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<ul><li> 1. A visit to your ARRL Headquarters!</li></ul> <p> 2. Main Office Building 225 Main Street, Newington, CT 3. The Main Lobby Bookstore Lobby Museum Clothing Store 4. ARRL Officers ARRL 14 th PresidentJoel Harrison, W5ZN 5. 1st Vice President Kay Craigie, N3KN ARRL Officers 6. ARRL Officers Vice PresidentRick Roderick, K5UR 7. ARRL Officers Chief Executive Officer David Sumner, K1ZZ 8. ARRL Officers Chief Financial Officer Barry J. Shelley, N1VXY 9. ARRL Officers Chief Development OfficerMary M. Hobart, K1MMH 10. ARRL Officers Chief Technology Officer Paul Rinaldo, W4RI 11. ARRL Officers Chief Operating Officer Harold Kramer, WJ1B 12. The Wall of Presidents 13. Greetings from Penny Harts, N1NAG The first person you meet at ARRL! 14. QST Editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY 15. QST Managing Editor Joel Kleinman, N1BKE 16. Graphic Design Sue Fagan Dave Pingree Devon Neal 17. Production Staff Maty Weinberg, KB1EIB Shelly Bloom, WB1ENT 18. Production Staff Joe Shea Jodi Morin, KA1JPA 19. Media &amp; Public Relations Allen Pitts, W1AGP 20. Volunteer Exam Coordinator (VEC) Perry Green, WY1O Maria Somma, KB1KJC ARRL VEC Team 21. ARRL Regulatory Branch Dan Henderson, N1ND Also, HVA, HV4NAC, I/N1ND, VE3/N1ND 22. Building Tours for Visitors and Guests 23. ARRL Lab Staff Ed Hare, W1RFI Mike Tracy, KC1SX (Product Reviews) 24. ARRL Lab Staff Mike Gruber, W1MG Engineer Zack Lau, W1VT Microwave Design 25. The ARRL Lab Product Review Test Room The Lab 26. Circulation and Publication Sales Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R Amy Hurtado 27. Zoe Belliveau, KB1MPK Cathy Stepina Circulation and Publication Sales 28. Harry Abery, AB1ER Preparing Go-Kits for Hurricane Katrina relief Harry Abery, AB1ER 29. ARRL Computer Staff John Proctor, KB1KJA Andy Shefrin Cathy Scharr 30. ARRL Comptroller LouAnn Campanello, Comptroller 31. Comptroller Staff MaryAnn MacDonald Margie Bourgoin, KB1DCO 32. ARRL Advertising Departmentt QST Page preparation Lisa Tardette, KB1MOI 33. ARRL Development Department Debra Johnson, K1DMJ Mary Hobart, K1MMH 34. Field &amp; Educational Services Dave Patton, NN1N Also: AH2U, 8Q7WQ, KC6KW, 8P9KW, VR2.WX3N, KJ9W/KH2, W9OA/6Y5, YV7/NT1N, OH2/NT1N 35. Steve Ewald, WV1X Chuck Skolaut, K0BOG Leona Adams Norm Fusaro, W3IZ Field &amp; Educational Services 36. The ARRL DXCC Desk Ann Figat Frank Perez, KB1NQR 37. The ARRL DXCC Desk Jamie Campanello Jo-Ann Arel Heather Cirigliano 38. ARRL Web Master Hugh Brower, KB1NFI Tom Hogerty, KC1J 39. The ARRL Outgoing QSL Service 40. Silent Key Memorial 41. Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station, W1AW Controlling Console Main Transmitters 42. Guest Operating Studios Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3 43. Icom D-Star W1AW Station Manager Joe Carcia, NJ1Q with D-Star station. 44. The Main W1AW Bulletin Transmitting Tower(Center Tower) 120 Ft. 45. Main Tower Statistics 46. Stats on 3 remaining Towers 47. Old Betsy Hiram Percy Maxims Spark Gap transmitter 48. W1AW Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station 49. Main Page: www.arrl.org DXCC: www.arrl.org/awards/dxcc LoTW: www.arrl.org/lotw Contest: www.arrl.org/contest Also try the site index and search features on the main ARRL page to access ARRL related information ARRL on the WWW 50. On Behalf of all of us at ARRL, we thank you for your support!</p>