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  • 1. Status & Trendsin the ICT Industry23rd July, 2011ICICT2011Dr. Sayeed Ghani Associate Dean, Faculty of Computer Science, IBA

2. Overview
Global Market Trends
Pakistan ICT Industry
3. Earlier: TIAs 2009 ICT Market Review & Forecast
Earlier Forecast
4. TIA 2011: Global Telecommunication Growth in Spending
5. ICT Market Review & Forecast
6. Technology Trends
LTE (Long Term Evolution)
Next generation mobile wireless broadband technology.
Cloud computing
Substituting premises-based equipment.
Will gain at the expense of circuit-switched service. VoIP in the US will reach 24 percent of the circuit-switched subscriber base in 2014 from 18 percent in 2010.
Subscription spending will nearly triple to $12 billion in 2014 in the US.
High speed wireless services
Will drive wireless spending
7. IP in the Enterprise and Consumer Networks
IP virtual private networks (IPVPNs) are rapidly gaining share at the expense of frame relay and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) solutions, both of which are falling precipitously.
Carriers are converting to multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) in their core networks to facilitate IP transport.
Ongoing convergence to IP technologies and upgrades to accommodate the transition to IPv6 will drive the market over the long run.
8. Global Markets
Europe has the top six countries in broadband penetration, while the United States ranks 18th in broadband penetration.
Europewill be the slowest-growing region because its wireless market is saturated.
Large gains in broadband and wireless penetration will fuel growth in Asia Pacific, with most of the growth generated by China and India.
Middle East/Africa will be the fastest-growing international region, fueled by expanding wireless and broadband infrastructures.
9. Global ICT Trends
Pakistan: 65%
10. Broadband
Pakistan: 0.3%
11. Fixed Broadband
12. Global: Internet Penetration
Pakistan: 11% (20 Million users)
13. Overview
Global Market Trends
Pakistan ICT Industry
14. Pakistans Cellular Industry
Cellular Teledensity: 60-65%. Overall 68%
BMI forecasts 136M cellular subscribers by end-2015 (70.3% penetration).
US$6.3 Billion FDI in last 5 years
Total Telecom Investments: about US$ 1.1 Billion, with 80% in Cellular
Total Telecom sector revenues: about Rs. 360 Billion (2009-10), with 11% Growth.
Next wave of FDI expected once 3G is launched (expected end 2011)
Source: PTA / BMI
15. Broadband Internet
Average Growth rate of 150%
Wireless: 300+%
Wired: 50%
0.7% penetration
Broadband subscriber basereached 1M in October 2010, an increase of 63.5%.
WiMAX and EV-DO catching up fast to DSL
Popularity of mobile broadband: pricing; low-cost mobile devices; lack of wired infrastructure in rural areas.
Source: PTA / BMI
16. WEF: Network Readiness Index
17. Network Readiness Subindexes
18. Readiness / Usage Components
19. Environment Component
20. Pakistans IT/Software Industry
Pakistans IT and software industry is now a relatively well-established tier-2 player (behind India, China, and Russia) in the global IT industry.
Pakistan's IT industry's global share is estimated at US$2.8 billion, including global sales revenue of US$1.6 billion, and more than $750 million in exports.
A skilled workforce of 110,000 English-speaking IT professionals in the economy, of which 24,000 are engaged in exports.
Nearly 1500 companies. Two are listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), 2 on the NASDAQand 1 on the Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX).
110 ISO 9001, 23 CMMi and 11 ISO 27001 certified companies.
Nine STPs offering around 700,000 square feet of IT-enabled office space.
Lahore Tech. Park upcoming (17 story, 275,000 sq. feet).
Seven multinational companies have 'Development Centers' in Pakistan.
A strong telecom sector supports the IT industry's development.
Source: PSEB
21. Pakistans software / BPO Industry
Impact of 2007 Recession in On Total Revenue and Spend of Pakistan's IT Industry
Source: PSEB Pakistan IT Market Assessment - 2010
22. IT Employment
Source: PSEB Pakistan IT Market Assessment - 2010
Source: PSEB Pakistan IT Market Assessment - 2010
23. IT Employment Growth
Source: PSEB Pakistan IT Market Assessment - 2010
24. Mobile, Gaming & Animation (MGA) Industry
Unlike the DotCom and the Y2K opportunities, where Pakistans IT and software industry lost out on the first movers advantage, the opportunities presented in the MGA space are ones where Pakistan has been quite well-positioned to take advantage.
MGA is considered one of the most exciting changes sweeping across Pakistans IT industry.
Rate of smartphone adoption is accelerating: 22% of UK consumers had a smartphone, with this percentage rising to 31% amongst 2435 year olds.
Source PSEB
25. MGA: Success Stories
Mindstorm Studios:
(Cricket Revolution ): first internationally selling PC game and official game of ICC WorldCup 2011.
GameView Studios:
Tap franchise, acquired by Japanese social gaming giant DeNA.
Two top-ranking paid BlackBerry applications.
Dedicated to creating innovative casual games designed for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms.
Creating not one but two 100% "Made in Pakistan mobile applications and gaming companies from a university lab in Lahore.
This is where the new generation of entrepreneurs are placing their bets!
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