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Official Souvenir Programme


  • Redland Farm, Bonvilston, Cardiff, WALESFferm Redland, Tr Simwn, Caerdydd, CYMRU

    2012The InternationalSheep Dog Trials,Food & Country Festival

    Treialon Cwn Defaid Rhyngwladol aGwyl Fwyd a Chefn Gwlad

    Programme 5.006-8 Medi/September

  • Yn gweithio yn y gymunedYn Tesco gwyddom mai bwyd wedi ei gynhyrchu ai dyfun lleol ywr gorau o ran blas a ffresni

    Dyna pam mae gennym dm penodol i chwilio am amrywiaeth eang o gynnyrch gan gyflenwyr lleol syn adlewyrchu cyfoeth, cymeriad, ac amrywiaeth Cymru.

    We loveshopping locally...www.tesco.com/local

    Working in the communityAt Tesco we know that locally produced and grown foods offer the best in taste and freshness

    Thats why we have a dedicated team who source a wide range of products from local suppliers which reflect the richness, character and diversity of Wales.

    Tesco are proud sponsors of the 2012 International Sheepdog Trial, Food &

    Country Festival.

    Mae Tescon falch o noddi Treialon Cwn

    Defaid Rhyngwladol a Gwyl Fwyd a Chefn Gwlad 2012.

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    International Sheep Dog Trials 2012

    PATRONHer Royal Highness, The Princess Royal

    INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT, 2012Rt. Hon. Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales

    HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS:His Grace the Duke of Abercorn, Her Grace the Duchess of Devonshire,

    Her Grace the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire, His Grace the Duke of Northumberland,R J Price Esq, His Grace the Duke of Roxburghe, His Grace the Duke of Westminster


    SOCIETY TRIALS COMMITTEESociety Chairman - J W Easton


    JUDGESSingles: (E) T Huddleston, (I) F Cashen, (S) J D Robinson, (W) R E Lewis

    Doubles: (E) Mrs V Powell, (I) C McNaughton, (S) D Robertson, (W) W M Owen

    COURSE DIRECTORS:K Griffiths & S Harden (Assistant)

    LOCAL TRIALS COMMITTEEChairman: W. Meirion Owen

    Vice Chairman: Mr David HowellsSecretary: Mrs Helen Howells

    Treasurer: Miss Rhian Ellis

    INTERNATIONAL SHEEP DOG SOCIETYChief Executive - Mrs Judith Sheen

    Clifton House, 4a Goldington Rad, Bedford MK40 3NFTelephone: +44 (0) 1234 352 672 email: office@isds.org.uk

    English National President - T LongtonScottish National President - W C Cook

    Irish National President - C McGarryWelsh National President - M Ellis

    The International Sheep Dog Trials, Food & Country FestivalTreialon Cwn Defaid Rhyngwladol a Gwyl Fwyd a Chefn Gwlad


    Front Cover photo: Two-time International Brace Champion, R Hutchinsons Sweep

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    Fel Llywydd Rhyngwladol Treialon Cn Defaid 2012,hoffwn estyn croeso cynnes iawn i Gymru, ac yn arbennig iFro Morgannwg, ir holl gystadleuwyr ar gwylwyr ar gyferTreialon Cn Defaid Rhyngwladol 2012.

    Maer Treialon Cn DefaidRhyngwladol yn un o nifer oddigwyddiadau cyffrous syncael eu cynnal ledled Cymrueleni chymorth ganLywodraeth Cymru. Maenddigwyddiad diwylliannol cwblunigryw a gaiff ei gynnal bobblwyddyn. Caiff y treialon eucynnal yng Nghymru bob pedairblynedd a hwy yw uchafbwyntcalendr y treialon cn defaid llecaiff y wobr Prif BencampwrRhyngwladol ei dyfarnu.

    Rwyn falch iawn fod cymunedym Mro Morgannwg yncroesawu digwyddiad a fydd ynceisio denu miloedd o ymwelwyrir ardal. Yn ddiamau bydd yrawyrgylch cystadleuol yn caelcryn effaith yn lleol a thu hwnt...

    Hoffwn estyn fy nymuniadaugorau ir trefnwyr, y cystadleuwyrac i bob ymwelydd ar gyferdigwyddiad heb ei ail.

    As International President of the Sheep Dog Trials for2012, I would like to extend a very warm Welsh welcometo all competitors and spectators to Wales, and inparticular to the Vale of Glamorgan, for the 2012International Sheep Dog Trials.

    The International Sheep DogTrials is one of many compellingevents taking place across Walesthis year supported by the WelshGovernment. It is a uniquecultural event that takes placeannually, but only visits Walesevery four years, and is thepinnacle in the sheep dog triallingcalendar where the titleInternational Supreme Championis awarded.

    I'm delighted that a community inthe Vale of Glamorgan is playinghost to an event that aims toattract thousands of visitors to thearea and the impact of thiscompetitive environment will,without doubt, resonate far andwide...

    I would like to extend my bestwishes to the organisers, thecompetitors and to each andevery visitor for what promises to

    be a spectacular event.

    Message from the International PresidentFirst Minister of Wales, Rt. Hon. Carwyn Jones

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  • www.valeofglamorgan.gov.uk

    Visit our website to find outmore about the Vales stunning

    countryside and coastline,along with events and

    attractions in the area...

    The Vale of Glamorgan is perfect for thosewho love the outdoor life. Discover towns

    and villages packed full of traditionalcharm and character

    The Vale of Glamorgan Council is pleased to supportthe International Sheep Dog Trials, Food & Country Festival

    Vale of Glamorgan...the...a great place to live, work & relax

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    International Sheep Dog Trials 2012

    Message from the International ChairmanW. Meirion Owen

    Croeso i Gymru, Welcome to Wales and on behalf of thelocal committee welcome to Redland Farm, Bonvilston inthe Vale of Glamorgan for the 2012 International SheepDog Trials.

    It has been an honour to be Chairman of the localcommittee who have worked hard to welcome theInternational Sheep Dog Trials back to this area after anumber of years.

    Thank you to our hosts, Tudor and Janet Harris, whohave welcomed the International on to their farm.

    We have expanded the trials to include a Food andCountry festival to attract a wider audience and thank youto all who have supported.

    All this and more would not have been possible withoutthe financial support of many local businesses, friends,companies and to our main sponsors The WelshGovernment, The Vale of Glamorgan Council and Tesco.Thanks to Helen, our local Secretary, for her efficient

    manner in organising the trials; Rhian, our Treasurer;Angie, for the website and co-ordinating the programme;Rachel, for organising the Caravan Park; and Hazel, forthe Food and Craft marquee. It has been a privilege towork with this fantastic team. Thanks also to the localcommittee for their hard work.

    The Welsh President, Malcom Ellis, has not enjoyed thebest of health during the last few months and we wishhim well and thank him for his term of office which willcome to an end in the autumn.

    Good luck to all of our competitors in their quest tobecome the 2012 Supreme Sheepdog Champion.

    Diolch yn fawr am yr anrhydedd i fod yn Cadeirydd ypwyllgor lleol, diolch i bawb am eu cefnogaeth i greuGyl i bawb fwynhau.

  • Message from Our National PresidentMalcolm Ellis

    I am honoured to have been President for the last four yearsand it is with great pride I welcome you all here to the beautifulVale of Glamorgan for the climax of my term of office at the2012 International Trials.

    We held a successful Welsh National Trial here some years agoand are delighted to return to Redland Farm for this yearsInternational. I would like to sincerely thank Mr and Mrs TudorHarris and family for hosting this wonderful event.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the local committeeswho have organised the four previous Welsh Nationals for theirgreat help and support. Thanks too to Meirion Owen and HelenHowells for their work organising and securing funding for thisInternational, and also those who organised events to raisefunds or made donations.

    Special thanks to Alun Jones (Selatyn) for his considerablesupport throughout my term of office. I wish him every successas he starts his term as National President for Wales. Manythanks too to E.L Morgan for his support. I also appreciate thehelp and support of the Society Chairman, Mr Jim Easton; ChiefExecutive, Judith Sheen, and the staff at the Bedford office.Last, but by no means least, I thank my wife and family for beingthere through every experience good and not so good.

    Finally, good luck to all the competitors.Have a great three days!

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    International Sheep Dog Trials 2012

    Message from Our Local SecretaryMrs Helen Howells

    Welcome to this years International.When I was asked to be the localsecretary I happily accepted the role, notrealising quite how much work it entailed!However, with the help of some veryknowledgeable and experienced peoplewe are finally here at The InternationalSheep Dog Trials, Food and CountryFestival 2012. I am especially proud theevent is being held at Redlands; myfamily home. Welcome to my home. Ihope you will Come freely. Go safely; andleave something of the happiness youbring.

    Many thanks to the local committee fortheir help, especially to Meirion and Angiewho have supported and guided methrough the last two years. Not forgetting,of course, my very easy-going husband,Dai, also our Vice Chairman, who hasbeen very patient whilst I have beenstressing with the preparations!

    Finally, I hope that everyone enjoys thisyears International and I wish all thecompetitors the very best of luck!

    TV H IGHL IGHTSBydd uchafbwyntiaur Treialon Rhyngwladol yma iw gweld ar S4C, nos Lun 10ed o Fedi am 9pmHighlights from these International Trials can be seen on S4C on Monday, 10th of September at 9pm.

    YNG NGHYMRU / IN WALES:Freeview 4Freesat 104Sky 104 (or 134)Virgin Media 167

    Gwylio ar Clic am 35 diwrnod wedir darlledu cyntaf: s4c.co.uk/clicView again on Clic for 35 days after the first transmission: s4c.co.uk/clic

    Is-deitlau Saesneg / English subtitles: 888

    The name of the TV programme i