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    To register to trial to represent Gold Coast for the 2019/2020 Basketball Queensland Junior Basketball

    Competition representative season it is imperative that you read through this entire document before

    registering to trial.

    No player will be accepted into trials without registering online via the gold coast basketball website,

    absolutely NO late trial registrations will be accepted

    Rep trial registration check list:

    1. Confirm that your child is a registered player for Gold Coast Basketball Association and has

    participated in 50% of club games in the 2019 Winter GCJBL Season, Summer League is no

    longer an option to become eligible...

    2. Confirm that you have no outstanding fees owing to Gold Coast Basketball

    3. Confirm that you have no outstanding fees owing to your child's Club

    4. Read and accept the terms of the Parent Player Agreement within this document

    5. Read and accept the rep season payment terms within this document

    6. If applicable, confirm that you have processed a transfer through Basketball Queensland (if

    your primary association is NOT Gold Coast). Transfer documents are available on the trial

    information page on the Gold Coast Basketball website.

    7. Confirm that your child is available to attend all trainings from the training schedule

    (attached to the GC registration page) If your child is not available for training sessions please

    do NOT register to trial!

    8. Confirm that your child will make Basketball their priority sport throughout the season, if

    your child is playing multiple sports, to register for the representative program you must

    confirm that your child will attend rep training/games as opposed to other sports that are

    scheduled on the same times as trainings or games.

    If your child meets the above criteria, please proceed through the rest of this document BEFORE

    registering to trial. If your child does NOT meet one of the requirements, please email

    comps@gccrba.com.au before registering to trial to discuss.

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    Trials for the 2019/2020 Representative Season will be held on the following dates and times, players must

    attend ALL trials. If your child is unable to attend any of the trials, please note that this may affect their

    selection into a team.


    Tuesday 12 November 4.30-6.00PM 4.30-6.00PM 6.00-7.30PM 6.00-7.30PM GCSLC

    Tuesday 19 November 4.30-6.00PM 4.30-6.00PM 6.00-7.30PM 6.00-7.30PM GCSLC Waves teams selected

    Tuesday 26 November 4.30-6.00PM 4.30-6.00PM 6.00-7.30PM 6.00-7.30PM GCSLC Breakers teams


    Tuesday 3 December 4.30-6.00PM 4.30-6.00PM 6.00-7.30PM 6.00-7.30PM GCSLC Rollers Teams selected

    Thursday 5 December 4.30-6.00pm 4.30-6.00pm CISS Tides Teams selected

    If you are not able to attend a trial/s, please indicate which trial you will be absent from and the reason in

    the allocated area of the online registration form. Note the team selection dates from the above table, if

    your child is not available for certain trial dates, this may affect their selection into teams.

    The cost is $40.00 per player to trial, payment is processed at the end of the online registration form.

    The Trial Process

    Coaches for all teams will be in attendance at trials along with a select group of independent coaches who

    will meet following every trial to review players.

    Teams will be determined based on reviews from each of these coaches. The select group of coaches will be

    responsible for selecting each team in that age group/gender.

    Please keep in mind that player evaluations from the 2018/2019 season will be made available to all coaches

    for the selection process for this season.

    Teams will be confirmed on the dates in the above table, parents will be expected to attend the final trial

    when teams are announced.

    Waves (1st teams) will be selected on Tuesday 19th November

    Breakers (2nd teams) will be selected on Tuesday 26th November

    Rollers (3rd teams) will be selected on Tuesday 3rd December

    Tides (4th teams) will be selected on Thursday 5th December

    All paperwork MUST be submitted, and payments made when the teams are announced to secure your

    child’s position in their selected team. Failure to submit the paperwork at the trial and pay the deposit will

    result in your child being removed from the team and another player brought in as a replacement that night.

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    2019/2020 PLAYER & PARENT/GUARDIAN AGREEMENT * Players aged 18 and over will be considered as part of the sections covering parents.

    Name: Gold Coast City Regional Basketball Association Business Address: Carrara Indoor Stadium, Nerang-Broadbeach Road, Carrara, Qld 4211 Postal Address: PO Box 3311 Nerang Qld 4211 Telephone: 07 5594 4108 Email: development@gccrba.com.au Attention: Joel McInnes, General Manager Pero Cameron, Development Manager Definitions in this Agreement: BQJBC: Basketball Queensland Junior Basketball Competition GCCRBA: Gold Coast City Regional Basketball Association GCJBL: Gold Coast Junior Basketball League. State Championships: Annual State Tournament Upon accepting this agreement, you are fully aware of your obligations for the 2019/2020 representative season. By accepting this form, you understand and agree with the terms set out within this registration form and the Parent Player Handbook. (The handbook is available at the end of this document. 1. Objective 1.1 To inform parents and players of GCCRBA's terms, conditions, and obligations. Disclosure of

    this information is made to preserve the well being of the Association. 2. Team Requirements 2.1 Teams will consist of: (a) 10 players, unless request made by coach to the Development Manager. (b) 1 Head Coach (c) 1 Assistant Coach (if possible) (d) 1 Team Manager 3. Team Selection and Expectations Post Selection

    3.1 GCCRBA will nominate 1 to 4 teams (per age group) to compete in the representative season, consisting of BQJBC and State Championships, depending on meeting the Basketball Queensland requirements for nominating teams based on the number of junior players currently registered with GCCRBA and the quality of teams/ coaching staff

    (a) Waves: First team (will grade for Premier League - division one) (b) Breakers: Second team (will grade for Southern Cup - division two) (c) Rollers: Third team (will grade for Challenge Cup - division three) (d) Tides: Fourth team (automatically Challenge/Development Cup – division three/four) (e) Exceptions to the above rules would be if the Association had an automatic qualifier in Premier League in any given year, the Breakers team then have the ability to grade in the higher division being Premier League

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    3.2 Teams will be selected based on several factors, including but not limited to, ability, attitude and commitment. 3.3 Final decisions on team selections are made in conjunction with the team coach and the GCCRBA Coaches panel (Joel McInnes, Pero Cameron and other invited coaches). 3.4 All players and parents must understand that equal court time is not expected. Playing time will be determined by the coaching staff. The coaches will discuss any potential issues with the players and parents prior to selection and throughout the season. 3.5 All players and parents must understand that trainings and games are not optional, they are a part of being selected into a team. Acceptance of this agreement is that players attend all trainings and games for the season including State Championships. 3.6 The Gold Coast Representative program tries to keep a balance between being competitive

    and developing our players for the future. However, there are distinctions between

    expectation of minutes for our different representative teams. Below are the guidelines given

    to coaches.

    3.6.1 Division 1 - We play to achieve our highest results; the coach has total discretion over

    court time. Bench players are given roles and have to realise that they are there to

    support the players who have the bulk of the minutes. Some games players may only

    see the floor for limited minutes, potentially not at all in big games.

    3.6.2 Division 2 - We strive to compete - Winning is not everything, however for games that

    are close, the coach has the discretion to put the best group of 5 forward that are

    working together against the team they are playing. In non-competitive games, either

    up or down the coach should be then playing the other players when possible, unless

    we are striving for a For and Against ratio to make the finals.

    3.6.3 Division 3 - We play to develop players - We have a starting 5, but players should be

    rotated on a reasonable basis, based on skill performance and team dynamics. Most