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  • 2013 Quintessenti al fine bone china

  • I hope you enjoy looking through the 2013 Roy Kirkham

    brochure and that our latest products excite and inspire

    you as much as they have us. As ever, our experienced staff

    will be happy to answer any questions you may have and

    assist with your requests.

    Continuing a tradition of quality and design

    Roy Kirkham & Co Ltd Lascelles Street Tunstall Stoke-on-Trent ST6 5DB Telephone 01782 837065 / 826005 Fax 01782 813598 Email sales@roykirkham.co.uk Web www.roykirkham.co.uk

    Roy Kirkham & Co Limited was founded as a ceramic design studio by Roy Kirkham over thirty years ago, in Stoke on Trent, England. It remains a family owned and run business, and is internationally recognised as one of the foremost quality brands for fine bone china tableware and giftware products.

    The family ensures a personal, high quality service, and guarantee that all fine bone china products bearing the Roy Kirkham name are manufactured to the highest international standards, using unleaded glaze and a blend of fine china clay and feldspars. Only with this dedication can the bright, classical and translucent finish of traditional fine bone china be wholly achieved.

    The Roy Kirkham brand continues to be associated with beautifully designed, quintessentially English patterns and stylish, innovative products. All designs are protected under international law as being specifically created for – and exclusively used by – the Roy Kirkham Group of companies.

    The Roy Kirkham Group can now design and supply bespoke branded products for the corporate gift, promotional merchandise and hospitality sectors.

    2 | Roy Kirkham 2013

    04 Roy Kirkham

    12 David Austin Roses

    14 Tea with Bea

    16 Nina Campbell

    18 Royal Botanical Gardens

    19 Giftboxes


    www.roykirkham.co.uk | 3

  • The quirky 2013 Larch mug collection includes a delicate lavendar design, bright and cheerful chicken motifs, and a range of spots, stripes and florals. Choose a single style or mix and match your own choice of designs – each and every mug complements each other perfectly.

    Larch Mugs

    www.roykirkham.co.uk | 54 | Roy Kirkham 2013

    Chickens XCHICK1002

    Floral/spots/stripes XSSF1002

    Lavender XLAV1002

  • The Lyric range is decorated with a choice of bird, cat and dog designs, complete with the hallmark Roy Kirkham design detail. Just as with the Larch collection, it is a wholly complementary range that can be mixed and matched to suit individual requirements.

    Lyric Mugs

    www.roykirkham.co.uk | 76 | Roy Kirkham 2013

    Birds XBIRDS1018 Cats XCATS1018 Dogs XDOGS1018

  • www.roykirkham.co.uk | 98 | Roy Kirkham 2013

    Tulip Louise mug XNEWTUL1035

    Chatsworth breakfast cup and saucer XNEWTUL1100

    Wisteria Lancaster mugs XWIST1000

    Chatsworth breakfast cup and saucer XWIST1100

    Iris Lancaster mug XIRIS1000

    Chatsworth breakfast cup and saucer XIRIS1100 Teapot XIRIS1223

    Agapanthus Lancaster mugs XNEWAGA1000

    Chatsworth breakfast cup and saucer XNEWAGA1100 Teapot XNEWAGA1223

    Hydrangea Lancaster mugs XNEWHYD1000

    Chatsworth breakfast cup and saucer XNEWHYD1100 Teapot XNEWHYD1223

    Cherry Lancaster mugs XCHER1000

    Chatsworth breakfast cup and saucer XCHER1100

    Waterbirds Lancaster mugs XWATB1000

    Chatsworth breakfast cup and saucer XWATB1100

    Horses Lancaster mugs XNEWHOR1000

    Chatsworth breakfast cup and saucer XEWHOR1100

    Alpine Strawberry Louise mug XALP1035

    Louise mug and gift box XALP1035GBOXED

    Creative Writing Lancaster mugs XCWRIT1000

  • www.roykirkham.co.uk | 1110 | Roy Kirkham 2013

    Vintage Roses

    Redoute Rose


    Range includes Three tier cake stand and gift box XVROSE1331

    Tea cup and saucer (mixed) XVROSE1130 Tea cup and saucer (pink) XVROSEPNK1130

    Tea cup and saucer (green) XVROSEGRN1130 Tea cup and saucer (blue) XVROSEBLU1130

    Tea pot XVROSE1220 Cream XVROSE1240

    Covered sugar XVROSE1246 Tea plate XVROSE1270

    Anne mug (blue) XVROSEBLU1019

    Anne mug (pink) XVROSEPNK1019

    Anne mug (green) XVROSEGRN1019

    Breakfast cup and saucer XVROSE1105

    Lancaster mug XROSA1000 Ceramic coaster XROSA1060

    Gift box YPBROSALANC

    Breakfast cup and saucer XBUTT1105

    Anne mugs XBUTT1019

    Grand tea pot XROSA1205

    Tea pot and warmer XROSA1203 Anne breakfast cup and saucer XROSA1105

  • From breakfast cup and saucer to dinner plate, tea pot to sugar bowl, English Rose is a timeless collection that captures the true beauty of David Austin roses.

    English Rose

    www.roykirkham.co.uk | 1312 | Roy Kirkham 2013

    English Rose Cake Stand Two-tier cake stand XGENG1330

    English Rose Straight Jugs 470ml Straight jugs XGENG1252 470ml Straight jugs XGENG1253

    English Rose Breakfast Cup, Saucer and Mug Breakfast cup and saucer XGENG1105

    Mug XGENG1019

    English Rose Tea Pot, Teacup and Saucer Tea pot (four cups) XGENG1220 Tea cup and saucer XGENG1130

    English Rose Dinner and Tea Plates 27cm Dinner plate XGENG1280

    20cm Tea plate XGENG1270

    English Rose Sugar Bowl and Cream Jug 200ml Sugar bowl XGENG1246 200ml Cream jug XGENG1240

    L I C E N C E D P RO D U CT

  • Tea with Bea is all about classic, simple designs with a nostalgic quality, often inspired by fond memories. The Cottage Garden range is a great example, combining timeless style with functional ceramics that lend themselves to any occasion. The range includes teapot, teacup and saucer, small jug, sugar or preserve pot, two-tier cake stand, Larch mugs and tea plate.

    Cottage Garden


    XTWB1243 XTWB1227





    www.roykirkham.co.uk | 1514 | Roy Kirkham 2013

    L I C E N C E D P RO D U CT

  • Bowhill

    www.roykirkham.co.uk | 1716 | Roy Kirkham 2013

    Woodsford Dining

    Fairfield Blue

    Illustrated Large oval platter XNCWOOD1312

    Medium oval platter XNCWOOD1311 Medium bowl XNCWOOD1263

    22cm plate XNCWOOD1272 Tea cup and saucer XNCWOOD1195

    Illustrated Tea pot XNCFAIR1227 Milk jug XNCFAIR1263

    Tea cup and saucer XNCFAIR1195

    Also available Sugar bowl XNCFAIR1243

    Tea plate XNCFAIR1272 Three tier cake stand XNCFAIR1331

    Also available Large bowl XNCWOOD1264

    Dipping bowl XNCWOOD1262 16cm plate XNCWOOD1275 27cm plate XNCWOOD1282 30cm plate XNCWOOD1321


    Basket Weave Blues

    Rosa Riba

    Meadow Flowers

    Bowhill Pink

    L I C E N C E D P RO D U CT

    Fairfield Blues

    Woodsford Grey


    Basket Weave Pink

    Woodsford Green

    Fairfield Bright

    Set A XNC1002ASSA Set B XNC1002ASSB

  • www.roykirkham.co.uk | 1918 | Roy Kirkham 2013

    Mug box YPBGENRICLANC Anne mug XVROSEPNK1019

    Redoute cake stand and gift box XROSA1331



    Gift Boxes

    Breakfast cup and saucer YPBRKBRKGIFT Mugs YPBRKMUGGIFT


    L I C E N C E D P RO D U CT

    Mug box YPBBUTFLYLANC Lancaster mug XBUTG1000

  • Roy Kirkham & Co Ltd Lascelles Street Tunstall Stoke-on-Trent ST6 5DB Telephone 01782 837065 / 826005 Fax 01782 813598 Email sales@roykirkham.co.uk Web www.roykirkham.co.uk