhuomenta GodmorgonGoodafternoon Hyviltapiv GodeftermiddagGoodnight Hyvyt GodnattHello! Terve HejSeeyousoon! Nhdnkohta VisessnartThank you very much Kiitos paljon Tack s mycketMy name is .... Nimeni on..... Jag heter.....What time is it? Paljonko kello on? Vad r klockan?When does the bus leave? Milloin bussi lhtee? Nr avgr bussen?Infive(ten)minutes! Viiden(kymmenen)minuutinkuluttua! Omfem(tio)minuter!

    1.2 Vaasa

    Vaasa Life and energy

    Vaasaisabeautifulhistoriccitywhichhassomethingtooffereveryone.Agoodemploymentsituation, high energy, and happy residents are attracting people to both visit and stay. Among the67.620inhabitantsofthecityonecanfindpeopleofonehundreddifferentnationalities.The bilingualism can be heard in daily life.

    Historyandmoderntimes,cultureandnature,aswellastheshoppingcentresandthemar-ket hall are all meeting each other in the over 400 year old city of Vaasa. The city is a port to FinlandsonlyWorldNaturalHeritageSite,TheKvarkenArchipelago.Growingcompanyareas,development of logistics, innovations and collaborations make up a good ground for the future of Vaasa.

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    Living the dream in the Vaasa region

    TheVaasaregionisknownforitsenergytechnologycluster,andforagoodreason.Hereyoullfindover10.000employeeswhospendtheirdaysthinkingupenergysolutions;thatisoftheworkforce of the entire Finnish energy industry.

    However,asweallknow,everysourceofenergyneedstoberechargedonceinawhile.Thisis the place where you can recharge your batteries. Whether it is through nature, culture, ac-tivitiesorevents,youwillfindithere.Forexample,wehavetheKvarkenarchipelago,theonlyFinnishNaturalHeritageSiteonUNESCOsWorldHeritageList,aswellasnumerousconcerts,happenings and activities for the whole family. For more up-to-date information, check out our websiteandenjoywww.visitvaasa.fi

    Energy is not lacking from the events organized around the year either. Sports are close to the hearts of the inhabitants in Vaasa, and it gathers the people to support their league level ice hockey team, their football team on the new Elisa Stadium as well as athletics on top level, as Vaasa hosts the European Championships of the 1st league of Team Championships this sum-mer. See you on Karls Stadium June 23rd-25th 2017.

    Welcome to Vaasa!

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    2.1 European Athletics Council

    President SveinArneHansen(NOR)First Vice President Dobromir Karamarinov (BUL)Vice Presidents Jean Gracia (FRA) FrankHensel(GER)CEO Christian Milz (SUI)Council Members Sylvia Barlag (NED) GregorBenina(SLO) Jos Luis de Carlos (ESP) AlfioGiomi(ITA) MrtonGyulai(HUN) Toralf Nilsson (SWE) Dimakos Panagiotis (GRE) Antti Pihlakoski (FIN) Jorge Salcedo (POR) Gabriela Szabo (ROU) Erich Teigamgi (EST) Libor Varhank (CZE) SalihMnirYara(TUR)

    IAAF President (ex officio member) Sebastian Coe (GBR)

    European Athletics Honorary Life Presidents Carl-OlafHomn(FIN) HansjrgWirz(SUI)

    2.2 European Athletics Delegates

    Council Delegate MrtonGyulai(HUN)Technical Delegate John Cronin (IRL) Doping Control Delegate Gabriela Andreiasu (ROU)

    Jury of Appeal Niels van der Aar (NED) - Chair Roberto Grava (ITA) Dean Williams (GBR)

    ITOs Chris Cohen (GBR) Chief NicoleHohmann(GER) SigurdurHaraldsson(ISL) Dario Giombelli (ITA) Loreto Perez (ESP) Ozren Karamata (SRB)

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    2.3 European Athletics Office

    European Athletic AssociationAvenue Louis-Ruchonnet 181003 Lausanne, SwitzerlandTel +41 21 313 43 50Fax +41 21 313 43 51E-mail competition@european-athletics.orgWeb www.european-athletics.org

    2.4 Executive Board of the Athletics Federation of Finland

    President VesaHarmaakorpi General Secretary Jarmo Mkel Treasurer Auli Miettinen Vice-presidents Ahti Arokallio Maarit Ovaska

    2.5 Local Organising Committee

    Chairman LOC Ingemar SundelinGeneral Secretary / Accreditation Lalle BrobergGeneral Coordinator Kenneth NorrgrdFinance & Budget Mikael SnellmanInternational relations Lalle BrobergCompetition Inger NabbPromotion-Marketing Mikael SnellmanPromotion Max Jansson/Visit VaasaTechnical Director/ Equipment Peter BrandtbergCeremonies Tom GullbergCity of Vaasa Christiina Knookala Riitta Pjrvi-MyllyahoFinnish Athletic Fed. Jarmo Mkel Ahti ArokallioFinnish Athletic Fed. / Nat. Competition Delegate Mika MuukkaFinnish Athletic Fed. / Referee AnneFrbergAccommodation & Attachees Mikaela IngbergCommunication / Digital MaritHolmlund-SundEvent Presentation / Coordinator Pasi OksanenMedia Annika Rikberg-GrannasMedical Tomas Bodman Petri Lehtonen / MehilinenSecurity Ove DamnTechnology Niklas EnlundHost Broadcaster Jukka Ahonen / YLE

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    Webmaster Magnus SundelinDoping control KatjaHuotari/ The Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCISFacilities JariKiveliCityofVaasaVIP-Hostess Inger IngbergVolunteers LOC

    2.6 Competition Organisation

    Competition Director Inger NabbDeputy Competition Director KennethHgholmTechnical Manager Peter BrandtbergCall Room Referee MikaelTrnroosStarter(s) FolkeHolmstrmChair Jenni Innil Eero Kulmala HeikkiUusi-PohjolaTIC Manager Kenneth Norrgrd Bo-Anders IngoSecretary of the Jury of Appeal Mika Muukka

    2.7 Participating Federations

    The following countries participate in the European Athletics Team Championships 1st League 2017:

    Belgium Norway Bulgaria Portugal Denmark Romania Estonia Sweden Finland Switzerland Ireland Turkey


    3.1 Official Airport and Arrival Information

    Theofficialairport fortheevent isVaasa InternationalAirport.ThisairporthasconnectionswithHelsinkiandStockholm.Vaasaairportislocated10kmfromtheteamhotels.

    3.1.1 Welcome Service

    Upon arrival at the airport, the teams will be met by their Team Attachs.

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    Welcomedesks/serviceswillbeoperatedatthetimeofyourarrival;dedicatedteamattachwill be present.



    3.2 Arrival by Train

    There will be no Welcome Desk at the railway station. Teams arriving by train will be met by LOC representatives and taken to the team hotel, according to the arrival times given in the finalentrysystem.

    3.3 Arrival by Road

    Teams arriving by road are kindly asked to go directly to their hotel, where representatives from the LOC will welcome them.

    3.4 Visa Requirements

    The following countries require visas to enter in Finland: Turkey.

    The application shall be made to the Finnish embassy in Ankara, Turkey. The LOC will then send anofficialinvitationlettertoproceedwithvisa.


    3.5 Insurance

    According to the Regulation 110.9 the participating Member Federations are responsible for taking out their own insurance to cover the risk of illness or injury of any member of their team when travelling to and from the European Athletics event and during the event itself. Please takethenecessarystepstofulfiltheserequirementswellinadvance.


    4.1 General

    Each team member will receive an accreditation card, which must be worn at all times and should be clearly visible. Security personnel will control all areas. The accreditation is not trans-ferable and does not allow the holder to take another person beyond checkpoints. Photos are not required for the accreditation card system.

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    4.2 Accreditation Centre

    TheTeamsAccreditationCentrewillbe locatedatOriginalSokosHotelRoyalandCumulusResort Tropiclandia. This is where Team Leaders shall report as soon as possible after their arrival, in order to carry out the administrative procedures.

    The opening dates and times of the Teams Accreditation Centre will be as follows: 21 June 16.00-21.00 and 22 June 14.00-21.00

    4.3 Accreditation Procedure

    Accreditation cards will be prepared in advance, based on the information provided by the Member Federation through the European Athletics event management system. No changes willbeacceptedafterthefinalentriesdeadline.

    The Team Leader will be asked to complete the following formalities before he can collect the accreditation cards for the whole team:

    LOC accommodation invoice Uniform check Finalconfirmationofentries Collection of competition related forms and information Confirmationofdeparturedetails

    4.4 Access Areas for Teams and Special Passes

    All team accreditation cards will allow access to the team seating area, warm-up area, training areas and changing facilities (located next to the Call Room). Only athletes who are about to competewillhaveaccesstothecallroomandtotheinfield.Furthermore,theaccreditationcanbe used to access the Team Shuttle Buses.

    TheHeadofDelegationfromeachteamisinvitedtotheVIPHospitalityareaandwillbegiventhe necessary access number on the accreditation card.

    European Athletics shall provide special passes as required for the following categories:

    TIC (only for collecting items from the pigeon hole) Mixed zone (for access to athletes at the end of the mixed zone) one per team. Field events coaching area (1 per athlete)

    4.5 Loss of an Accreditation Card

    Any lost or damaged accreditation cards should be reported to the welcome desk of the hotel or TIC at the Stadium. Duplicate cards can be obtained where proof of identity can be estab-lished.

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    5.1 General Information

    The LOC has made accommodation arrangements for team members in 2 hotels of similar standard.

    5.2 Information Desk

    AnInformationDeskwillbelocatedinthelobbyofeachteamhotelwithqualifiedpersonnelof-fering relevant information about all aspects of the European Athletics Team Championships. The Information Desks opening hours will be as follows:

    21June 14:0021:00(dependingonthefirstarrival) 22-25 June 09:00 22:00 26 June 07:00 12:00 (depending on the last departure)

    5.3 Official Hotels

    TheofficialhotelsfortheEuropeanAthleticsTeamChampionshipsareindicatedbelowwiththe internet address of their home page where further details can be found:

    5.3.1 Teams Hotels

    Reservations and hotel allocation per team will be made by the LOC based on the accommoda-tion requirements indicated in the Final Entries.

    Cumulus Resort Tropiclandia Original Sokos Hotel Royal VaasaLemmenpolku3 Hovioikeudenpuistikko18FI-65170 VAASA FI-65100 VAASATel. +358 200 48 143 Tel. +358 20 1234 619Fax +358 20 601 9143 Fax. +358 63123861tropiclandia.cumulus@restel.fi royal.vaasa@sokoshotels.fi

    5.3.2 European Athletics Family and Media Hotel

    Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, VaasaRewell Center 101FI-65100 VAASATel. +358 20 780 88 50Fax. +358 6 2124140 sales.vaasa@sokoshotels.fi

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    5.4 Accommodation Costs and European Athletics Quota

    5.4.1 European Athletics Quota

    According to European Athletics Regulation 610.4 accommodation and full board of participat-ingteamsforamaximumof25(twentyfive)maleathletes,25(twentyfive)femaleathletesand13(thirteen)officialsfor5dayswillbepaidbyEuropeanAthletics.

    No contribution shall be made in respect of athletes representing the host European Athletics Member Federation.

    5.4.2 Accommodation Costs

    The following rates (per person in full board) must be paid by the Member Federation for team members above the previously mentioned quota and for additional days:

    Group Single Twin Full board (EUR) Full board / person (EUR)Athletes and in ratio officials 120 90Out of ratio officials 140 120Additional nights for Athletes & Officials 140 120All prices include VAT

    Each team will be allocated a minimum number of single rooms equivalent to 10% of the to-tal numberof athletes and in-quotaofficials entered in the Final Entries. These roomswillbechargedforthepriceofadoubleroomforuptofive(5)daysmaximum.Additionalsinglerooms can be requested and will be given according to availability. The price for the additional singleroomis140Eurosforthefullboardaccommodationperday(duringtheofficialperiod).

    Cancellation Policy

    ThefinalaccountforaccommodationattributabletoeachMemberFederationshallbebasedon the numbers declared in the Final Entries and this shall be paid in full, no allowance being madeforanysubsequentreductionintheactualnumbersofathletesand/orofficials.

    5.4.3 Payment Procedures

    The accommodation invoice will be sent to each Federation detailing the amount they owe afterthefinalentries.Federationsarekindlyencouragedtomaketheirpaymentbybanktrans-fer to the following account:

    BIC HELSFIHH FI4040550012508954Owner of the account. Vasa Idrottssllskap. Pitkkatu 73, 65100 Vaasa, FinlandAktia Bank Abp, Mannerheimintie 14, 00100 HELSINKI, FINLAND

    Note: A copy of the bank transfer will be required on arrival.The balance of the payment must be paid on-site. Payment can also be made by credit card or

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    by cash in Euros by the Team Leader upon arrival at the Accreditation Centre.

    5.4.4 Extra Charges

    The Team Leader must settle phone bills and all other extra services at the hotel reception, before departure. The Team Leader will be requested a credit card by the hotel reception desk for extras.

    All payments must be made in Euros.

    5.5 Rooming list

    DetailedinformationaboutathletesandofficialsroominglistwillhavetobeenteredbytheMember Federations during the Final Entries process.

    Further requests for amendments will have to be addressed to the Local Organising Commit-teeatloc@vaasa2017.fiaftertheclosingoftheFinalentries.

    5.6 Meals

    Mealswillallbeservedinbuffetstyleand,totheextentpossible,willbesimilarinbothhotels.A selection of suitable food will be available taking into consideration special diets, religion and culture of the participants.

    Meals times shall be as follows:

    Breakfast 07:30 10:00 Lunch 11:00 14:00 Dinner 17:30 21:00

    A late serving provision will be made for those athletes retained at the stadium due to doping controls or protests.

    For lunch and dinner, water, milk and fruit drinks is available free of charge. All other drinks must be paid for.

    Accreditation cards will allow access to meals. Furthermore, access to restaurants will only be possible at the hotel where they are staying.

    5.7 Services in the Team Hotels

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    5.7.1 Meeting Rooms

    Teams requiring the meeting room would need to make separate arrangements through the information desk.

    5.7.2 Rooms for physiotherapy

    Foreachteam,dedicatedroomswillbeprovided;teamscouldset-uptheirownmassagebedsand area.

    No LOC physiotherapy service is arranged for team except in case of emergency.

    5.7.3 Internet access

    Free internet access will be provided at team hotels.


    Transportationbetweentheteamhotelsandthevariousvenues,includingofficialandsocialfunctions, will be provided via the LOC shuttle service.

    6.1 Transport Office

    ThemaintransportofficewillbelocatedatLOCofficeatPitkkatu73andwillbeopenfromWednesday 21 June to Monday 26 June from 9:00 to 21:00.

    6.2 Bus Shuttle Service

    Adetailedspecifictimetablewillbepostedonthenoticeboardsat the Informationdesk ineachTeamHotel.

    Transfer times between the hotels and the competition venue will be 10 - 15 minutes depend-ingonthehotellocationandtrafficconditions.

    Complete transportation schedule per functions (training, venue inspection, competition...) will be given to the team leader during the accreditation process and posted on the notice boards of each hotel.

    6.3 Transportation of Equipment

    TheofficialairportfortheETCHisVaasaairport.TheLOCwillprovidetransportfromtheVaasaairport to the competition venue.ForthetransportofpolesfromHelsinkiorStockholmthefederationsneedtoinformtheirtrav-

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    el agencies about the need and timetable for transport of poles as soon as possible.

    Forthereturnflightsthepoles,onSundayafterthecompetition,needtobeleftinatraileratthecompetitionvenuetobetransportedeithertoVaasaairportorbyroadtoHelsinkiforfur-ther transport.

    The LOC is responsible only for the transport between the airport and the stadium. The LOC also is responsible to organize the storage at the venue.

    The transport to and from Vaasa is handled by Finnair and SAS, either by air or by road, accord-ing to the booking that has been made.


    7.1 Technical Information Centre (TIC)

    The TIC is located at the competition venue (see appendix 4)

    The main function of the Technical Information Centre is to ensure smooth communication between each Team Delegation, the Local Organising Committee, European Athletics Technical Delegate and the Competition Management, regarding technical matters.

    TheTICwillopenonallcompetitiondays, fromaround2hoursbeforethestartofthefirstevent of the day until 60 minutes after the end of the last event of the day.

    Wednesday21June 15:00-21:00 TIC-OfficeCity-Pitkkatu73 Thursday 22 June 15:00 - 20:00 Venue Friday 23 June 09:00 - 11:00 / 12:00 - 17:30 Venue Saturday 24 June 10:00 - 18:30 Venue Sunday 25 June 10:00 - 18:30 Venue

    The TIC is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

    Displayontherelevantnoticeboardofofficialcommunicationstotheteams,includingstartlists, results and Call Room reporting times

    Distribution of urgent notices to the delegations from the Technical Delegates and compe-tition management via the pigeonholes. It is the Team Leaders duty to collect this kind of information in due time.

    Receiptofwrittenquestionstobeansweredduringtheofficialtraining Settlement of technical enquiries from delegations ReceiptofFinalConfirmations DistributionandreceiptofRelayOrderConfirmationforms DistributionofitemsconfiscatedattheCallRoom Registration and collection of personal implements. (e.g. shot put, etc.) Managing national record doping control requests

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    Receipt of withdrawal forms Written Appeals

    Note: Please, bear in mind that there will not be printed copies of start lists and results in the pigeonholes for the teams. The start lists and the results will be displayed on the Notice Board and also available online at the European Athletics website.

    7.2 Technical Meeting

    NoTechnicalMeetingwillbeorganizedbeforethecompetition.However,theTechnicalDele-gateandtheCompetitionDirectorwillbeavailableforanyquestionsduringtheofficialtrain-ing on Thursday 22 June. This meeting will take place at 16.00, the meeting point is outside the TIC.

    Updates and information about timetable amendments (if any), starting heights and raising of thebarfortheverticaljumps,callroomscheduleandspecificcompetitionprocedureswhichare not already mentioned in this team manual and will be included in the teams welcome bag.

    StartlistsforthefirstcompetitiondaywillbereadyaftertheofficialtrainingandpostedattheTIC and available online.


    8.1 Competition Venue

    Karls Stadium and its surroundings are shown in appendix 4 of this document. There are 7000 of seats in the stadium.

    The stadium has the following competition sites:

    8 lanes 1HighJumpsite 1 Pole Vault site 2 sites for Long/Triple Jump 1 Shot Put Circle 1CombinedDiscus/HammerCircle 1 Javelin site

    The Warm up area behind the stand has the following site:

    100m straight line, 5 lanes LJ / TJ site

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    The warm up area, next to the Karls Stadium, has the following site:

    HT/DT/SP/JTsite 100x50 m lawn

    8.2 Training Venue(s)

    Athletes will have the possibility to train in the following venues and schedules:

    Training opening hours with dates are shown in appendix 10.Venues and location are shown in appendix 6 and 7.

    Equipment and implements necessary for training will be available at the training venue(s). Officialswillbepresenttohelpinthecaseofproblemsorspecialrequirements.The Weight lifting area in the Karls Stadium is situated behind the stand.TheWeightliftingareainSmedsbytrainingvenueisinsidetheBotniaHall.Opening hours are: according to training schedule.

    The transport schedule will be displayed at the information desks in each team hotel.

    8.3 Orientation visit to the Competition Venue

    HeadsofDelegationmayvisitthecompetitionvenuethemselves,inspectingaccessroutesandotherfacilitieswhichwillbe importanttotheteamsonThursday22Juneduringtheofficialtraining held between 15.00 - 17.30. European Athletics Technical Delegate and LOC represen-tatives will be available for any questions. This meeting will take place at 16.00, the meeting point is outside the TIC.

    8.4. Official training at the competition venue

    Officialtrainingforallathletesatthecompetitionvenuewilltakeplaceon22Junefrom15:00to 17:30.

    Training with Official Starters will take place at the competition venue on 22 June from 16:00 to 17:30.

    8.5 Sports Equipment


    Each team is responsible for organising the transport of its poles until its arrival in Vaasa air-port/station. Upon arrival, the pick-up of the poles will be arranged by the LOC and will transfer them to the training/competition facility, where they will be at the athletes disposal. All poles orbagofpolesshallbeartheidentificationoftheathlete(tagofthenameandcountry).


  • 1919

    stadium during the competition.Aftereachevent,thepoleswillbetransferredtotheTeamHotels,waitingforthelasttranspor-tation to the airport at the end of the Championships.

    8.6 Implements

    8.6.1 Official Implements

    The implements provided by the LOC (see Appendix 1) are selected from those appearing on the current IAAF approved implements list.

    8.6.2 Personal Implements

    Personal Implements shall also be allowed, providing that:

    TheyarereadilyidentifiableandareIAAFcertified Theyarenotalreadyontheofficiallist They have been checked for compliance with IAAF Rules They are made available to all the other competitors until the end of the Final

    Personal implements will have to be submitted to the implements check in point at the Techni-cal Area at the Karls stadium the day before the event and no later than 18:00. 60 minutes af-ter the event, personal implements can be collected from the Technical Area (see Appendix 5).

    Ifapersonalimplementcannotbeacceptedintothepoolduetoitnotmeetingthespecifica-tionsorbeingunidentifiable,therelevantteamwillbenotifiedthroughtheTIC,withanexpla-nation, and the implement can be collected at the technical area.


    9.1 Team Composition

    According to the Competition Regulation 603.1 each European Athletics Member Federation mayenteroneteamcomprisingamaximumof50(fifty)athletes(25maleand25femaleath-letes).

    Subject to the exceptions stated below, only athletes aged at least 16 (sixteen) years on 31 De-cember of the year of the competition may participate in the European Athletics Team Cham-pionships.

    Only athletes aged at least 18 (eighteen) years on 31 December of the year of the competition mayparticipateintheShotPut(men)andHammerThrow(men).

  • 2020

    9.2 Entry Procedures

    Entries shall be made through the European Athletics Event Management System which will be accessible at the following link: https://arena.european-athletics.org/. Member Federations entries manager shall use their already known individual and personalised access.

    9.2.1 Final Entries

    Final entries indicating the names and individual logistical information (detailed travel ar-rangements, accommodation request and rooming list)ofthecompetitorsandoftheoffi-cialsmustbereceivednotlaterthan8(eight)daysbeforethefirstcompetitionday.Accordingtotheregulationsthedeadlinesforthefinalentriesare:

    Openingofthefinalentries 30May2017 Deadlineforthefinalentries 15June2017,14:00(CET)

    Member Federations will be able to enter reserve athletes, together with their final en-tries, in order to proceed with replacement in case of late injuries. All Member Federations will be able to consult and print out their entries at any time during the opening period and will receive a pdf report with a status of their entries 24h before the deadlineaswellasonepdfconfirmationaftertheclosingofthesystem.

    Detailed travel and rooming list information will have to be registered for each athlete and of-ficialduringthefinalentriesprocess.Amendmentsandupdateswillthenbepossiblethroughtheaccommodationandtransportationmodulesaftertheclosingofthefinalentries.

    9.2.2 Final Confirmation

    TeamLeadersortheirrepresentativesmustconfirmthenamesofthosecompetitorsalreadyentered who will actually take part in the competition.

    Formsforthefinaldeclarationandconfirmationwillbedistributedtoeachdelegationduringaccreditation process. The forms must be completed and returned immediately but no later than Thursday 22 June 16:00 for Day 1 events (return to the Team Accreditation Centre, in the teams hotels). Friday 23 June 10:00 for the other days (return to the TIC).

    Any team foreseeing to arrive later than this deadline shall confirm the respective ath-letes participation by filling the form received by email and sending it back to competition@european-athletics.org, before the above deadline.


    9.2.3 Relays Declaration Forms


  • 2121

    RELAY Relay Confirmation deadline Event time Saturday 24 June4x100m Women 15:23 16:534x100m Men 15:32 17:02 Sunday 25 June4x400m Women 15:13 16:434x400m Men 15:23 16:53

    9.2.4 Withdrawal



    10.1 Timetable

    Please refer to Appendix 2 for the competition timetable.

    10.2 Competition Bibs

    Each competitor will receive 4 competition bibs with the country code. These must be pinned to the front and back of the competition clothing, to the back of the tracksuit, and to the bag. ExceptionsaremadeforHighJumpersandPoleVaulters:thesecompetitorsarepermittedtoattach the bib only to the front or to the back of their competition clothing (plus their tracksuit and bag). The competition bibs must not be cut, folded or covered or ruined in any way.

    10.3 Competition Clothing

    CompetitorsmustweartheFederationsofficialteamclothing.IAAFRule143willbestrictlyap-plied. Please make sure to follow the IAAF Advertising Regulations in force. Clothing and items not conforming to this rule and the current IAAF Advertising Regulations will be removed/taped at the Call Room.

    The European Athletics has a record of the Team vests of all Member Federations available on European Athletics event management system, Arena, accessible at the following link: https://arena.european-athletics.org/.

    MemberFederationsshallconfirmtheirteamvests.Iftheuniformdisplayeddiffersfromyourcurrentofficialuniform,therevisedTeamVestsformmustbeuploadedintoArenaby14:00on 15 June at the latest, using the special form utilized for this purpose. Otherwise, the existing records will be used as reference.

  • 2222

    Team clothing must be uniform. A competitor wearing any other clothing will have no access to the competition area and will not be allowed to compete. This rule applies both to competition clothing (vest, shorts and tights) as well as to tracksuits.

    Therulestipulatingthecompulsorywearingoftheofficialcompetitionclothingwillbeappliedduring the competition but also during any victory lap, interviews at the Stadium and Victory Ceremonies.

    10.4 Call Room Procedures

    The Call Room is located close to the Teams Stand and warm-up area (Please, see appendix 5 and 6). It is the responsibility of the team managers to ensure that their athletes are aware of entry times to the Call Room.

    Athletes must report to the Call Room before each event as follows:

    Event First Last Exit from Arrive at Call Call Call Room Site EventRunning events (except hurdles) 35 min 25 min 10 min 5 minHurdles 40min 30min 15min 10minHorizontalJumps&ThrowingEvents 60min 50min 35min 30minHighJump 70min 60min 45min 40minPole Vault 90 min 80 min 65 min 60 minRelays 40 min 30 min 15 min 10 min

    All times are prior to the actual starting time of the event.

    Athletes who fail to report on time to the Call Room without a valid reason may be excluded from participating in this and all further events in the Championships, including Relays.

    A dedicated, heat by heat, Call-up Schedule will be available in the team bag on arrival. It will also be displayed at the Warm-up Area and handed out at the TIC daily.

    Refreshments (still water) and toilets will be available next to the Call Room.

    10.4.1 Call Room Procedures

    In the Call Room the judges will check the following in accordance with IAAF Rules:

    Competition Bibs and Clothing Shoes Bags Personal belongings (video cameras, tape recorders, radios, CD players, radio transmitters, MP3/MP4,cellphonesorsimilardevices)willnotbepermittedintheinfieldasperIAAFRule144.2.CompetitionofficialsinCallRoomwillconfiscateallnotauthoriseditems.Athleteswill

  • 2323

    receive a receipt for any such items. Upon presentation of this receipt, the athletes will be abletocollectsuchitemsfromtheTIConcetheireventhasfinished.


    10.5 Specific Event Regulations

    10.5.1 Field Events except vertical jumps

    There will be a maximum of four trials per competitor in each event. All participating athletes willhavethreequalificationtrials(1st,2ndand3rdtrial).Thebest4athletesafterthe3qualifi-cation rounds will compete in the Final (4th round).

    The athletes eliminated after the third trial will be ranked by their best performance after the 3rdqualificationtrial.Theremaining4athleteswillberankedbytheirbestperformanceafterthe Final (4th round). IAAF Rule 180.22 will apply for ties.

    10.5.2 Vertical Jumps

    In the vertical jumps the IAAF rule 181.2 shall be respected. Furthermore each competitor is limitedtoamaximumof4(four)foulsthroughoutthewholefieldevent.Afterthefourthfoulhe/she may not jump further unless he/she has won the competition.

    The winner of the competition is allowed to continue according to IAAF Rule 181.2.The winner will be allowed to continue at the height he/she was not successful. IAAF Rule 181.8 will apply for placings.

    ThetimepermittedforeachattemptinHighJumpandPoleVaultshallbe1(one)minuteexceptwhen consecutive attempts are by the same athlete or if only the winner is competing in which case IAAF Rule 180.18 shall apply.

    10.5.3 Track events

    Incaseofatiebetweenathletes inthedifferentheatsforracesupto400minclusivelyandrelays,thephotofinishjudgeshallconsidertheactualtimestothe1/1000thofasecond.Ifthetie cannot be broken, the attributable points shall be divided equally between them.

    10.6 Starting Order and Distribution of Athletes per heat

    The order of attempts in field events was decided by a draw conducted by European Athletics. Each participating team was allocated a letter which shall determine the order of attempts in thefieldeventsinaccordancewiththeappropriatechartasAppendix3.

  • 2424

    In the horizontal field events theorderoftrialsinthefirstroundwillbekeptforthefirst3trials.Theorderofthetrialsinthefinalroundwillbethereverseorderoftherankingafterthe3rd round.

    FortheFirstLeague,racesupto400minclusivelywillhavequalifyingroundonthefirstday.The heats and qualifying procedures will be arranged by the Technical Delegate in accordance with the IAAF Competition Rules.

    4x100m and 4x400m relays will be staged in two heats of 6 teams each. The teams distribution per heat will be according to the teams scoring standings 1 (one) hour before the scheduled time for each event. The best scored teams will compete in the same heat which shall be the last event of the session of track events. The results of the two heats are amalgamated, as according to the clause 2.4.2. The lanes 2-7 must be used. Lanes 4-5-6 will be allocated to top three relay teams according to the team scoring and lanes 2-3-7 will be allocated to the remain-ing relay teams according the teams scoring one hour before the relay time.

    800m all athletes will start in lanes (2 athletes in lane 2, 4, 6, 8 according to the draw)


    For the relay races the Technical Delegate conducts the draw one hour before the races.

    10.7 Specific Event Procedures

    10.7.1 Track Events

    Accordingtotheweatherconditions,athletesmaybeaskedtoentertheinfieldalreadydressedin competition clothes for races. In that case baskets will be taken directly to the kit collection area.

    10.7.2 Trials in Field Events


    Oncethetrialjumps/putsarefinished,theparticipantswillbeaskedtostandintheorderofthe competition for the presentation.

    10.7.3 Coaching Zones

    To allow communication between athletes and coaches, seats have been reserved in the standsclosetothefieldevents.Specialpassesforeachfieldeventwillbedistributedduringthe accreditation process at the information desk at the teams hotels. There will be one pass

  • 2525

    per athlete competing. The pass is only valid when accompanied by a team accreditation, this accreditation needs to be visible at all times.

    10.8 Timing & Measurement

    TheofficialtimingwillbeprovidedbyATOSandwillbedisplayedontheofficialelectronictim-inginstrumentandphotofinishcamerasprovided.Forallracesof800mormore,theelapsedtime will be displayed on electronic timers located at the end of each straight.


    10.9 Post Competition Procedures

    After the competition, athletes leave immediately through the mixed zone.

    Inthemixedzone,allathletesmeetthemedia:firstTV,thenradioandfinallythewrittenpress.It is for the athlete to decide whether he/she will give an interview.

    The clothing baskets will be brought to the kits collection area located after the mixed zone.

    10.10 Scoring

    The European Athletics Team Championships comprises one single competition where mens and womens teams represent as a single team the respective European Athletics Member Federation.

    The winner of each individual event and each relay in each match shall score as many points as there are teams competing in the respective League, the second will score one fewer, and soon.Athletesorrelayteamswithnovalidperformance,disqualifiedornotfinishingshallnotscore.

    Forthequalificationroundsheldforthetrackeventsupto400minclusively,theathleteswhocompeted,butdidnotqualifyforthefinals,wouldreceivepointsaccordingtotheirranking,based on the amalgamated results of two heats (i.e. overall ranking from 9 to 12).

    Incaseanathletequalifiedforthefinal,butsubsequentlyhadnovalidresult(i.e.eitherDQorDNForDNS),he/shewillstillbeeligibletoreceiveminimumpointsaccordingtothequalifica-tion rounds (e.g. taking 8th place in the overall ranking). In case there are more than one ath-letewithnovalidresultsinthefinal,therelevantpointswillbeequallydistributed,accordingto the point 602.10 below.

    For the relays, the results of the two heats are amalgamated, with the teams times determin-ingtheirplacings.Incaseofatiebetweenteamsinthedifferentheatsforrelays,thephotofinishjudgeshallconsidertheactualtimestothe1/1000thofasecond.Ifthetiecannotbebroken the attributable points shall be divided equally between them.

  • 2626

    If two or more athletes tie for a place in any event, the attributable points shall be divided equally between them.

    The team having the highest aggregate number of points shall be the winner of the European Athletics Team Championships 1st League Vaasa 2017.

    If two or more teams have the same aggregate number of points, the tie shall be decided in favour of the team having the greater number of event winners. If the tie still remains it shall be decided in favour of the team having the greater number of second places, and so on. (Reg-ulation 602.12).

    10.11 Protests and Appeals

    Protests and appeals are permitted and will be processed in accordance with IAAF Rule 146.

    Inthefirstinstance,protestsmustbemadeorallytotheRefereebytheathletehimself/herselforbysomeoneactingonhis/herbehalforbyanofficialrepresentativeofateam(Rule146.3).Such person or team may protest only if they are competing in the same round of the event to which the protest (or subsequent appeal) relates.

    Where the appropriate Referee is not accessible or available, the protest should be made to him through the TIC. Protests concerning the result or conduct of an event shall be made within30minutesoftheofficialannouncementoftheresultofthatevent(postedontheTICinformation board).

    IfthefinaldecisionofRefereeisnotsatisfactoryawrittenappealcanbesubmittedtotheJuryof Appeal also through the TIC.

    Any written appeal to the Jury of Appeal must be made in accordance with Rule 146.5 and signedbyaresponsibleofficialonbehalfoftheathleteandsubmittedtoTICwithin30minutesaftertheofficialannouncementofthedecisionmadebytheReferee.

    When submitting an appeal form, a deposit of EUR 75, as set in the rules, must be paid. If the protest is unsuccessful, the deposit will not be returned. The Jurys decision will be provided in writing.


    11.1 Medical ServicesThe medical service is in charge of any medical assistance to all accredited guests (Teams, LOC personnel, VIP guests and media) as well as, during the competition, to the spectators in the stadium.

    The medical centre is located at the competition site and will be open at the time of warm up. During other hours there will be a doctor on duty.

  • 2727

    We would like to remind all Member Federations that, according to the European Athlet-ics Regulation 210.9, participating European Athletics members are responsible for their own insurance to cover the risk of illness or injury of any member of their team, trav-elling to and from an European Athletics competition and during an event itself. Please make the appropriate arrangements to meet these requirements well in advance.

    Incaseofemergency,pleasecontactthenearestmedicalfirstaidstationorcallthe24/7Med-ical Emergency number 112 (free of charge).

    11.1.1 Medical Services in the Team Hotels

    In case of emergency, call 112. In other cases LOC medical services is coordinated by Dr. Petri Lehtonen and can be reached via phone on + 358 40 180 2721.

    11.1.2 Medical Care at the Competition Venue

    The stadium medical service is responsible for any problems concerning the athletes health. There is also a tent for medical attention located next to the main stand by the 100 m start (see map in Appendix 4). The team doctor has access to the medical service facilities when an ath-lete of his/her own team is hurt or is in need of other medical attention.



    11.2 Physiotherapy Services

    11.2.1 Physiotherapy Services at warm-up and training venue(s)

    There will be a team tent in the warm up area at the stadium. The teams need to have their own massage table and Physiotherapy Services.

    11.3 Doping Controls

    11.3.1 General Information

    Doping controls will be conducted in accordance with IAAF Rules and Anti-doping Regulations. They are in accordance with the revised WADA code in force since 1 January 2015. The controls will be done under the supervision of the European Athletics Doping Control Delegate. Both urine and blood samples may be collected immediately before, and during, the Champion-ships.


  • 2828

    Control Station (DCS) by an accredited team representative of their choice.

    A selected athlete should report immediately to the DCS unless there are valid reasons for delay. All selected athletes will be accompanied by a trained chaperone or Doping Control Of-ficerfromthetimeofnotificationuntilarrivalattheDCS.Athletesareremindedthatrefusaltoprovideasampleresultsinanathletebeingliabletodisqualificationandmayresultinfurtherdisciplinary action.

    Athletes who are required to use prescribed medication for the treatment of a medical condi-tion should ensure that they have registered their medication, where necessary, through the Therapeutic Use Exemption system prior to attending the Championships.

    11.3.2 Selection of Athletes

    Theselectionofathletesforcontrolwillbemadeonafinalpositionand/orrandombasisunderthe supervision of the European Athletics Doping Control Delegate. In addition, the selection of further athletes may be ordered at the discretion of the European Athletics Doping Control Delegate.

    All athletes setting World or European records must report to the DCS to provide a sample. Failuretoprovideasamplewillresultintherecordnotbeingratified.

    11.3.3 Additional Controls

    Athletes requiring doping control (e.g. for national record) may request to be tested by report-ing to the TIC, where a Doping Control Request Form should be completed. They will then be escorted to the Doping Control Station.

    The cost of this control will be paid by the European Athletics and will be deducted from the member federations European Athletics subvention after the Championships.


    12.1 Welcome Dinner

    A welcome dinner will be organized at 21.00 23.00 on Thursday 22 June at Villa Sandviken. Two persons from each team will be invited. Invitation cards will be included in the welcome bags.TransfershuttlewillbeprovideddirectlyfromtheHotels.

    12.2 Opening Ceremony

    TheshortWelcomeCeremonywilltakeplaceonFriday23June,beforethefirstsession,com-mencing at 14:00. The Opening Ceremony will take place on Saturday 24 June It consists of a flagparadewithlocalyouthathletesandofficialannouncementsandspeeches.Teammem-bers are not involved.

  • 2929

    12.3 Victory Ceremonies

    The Victory Ceremony for the top three teams will take place on Sunday 25 June, after the 4x400m relays. The top three teams should assemble in front of the main stand. Athletes must weartheofficialteamclothingfortheceremony.

    12.4 Closing Ceremony

    The Closing Ceremony will take place on Sunday 25 June immediately after the 4x400m relays and in connection with the victory ceremony. The Team members do not participate.

    12.5 Closing Party

    TheClosingPartywilltakeplaceonSunday25Junefrom21:00to23:00atHotelCumulus;allaccredited teams members are welcome to attend. Shuttle will be provided from/to teams HotelOriginalSokosRoyal.


    Teamswillbeasked toprovide full traveldetails in thefinalentrysystem. Teamswillalsoreceive a departure form, which should be completed and returned to the LOC Information Desk in the hotel, at least 24hours before departure, only in case there are any changes to the preliminaryconfirmeddetails.

    Departure times of the shuttle buses from the hotel will be provided and displayed at the hotel Information Desk.

    All outstanding fees, charges and possible other expenses must be settled with the cashier. On thedayofdeparturetheLOCHotelManagercheckstheroomstogetherwiththeteamleaders.


    For further details about the European Athletics Team Championships 1st League, Vaasa 2017, please contact:

    Local Organising Committee / Lalle Broberg Address: Pitkkatu 73, 65100 Vaasa, Finland Tel: +358 400 985 249E-mail:general.secretary@vaasa2017.fi


    Duringthecompetition,LOCcontactistheteamattach.However,LOCrepresentativecanbemetattheTeamAccreditationCenter(seeitem4),transportation/accommodationoffice(seeitem 6.1) or TIC (see item 7).

  • 3030


    Appendix 1 - Implement ListAppendix 2 - TimetableAppendix 3 - Event DrawAppendix 4 - Overview over VaasaAppendix 5 Competition Venue Appendix 6 Warm-up VenueAppendix 7 Training VenueAppendix 8 Accreditation system Access ZonesAppendix 9 - Key dates and General ProgrammeAppendix 10 - Training arenas and schedule

  • 3131

    Appendix 1 - Implement List


    Company Name Product Description Diam. Colour IAAF Cert. No Quantity

    Shot put 7.26 kgNordic Sport Stainless Steel, 117 mm Silver l-99-0024 2Nelco Turned Iron 125 mm Black l-99-0134 2Nelco Turned Iron 128 mm Yellow l-99-0093 2Discus 2 kgNelco Ultra Spin Gold/yell/bl l-16-0779 2DenfiSport JurgenSchultUlt.Spin White/yell l-99-0098 2DenfiSport SpaceTraveller Black/blue l-10-0456 2Hammer 7.26 kgNordic Sport Brass 110 mm Gold l-99-0008 2Polanik Brass 110 mm Gold l-00-0206 2Polanik Stainless Steel 110 mm Silver l-00-0203 2Javelin 800 gNordic Sport Orbit Carbon Whi/blu spir l-99-0190 2Nordic Sport Airglider Carbon Whi/red spir l-03-0300 2Nemeth Classic 90m Vio/yell/gre I-99-0100 2


    Company Name Product Description Diam. Colour IAAF Cert. No Quantity

    Shot put 4 kgNordic Sport Turned Steel 100 mm Green l-99-0027 2Nelco Turned Iron 104 mm Black l-99-0137 2Nordic Sport Turned Steel 109 mm Red l-99-0025 2Discus 1 kgNelco Gold White/gold l-99-0096 2Nelco Lo-Spin Red l-99-0131 2DenfiSport JurgenSchultUlt.Spin White/yellow l-99-0099 2Hammer 4 kgPolanik Brass 95 mm Gold l-00-0204 2Polanik Stainless Steel 95 mm Silver l-00-0201 2Bhalla International Vinex 95 mm Steel l-99-0178 2Javelin 600 gNordic Sport Diana Carbon White/lilac spiral l-99-0191 2Nordic Sport Diana Steel 80m Lilac/white I-99-0018 1Nemeth Classic 75m Violet/yellow/red I-99-0110 1Nemeth Classic 80m Violet/yellow/green I-99-0102 1Nemeth Club 75m Violet/yellow/blue I-99-0103 1

  • 3232

    Appendix 2 - Timetable1st day, Friday 23 June 2017

    14.05 110mH M 1stheat14.12 110mH M 2ndHeat14.22 100mH W 1stheat14.29 100mH W 2ndHeat14.39 100m M 1st heat14.45 100m M 2ndHeat14.51 100m W 1st heat14.57 100m W 2ndHeat15.10 200m M 1st heat15.16 200m M 2ndHeat15.22 200m W 1st heat15.28 200m W 2ndHeat15.38 400m M 1st heat15.45 400m M 2ndHeat15.52 400m W 1st heat15.59 400m W 2ndHeat16.10 400mH M 1stheat16.17 400mH M 2ndHeat16.27 400mH W 1stheat16.34 400mH W 2ndHeat

    2nd day, Saturday 24 June 2017

    13.25 HammerThrow W13.35 Pole Vault W 14.15 4.HammerThrow W14.35 Triple Jump W 14.37 400mH W14.47 400mH M14.57 100m W 14.57 HammerThrow M15.07 100m M 15.15 3000m W 15.21 HighJump M15.28 4. Triple Jump W 15.31 1500m M 15.32 Shot Put M 15.42 800m W 15.46 4.HammerThrow M15.55 400m W 16.05 400m M 16.15 4. Shot Put M 16.15 5000m M 16.20 Long Jump M

    16.30 Javelin Throw W 16.36 3000m SC W 16.53 4 x 100m Relay W 1st heat17.02 4 x 100m Relay M 1st heat17.08 4. Long Jump M 17.12 4 x 100m Relay W 2nd heat17.15 4. Javelin Throw W 17.20 4 x 100m Relay M 2nd heat

    3rd day, Sunday 25 June 2017

    13.24 Discus Throw M 13.35 HighJump W14.10 4. Discus Throw M 14.35 Triple Jump M 14.35 110mH M14.45 800m M 14.48 Pole Vault M 14.50 Discus Throw W 14.57 1500m W 15.10 3000m SC M 15.15 Shot Put W 15.27 4. Triple Jump M 15.32 100mH W15.37 4. Discus Throw W 15.43 200m W 15.53 200m M 15.58 4. Shot Put W 16.01 5000m W 16.10 Long Jump W 16.22 Javelin Throw M 16.25 3000m M 16.43 4 x 400m Relay W 1st heat16.53 4 x 400m Relay M 1st heat17.02 4. Long Jump W 17.05 4 x 400m Relay W 2nd heat17.08 4. Javelin Throw M17.15 4 x 400m Relay M 2nd heat

  • 3333

    Appendix 3 - Event Draw

    Special Draw for races up to 400m:FortheFirstLeague,racesupto400minclusivelywillhavequalifyingroundonthefirstday.The heats and qualifying procedures will be arranged by the Technical Delegate in accordance with the IAAF Competition Rules.

    4x100m and 4x400m relays will be staged in two heats of 6 teams each. The teams distribution per heat will be according to the teams scoring standings 1 (one) hour before the scheduled time for each event. The best scored teams will compete in the same heat which shall be the last event of the session of track events.

    Lanes 2-7 will be used: Lanes 4-5-6 will be allocated to top three athletes/relay teams. Lanes 2-3-7 will be allocated to the remaining athletes/relay teams.On 800m all athletes will start in lanes (2 athletes in lane 2, 4, 6 according to draw).

    Starting Order for all other events:M/W ROU NOR BEL POR TUR SUI SWE DEN EST FIN IRL BUL800 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 8 81500 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 15000 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 23000 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 33000 sc 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4SP 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5DT 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6HT 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7JT 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8HJ 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9PV 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10LJ 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11TJ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


  • 3434

    Appendix 4 - Overview of Vaasa

  • 3535

    Appendix 5 Competition Venue

  • 3636

    Appendix 6 Warm-up Venue

  • 3737

    Appendix 7 Training Venue

    Top picture: Outdoor arenaBottompicture:Indoorarena,BotniaHall

  • 3838

    Appendix 8 Accreditation system Access Zones

    1.VIPArea 2.Infield 3.TeamArea4. Mixed Zone 5. Media Centre / Tribune 6. TV / Radio Area7. Event Management 9. Doping Test Area

    Appendix 9 - Key dates and General Programme

    From To Activity LocationWednesday 21 JuneAfternoon Teamsarrival Officialairports,bus16.00 21.00 TeamaccreditationopenatTeamshotel HotelSokosRoyal,HotelCumulus15.00 21.00 TICisopen(City) TICOfficeCityPitkkatu7318.00 20.00 Training Smedsby and other Training venues Thursday 22 JuneAllday Teamarrival Officialairports,bus14.00 21.00 TeamaccreditationopenatTeamshotel HotelSokosRoyal,HotelCumulus10.00 13.00 Training Smedsby and other training venues15.00 18.00 Training Smedsby and other training venues15.00 20.00 TIC opening Karls Stadium15.00 17.30 OfficialTraining CompetitionSite16.00 17.30 OfficialTrainingwithstarter CompetitionSite16.00 16.30 TechnicaldelegatewillbeavailableforquestionsatTICoffice21.00 23.00 Welcomedinner VillaHietalahti Friday 23 June10.00 13.00 Training Smedsby and other Training venues15.00 18.00 Training Smedsby and other Training venues09.00 11.00 TIC opening Karls Stadium12.00 17.30 TIC opening Karls Stadium14.05 16.35 COMPETITION Karls Stadium14.00 Welcome Ceremony Karls Stadium Saturday 24 June10.00 12.00 Training Smedsby and other Training venues15.00 18.00 Training Smedsby and other Training venues10.00 18.30 TIC opening Karls Stadium13.25 17.25 COMPETITION Karls Stadium14.00 Opening Ceremony Karls Stadium Sunday 25 June10.00 12.00 Training Smedsby and other Training venues15.00 18.00 Training Smedsby and other Training venues10.00 18.30 TIC opening Stadium13.25 17.20 COMPETITION Karls Stadium17.30 17.40 VICTORY CEREMONY Karls Stadium21.00 23.00 Closingparty HotelCumulus

  • 3939

    Monday 26 Juneallday Departures Officialairport/bus

    Appendix 10 - Training arenas and scheduleSmedsby-Sepnkyl training venueTrack, long jump, triple jump, high jump, javelin, shot and discus Wednesday 21.6.2017Morning session if needed10.00-13.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP10.00-11.30 Discus11.30-13.00 Javelin18.00-20.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP18.00-19.00 Discus19.00-20.00 JavelinThursday 22.6.201710.00-13.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP10.00-11.30 Discus11.30-13.00 Javelin15.00-18.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP15.00-16.30 Discus16.30-18.00 JavelinFriday 23.6.201710.00-13.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP10.00-11.30 Discus11.30-13.00 Javelin15.00-18.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP15.00-16.30 Discus16.30-18.00 JavelinSaturday 24.6.201710.00-12.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP10.00-11.00 Discus11.00-12.00 Javelin15.00-18.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP15.00-16.30 Discus16.30-18.00 JavelinSunday 25.6.201710.00-12.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP10.00-11.00 Discus11.00-12.00 Javelin15.00-18.00 Track,LJ,TJ,HJ,SP15.00-16.30 Discus16.30-18.00 Javelin

    Karls Stadium (competition venue)

    Training Pole VaultWednesday 21.6.201711.00-13.00 if needed18.00-19.30Thursday 22.6.201711.00-13.0015.00-17.00

    Starter training for sprint events15.00-17.00Friday 23.6.201711.00-13.0016.30-18.00Saturday 24.6.2017 and Sunday 25.6.2017 11.00-13.00

    Race Track (just outside Karls Stadium Hammer Throw)

    Wednesday 21.6.201711.00-13.00 if needed18.00-19.30Thursday 22.6.201711.00-13.0015.00-17.00Friday 23.6.201711.00-13.0016.30-18.00Saturday 24.6.2017 and Sunday 25.6.2017 11.00-13.00








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