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  • 2012 Installation Planning Guide

  • Rev. 08/12

  • Congratulations on your advancement in DeMolay!

    If youre reading this guide, youve probably been elected Junior or Senior Councilor for your Chapter, and its not too early to start planning for your term as Master Coun-cilor. Among the many things you will plan and carry out, a quality Installation of Officers is one of the best opportuni-ties to show off your Chapter to the larger community. Well planned, it can be a terrific public relations tool for you. Poorly planned, it can be an embarrassment! As you work through this guide, be sure to talk with your Chapters Advisors, your fellow Councilors, your family, and others. If you have questions or special needs, you can contact the Pennsylvania DeMolay office at 800-266-8424 (in PA only) or 717-367-1536 or, e-mail the Executive Secretary with your questions at es@pademolay.org Have a great Installation and a great term!

  • Set the Date

    Reserve the Hall

    Letter of Intent

    This is the first thing you should do after being installed as Senior Councilor. Many Chapters have installations on weekends, which allows out of town relatives and Chapters to travel to your event.

    1. Check the Masonic Temple calendar for available dates.

    2. Check Jurisdictional and website and with surrounding Chapters, Bethels, and Assemblies to avoid conflicts.

    3. Select a date that seems most convenient and get the opinion of the other Councilors, your family, and the Chapter Advisor.

    Once youve decided on a date, confirm the date with the proper person at the Masonic Temple, or other location where youll be holding the installa-tion.

    Once the date is on the Masonic Temple calendar, send a letter to the con-tact person confirming the date, time, cost, and any special arrangement or requirements.

    Put the date on your calendar. (Whaddya mean you dont have a calen-dar?! Go get one!)

    Some Chapter bylaws require that you submit a letter of intent to run for Master Councilor. For a sample letter of intent, ask your Chapter Advisor or contact the Executive Secretary.

    Make the Most of Your Big Day!

  • Create the Plan

    Select the Installing Team

    Decide on the general plan for the evening:

    Will there be a dance? A reception? Will you have pictures taken? Will there be any special ceremonies besides the Installation? Will there be a vocalist or musician performing? Will you request a spe-cial Installing team? Will any special dignitaries be present?

    Write your ideas down. This will help with the rest of the planning process.

    The selection of an Installing Team is very important. The team can make the difference between a great Installation or a poor one. There are usually six officers on an Installing Team, although sometimes a smaller team will cover all the parts. Installing Officer Installing Senior Deacon Installing Senior Councilor Installing Chaplain Installing Junior Councilor Installing Marshal When choosing Installing Officers, you will want to select only individuals that you are sure will perform the ceremony from memory. It is STRONGLY recommended that the Installation be performed by Active DeMolays, rather than by Advisors, because DeMolay members need this performance oppor-tunity, and it communicates to our guests our seriousness about being an Order run by its members. Remember, the State Officers can help you schedule an Installing team, provided you give ample notice. A minimum of 6 weeks notice is required for the State Officers to provide an Installing Team for your event. If the Installing Team is a local group, you should determine a date and time to practice with the Installing Team and Chapter members. A State Offi-cer Installing Team will take responsibility for arranging their own rehearsal, though youll still want to set aside a time to practice the mechanics of the Installation with your Officer Corps.

  • Assign Tasks

    Create the


    Select individuals to assist you in the following positions: 1. Greeters: Individuals to greet guests and have them sign the guest book and introduction cards (if used). They may also pass out programs and di-rect guests to seats. 2. Photographer: Have someone, amateur or professional, take photos. Arrange a time that day, before or after the Installation, to take posed group photos. Inform Chapter members and Advisors of this time. Be sure to give the photographer proper instruction, especially if he or she is unfamiliar with the ceremonies. Remind your photographer to turn off sound beeps so as not to create a distraction. Suggest the best location for photos during the ceremony. Specify times during the ceremony (such as during the Master Councilors vow or during prayers) when flash should not be used (to avoid detracting from serious portions of the ceremonies). 3. Musician and/or Vocalist: It is always a nice touch to have music, whether on a CD, or live. You may also want a vocal selection during the program.

    A budget must be prepared for the Installation and submitted to the Advi-sory Council. Some Chapters have a policy on the amount of money that can be spent on an Installation. Check with your Chapter Councilors and Advisors to see if such a policy exists or if one should be established. Sometimes Chapters put a limit on the amount of money that will be contrib-uted by the Chapter. Present the budget to the Advisory Council at the time the Program is pre-sented. A sample Installation Budget is provided in the Appendix.

  • Create an Invitation

    There are many styles to use for your invitations. Youll find a sample in the Appendix.

    Make sure to include all the necessary information: 1. The date and time of the Installation 2. The location (include street address and/or directions) 3. Whether a reception and/or dance will follow, and when it will end. 4. The appropriate attire

    People to invite to the Installation include: Family of Chapter members Advisory Council members Sponsoring body Masonic bodies Other DeMolay Chapters Jobs Daughters Bethels Rainbow Assemblies Other community organizations Friends Prospective members Community leaders

    It is important that you print and mail the invitations four to six weeks before the Installation. Remember that other youth groups (whether DeMo-lay, Jobs Daughters, or Rainbow) may need time to have the event ap-proved by their Advisory Board, which often meets only once a month. All your guests need time to plan to attend. Late invitations can mean poor at-tendance!

  • Publicity

    Appoint Officers

    Create the


    Dont let the Installation just come and go without letting the community know what is happening. Publicity of an Installation is a great marketing tool for establishing an image in the community and recruiting members and Ad-visors. There are at least two opportunities to publicize the Installation in your local paper:

    1. After Elections of Officers. Let the community know who the new leaders will be and inform them of the Installation date, time, and place. Include a picture of the elected Councilors and Treasurer or just the Master Councilor.

    2. After the Installation. Inform the community of what took place, who attended and who was installed. Include photos from the night, posed group photos and candids.

    Consult with the other Councilors and the Chapter Advisor before appointing Chapter members to serve as an Officer for the next term. You may want to start by surveying the Chapter members to determine who is interested in doing a particular office. Remind them that they must know the ritual for that office before they are installed. Schedule an Advancement Night or a Step-Up Night before the Installation to give the new officers a chance to do the ritual in that office before the first meeting of the new term. Many times this night is scheduled on the regular meeting night before the Installation.

    Whether or not you have a printed program for the event, youll need a printed agenda to follow. Avoid the temptation to include multiple public ceremonies, unnecessary in-troductions, repetitive program elements, long remarks, and so on. If your Installation (from the entrance of the Installing Team to the dismissal) runs an hour, it is too long. This is an opportunity to impress the commu-nity, your families, and prospective members. People who are bored are rarely impressed! Items youll want to include on your agenda are:

    Opening (by the Installing Team)

    Reception of Distinguished Guests (see the Protocol Manual in the Ap-pendix only ranking DeMolay and Masonic Dignitaries should be escorted into the room. Dont overdo this.)

  • Agenda (contd)

    Installation of Officers. This is the formal ceremony, done by the Installing Team. See the Optional Modification for Installing Officers in the Appendix.

    Master Councilors Remarks. Your first chance to shine! You MUST write out what you will say if you dont, youre likely to find the only thing you can think of is Uhh. or you may find you ramble on without end. Be sure to thank all those who have helped you prepare for the Installation, and for your term. Outline your plans for the term. Thank your guests. Your remarks neednt be more than 1 or 2 minutes long.

    Introductions. Once again, see the Protocol manual in the Resources section of www.pademolay.org for Pennsylvanias procedures regarding introductions. DO NOT introduce everyone in the room, or have members of various visiting groups stand to give their names! It is proper to thank various other organizations


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