2013 mar newsletter t-shirt and art show posters! this year's theme among the specials teachers is...

Download 2013 Mar Newsletter t-shirt and Art Show Posters! This year's theme among the specials teachers is "wild"

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  • The Eagle’s Eye Page 1 March 2012

    Principal’s Corner Dear Parents, Thank you to all the APT representatives who coordinated and helped with the Valentines’ parties. It seemed to go very smoothly! Next,

    please be sure to send in your confirmation for Family Bingo Night to be held on March 15th. Spring conferences are scheduled for March 6th thru the 8th. If you have missed the opportunity to attend and would like to schedule a conference, please contact your child’s classroom teacher to arrange a time that is convenient during the school day.

    It’s time to think about the administration of PSSA tests to third and fourth grade students during the week of Monday, April 8th through Friday, April 12th. Please make sure that your children have a restful sleep each night and that they eat a good breakfast each morning. Students must also get to school promptly as no one may enter the classroom once the testing session has begun. Over the last couple of years, a snack has been provided each day of the regular assessment period.

    With the approach of spring, it is often difficult for students and adults to keep focused on learning or work. . . .

    March 2013

    A PT

    N ew

    sl et

    te r

    O wa

    ti n

    Cr ee

    k El

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    ta ry

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    Volunteer Needed Owatin Creek APT needs a volunteer to

    take over assembly of the monthly Eagle’s Eye Newsletter.

    This task is lots of fun, easy to do in your own home, and is a huge help to the APT

    and school. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Sue Ann Evans

    yvan2@dejazzd.com or Jeane Serrian jserrian@yahoo.com.

    Mark Your Calendars... Mar 14: School Store (3rd grade) Mar 14: Gertrude Hawk Pick-up,

    5-7pm cafeteria Mar 15: Family Bingo Night,

    5-6:15pm and 6:45-8pm Mar 20: Deadline for Market Day

    orders Mar 21: School Store (2nd grade) Mar 21: Picture Day Mar 26: Market Day Pick-up, 7-8pm

    Jacksonwald Mar 28-Apr 1 SCHOOLS CLOSED

    Next Month... Apr 4: School Store (1st grade) Apr 8: EAGL Meeting, 7pm Reiffton Apr 8: PSSAs (3rd and 4th grades) Apr 10: APT Meetings, 9:30am and

    7pm Apr 11: School Store (4th grade) Apr 12: Report Cards Apr 18: School Store (3rd grade) Apr 22: PSSAs (4th grade) Apr 25: School Store (2nd grade) Apr 25: Elementary String Fair,

    6pm Reiffton Apr 30: Market Day Pick-up, 7-8pm

  • The Eagle’s Eye Page 2 March 2012


    . . . Here are some ideas to keep in mind for improved student performance and behavior:

    1. Music can help relax students as they get ready for school in the morning. Play a soothing musical selection and ask them to be dressed and ready by the time it is over. Also, you can eliminate clothing choice disagreements by selecting all clothing on Sunday afternoon. Hang each outfit on hangers labeled Monday through Friday.

    2. Be sure your children know that attendance is the most important part of their school responsibilities. Students should not stay home unless they have a fever or are truly sick.

    3. A good breakfast increases concentration. Offer your child healthy choices!

    4. Consistently show them you care about school and what they are learning by asking about projects, specific lessons and activities. Instead of asking “What did you do today?” ask them “Which multiplication table did they practice today?”

    5. Try to be a positive role model by talking about the progress you made today at work or at home instead of discussing all the things that went wrong during your day. By relating all the positives about your day, you may help them feel better about their own accomplishments at school.

    As always, if you have any concerns about your child’s progress, learning or behavior, please contact your child’s teacher immediately. Remember that you are always welcome to call me with questions or concerns about our school or your child.

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in our “A Celebration of the Arts” on February 6th. It appears as though everyone who attended enjoyed the multiple activities. Please take an opportunity to look at the pictures posted on the library windows. Thanks so much to our teachers and students who read “The Enormous Egg” every day during that week.

    Reasonably sunny weather is approaching! ~ Sincerely, Susan M. Cook

    PLAY DAY! Play Day is scheduled for Thurs. May 30th (Rain Date is May 31st).

    Mrs. Bainbridge has had many wonderful submissions for the design for the t-shirt and Art Show Posters! This year's theme among the specials teachers is "wild" -- wild about art, wild about music, wild about reading, and wild about fitness! Look for this theme to be carried out on the Play Day shirts as well.

    Students will be measured for their play day t-shirt during Picture Day on Thurs. March 21st. These shirts are complimentary and provided by the APT. Parents who are volunteering for Play Day will be able to purchase a shirt. Order forms for these shirts will come home at a later time. Mrs. Bogust will also be sending home a separate form for volunteers to help on that day.

  • The Eagle’s Eye Page 3 March 2012

    APT NOTES Boxes of chocolates and pastel colored hearts are images we associate with Valentine’s Day. At Owatin Creek, our students also equate the ‘sweetest’ day with DQ ice cream. A special

    thanks to Hamid Chaudhry, the owner of Dairy Queen, who has generously donated vanilla soft serve for our APT Valentine Day parties for at least a decade. Thanks to our APT Party Planners, Tracy Cloak and Lori Borja, and their volunteer brigade for filling the afternoon full of crafts, games, and a smorgasbord of sundae toppings and treats for our OC classrooms!

    For the 3rd and 4th grade string students, the celebration continued throughout the evening. Elementary music instructor, Ms. Emily Holleman and her young scholars joined the rest of the district’s orchestra performers for the 5th Annual String Jam. Over 300 Exeter string

    students from 3rd through 12th grades filled Exeter’s High School gymnasium to play classical scores from Bach to Mozart. The Jam’s final selection was a moving overture composed by Tchaikovsky. With the joint musical talents from all the schools, the evening concluded with a dynamic rendition of “March Slave” in B-flat.

    Another moving piece was played in the OC cafetorium a few weeks later in the form of an animated movie. On Dr. Seuss’s 109th birthday, OC students arrived in their PJs with

    blankets and family members in tow. The newest of our APT events aired the Seuss’ classical tale, The Lorax. A standing ovation goes to Family Movie Night Chair, Marcy Strauss, her husband Joe, and her crew of volunteers. A five star rating goes to Knight’s Rental owner, Greg Miller, for donating the popcorn machine that evening. Because of everyone’s stellar performance, our 1st Family Movie Night got rave reviews!

    A number of events were offered to our students and our families in the past month - including the Celebration of the Arts, the Technology Fair, and the 4th Grade Strings Kimmel Center Field Trip. All of them provided wonderful opportunities for our children, whether it was educational or just down-right fun! We hope you were able to take time out of your busy schedule and take advantage of what Owatin Creek and the Exeter School District has to offer. The rest of the year is packed full of activities! Check out the OC APT activities on Facebook, in our newsletter and bulletin, and on the OC calendar. Better yet . . . come to our next meeting on April 10th.

    Co-presidents Jeane Serrian, jserrian@yahoo.com

    and Sue Ann Evans yvan2@dejazzd.com

    Thank you to the combined efforts of our APT volunteers, teachers, administrators, and staff for helping with all of these events! Without all of you, none of this would have been possible!!

  • The Eagle’s Eye Page 4 March 2012



    Congratulations to all the third and fourth grade string students who participated in the 2013 String Jam on Valentine's Day! Combined with the Reiffton, Junior High School, and Senior High School orchestra students, over 400 string students participated in this year's concert! Students performed Brahm's Academic Festival Overture and Samba la Bamba. All the third through twelfth grade orchestra members performed Tchaikovsky's Marche Slav together for the finale. One of the highlights of the concert is hearing each school perform individual selections, allowing students to hear how they will develop with their music as they grow. Keep practicing!)


    On March 5th, fourth grade string students from Owatin Creek, Jacksonwald, and Lorane Elementary Schools traveled to the Kimmel Center to hear the Philadelphia Orchestra perform

    Beethoven Lives Upstairs. Our students were very excited to hear a world-class orchestra in person, as well as learn about the life of Beethoven. After the performance, students participated in a question-and-answer session with Robert Cafaro, a cellist in the orchestra. Mr. Cafaro shared that he began learning the cello in third grade, like many