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    Special Supplement toThe Mercer County Chronicle

    December 2010


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    Holiday Greetings Page 2 December 2010



    123 East MainColdwater, Ohio



    120 South ThirdColdwater, Ohio

    Thanks To All Of You, Our Customers, Who Have Shown Your Trust By Choosing Us!

    "THE C.A.R.S. TEAM"Randy, Corienne, Todd, Justin, Bob, Gary & Don

    Your!Complete "ONE STOP" Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealer


    Seasons Greetingsfrom all of us at...

    LEFLED Implement5228 State Route 118, Coldwater, Ohio



    Over 60 Years Of Sales & Service!

    The Seasons Best From All Of Us At...

    700 North Second Street Coldwater, Ohio419-678-8711 www.raysrefrigeration.comYour Sales & Servicing Dealer Since 1946



    ~ RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL ~Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Appliances,

    Heating & GEO Thermalwww.raysrefrigeration.com

    email: [email protected]

    WarmestDear Santa,My name is Mia Niekamp and my parents are

    Kevin & Stacy Niekamp. I am in Kindergartenthis year and have made lots of new friends. Igo a whole day at a time, but it doesn't botherme. For Christmas, I would like:Moon Doughor Aqua Sand, Mobigo, LXi Learning System,Portable DVD player, Pillow Pet-Turtle andCandy. Santa, please don't forget my sister

    Olivia, brothers Zachary and Lucas and mymom & dad! I love snow and I would like towish you and Mrs. Claus a Very Merry Christ-mas! I bet misses Claus misses you on Christ-mas, and is glad to see you when you returnhome after the holidays!

    Love,Mia Niekamp, 6 years old, St. Henry

    Dear Santa,My name is Whitney Lange and my parents

    are Matt & Nikki Lange. I am in preschool thisyear, and I really enjoy going to school. I amlooking forward to Christmas and spendingtime with all of my family. I would like an Ameri-can Girl Doll and a Zhu Zhu pet, and some sur-prises. I love looking at all of the toy catalogsthat come through the mail. I like a lot of the

    things in there, but I don't want to be selfishand fill up your sleigh with stuff just for me!Please don't forget my brother, sister and mymom & dad. I hope that you and your elveshave your sleigh all shined up for the long tripto St. Henry! I sure hope that you rememberwhere I live!!

    Love,Whitney Lange, 5 years old, St. Henry

    Now, Dasher!Now, Dancer!

    Now, Prancer and Vixen!On, Comet! On, Cupid!

    On, Donder and Blitzen!--The Night Before Christmas

    On Christmas, we wish you much

    magic and joy.

    KemmlerOrthopaedic Center

    James E. Kemmler, M.D.Darby Wehrley, D.P.M. & Staff


    123 Hamilton Street, Celina, Ohio(across from McDonalds)

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    Holiday Greetings Page 3 December 2010

    Dear Santa,My name is Kylee Albers and my parents

    are Brian & Kelli Albers. I have been a goodlittle girl this year. I would like a computerand a Monkey Pillow Pet. I also want my babybrother or sister to come soon. I love theChristmas Song Jingle Bell Rock. I could listento that song all year long! I am pretty excitedfor Christmas and can't wait to see what is sit-ting under the Christmas tree for me. I hopethat everyone remembers the true meaningof Christmas! That is so very important! Wecelebrate the birth of Baby Jesus!!

    Love,Kylee Albers, 2 1/2 years old, St. Henry

    Dear Santa,My name is Leah Lange and my parents are

    Tony & Jodi Lange. How are you? I know youare busy getting ready for Christmas, and Ithank you for all you do. I've been really goodthis year. I've helped pick up my toys and lis-ten to my parents. So if you don't mind thereare just a few things I'd like under my tree. I'dreally like the PetPals game, Bouncing Baby &doll clothes. If there's room I'd also like doll

    bunk beds, books and the Furreal walkingdog. Thank you again. I can't wait for you!


    Leah Lange, Almost 5 years old, St. HenryDear Santa,My name is Danny Stammen and my par-

    ents are Bob & Amy Stammen. I can't hardlybelieve how quick the past year has gone! Iam really excited about Christmas. For Christ-mas, I would like: Toy Story toys, Kung FuHamster, Legos, candy, a Nerf Gun, and sur-prises. Please remember my brother and mysisters! We have our tree up and our house islooking pretty festive! Christmas is one of myfavorite times of the year! I hope that every-one is feeling well in your house; especiallyRudolph and you.


    Danny Stammen, 4 1/2 years old, St. HenryDear Santa,My name is Haley Lange and my parents

    are Matt & Nikki Lange. I can't wait for Christ-mas! I have been watching all of the Christ-mas shows just to get ready for your arrival....Ieven got to stay up past my bedtime to watchRudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!!! I wouldlove a Lalaloopsy doll, new Tinker Bell mov-

    ie ....surprises! How much snow has the NorthPole gotten, so far? We got a little so far, butnot much! I want to play in the snow so bad!!Hopefully, we don't get too nasty of a snowstorm on Christmas that would delay your ar-rival! Please don't forget my brother, sisterand my mom & dad!!

    Love,Haley Lange, 3 1/2 years old, St. HenryDear Santa,My name is Michael Kunkler and my par-

    ents are Tim & Dianna Kunkler. I would love aHamster Zhu Zhu Pet, a combine, Webkinz,

    Toy Story 3, Shrek 4, Nerf Gun with bullets, andPlay Doh. Santa, please don't forget about all

    of the people who don't have anyone to spendChristmas with. I am so fortunate to have myfamily here with me; but some aren't as lucky!Don't forget my big sisters, my brothers andmy mom and my dad, too! I am sure that wewill make some cookies and leave some ofthem out for you!

    Love,Michael Kunkler, 2 1/2 years old, St. Henry


    At this festive time of year, it is our tradition toexpress the gratitude we feel for the privilege of

    serving the people of our community in theirtime of need. Thank you!

    Brockman - BoeckmanFuneral Home



    Funeral Directors: Ron Boeckman & Amy Bergman


    WERKES St. Henry, Ohio419-678-4530

    Specializing In

    Collision Repair

    A Christmas Wish

    for You

    May your holiday season be trimmedwith good cheer,

    And adorned with friends fromfar and near;

    Garnished with happiness,wrapped up in love,

    And enjoyed with the blessingsOf the good Lord above!

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays

    The Peoples Ban

    The holiday business hour

    offices of The Peoples Ban

    Thurs. - December 24th

    Friday - December 25th

    Sat. - December 26th


    Thurs. - December 31st

    Friday - January 1st


    Sat. - January 2nd 8:0


    k Co.

    at all

    k Co. are:

    8:00 am 12:00 noon

    - CLOSED

    :00 am 12:00 noon

    - 8:00 am 12:00 noon


    am 12:00 Noon

    Happy Holidays from

    The Peoples Bank Co.

    The holiday business hours at alloffices of The Peoples Bank Co. are:

    ThePeoples Bank


    Fri. - December 24th - 8:00am-12:00 noon

    Sat. - December 25th - CLOSED

    Mon. - December 27th - Normal Business Hours

    Fri. - December 31st - 8:00am-12:00 noon

    Sat. - January 1st - CLOSED

    Mon. - January 3rd - Normal Business Hours

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    Holiday Greetings Page 4 December 2010

    Dear Santa,My name is Beatrice Stammen. My par-

    ents are Bob & Amy Stammen. I am almostwalking! I am so very close! It won't be long!But, don't be fooled....I get where I want togo! I would like a doll baby, pretties "bows"and surprises. After watching the Rudolph

    the Red Nose Reindeer movie, it got methinking about Rudolph. Are any of the oth-er reindeer giving Rudolph a hard time? Isure hope not! It's not nice to tease or to bemean to anyone! Please remember to bringgifts to my brothers and sisters ...and don'tforget about my mom and my dad!

    Love,Beatrice Stammen, 17 months old, St.

    HenryDear Santa,My name is Grant Lange. My parents are

    Matt & Nikki Lange. I would like balls, booksand surprises for Christmas. I enjoy listen-ing to the beautiful music and seeing thecolorful lights. I have mastered walking andget around like a champ. I just want to get alittle closer look at the Christmas tree! Have

    your elves been busy making all of the toysfor the good little boys and girls? I bet thatthey don't get much sleep this time of year,do they?? It's a good thing that they canget PLENTY of rest after the holiday season!

    They, along with you will get a well deserved

    vacation after the Christmas season is over.Love,Grant Lange, almost 16 months old, St.

    HenryDear Santa,My name is Daniel Kunkler and my parents

    are Tim & Dianna Kunkler. For Christmas, Iwould like clothes, books and toys. This isalso my 1st Christmas, so I am not sure whatit is all about; but my older sisters and broth-ers seem very excited to visit you! I don'tknow much about Christmas, but as excit-ed as my family is....it has to be somethngwonderful! Is Mrs. Claus taking good care ofyou? I bet that she really worries about you

    on Christmas! Hopefully, we will get somesnow, here soon; so that it will start to lookand feel like Christmas! I can't wait! I am soexcited!

    Love,Daniel Kunkler, 3 months old, St. Henry

    Dear Santa,My name is Olivia Sutter. I am 8 years old

    and a third grader at St. Henry Elementary.

    I would like a i pod with a stand and may-be a DS. I would also like some clothes formy baby. I have been a good girl this year.Please remember my mom, dad, brother, andsister this year. Thank you.

    Love,Olvia Sutter, 8 yrs old, St. Henry

    Dear Santa,My name is Brent Sutter. I am 6 years old

    and a 1st grader at St. Henry Elementary. I

    would like a bean bag chair, gameboy and aremote control set. I have been a good boythis year. Please remember my mom, dad,and sisters this year. Thank you.

    Love,Brent Sutter, 6 yrs old, St. Henry

    Dear Santa,My name is Erica Sutter. I am 4 years old

    and I am really excited about Christmas. Iwould like a Dora doll w/pretzels, clothes,bottle, fork, spoon, towel, purse, paper, lunchbox, shoes, floor, bookbag, hat and gloves,snowsuit, rug and boots, a princess pencil,candy, dish towel. I have been a good girlthis year. Please remember my mom, dad,

    brother and sister this year. Thank you.Love,Erica Sutter, 4 years old, St. Henry

    Dear Santa,My name is Kelly May and I am three years

    old. I'm trying my best to be good this year.I would love to have sparkley new clothes forme and my baby dollies, pop-on dolly toys,the Moon Dough Farm, and a jewelry box for

    my special things. A princess swimsuit andsome surprises would be nice too.

    I love you Santa!Kelly May, Age 3, Coldwater

    Dear Santa,My name is Macy May and I am eight years

    old. For Christmas this year, I would like apogo stick, Zhu Zhu pet stuff, and ice skatesplease. Some surprises would be nice too.

    Thank You!LoveMacy May, Age 8, Coldwater

    Its Beginning To LookA Lot Like

    ChristmasThe Lights are dazzling, the decorations grand, but nothingfills us with so much joy as the sight of our friendsand acquaintances. Thanks for seeing us this past year.

    Dr. FrankTangeman

    & Staff

    706 E. Wayne St.

    Celina, Ohio


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    Happy Holidaysfrom all of us at...


    County Council

    on Aging217 Riley Street, Celina, Ohio


    HarmonyHeres hoping all mankind

    celebrates the joy of living

    together in peace, now and

    in the future.

    Happy Holidays

    Dick & Sons Hellwarth

    Funeral Home


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    Holiday Greetings Page 6 December 2010

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    Holiday Greetings Page 6 December 2010

    Studded with chocolate chunks, nuts and marshmallows, butterchocolate cookie dough lets the lucky people on your Christmas listmake fresh-baked cookies in no time.

    NORTH POLE COOKIE DOUGH1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips1 2/3 cups our1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder1 1/4 teaspoons baking soda1/4 teaspoon salt1 cup butter, softened

    1/2 cup dark brown sugar1/2 cup sugar1 1/4 teaspoons vanilla extract2 large eggs1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chunks1 cup roasted almonds or walnuts1 1/2 cups mini marshmallowsPlace 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips in microwave-safe dish. Microwave

    30 seconds on high, stir and continue to microwave in 10- to 20-secondintervals, stirring after each, until chocolate is melted and smooth. Setbowl aside and cool to room temperature.

    In medium bowl, whisk together our, cocoa powder, baking sodaand salt. In large bowl, beat butter and both sugars using electric mixeruntil light and uffy. Add melted, cooled chocolate and vanilla, blenduntil fully incorporated.

    Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Add ourmixture slowly; mixing until incorporated.

    Fold in chocolate chunks, nuts and mini marshmallows.Fill pint containers with cookie dough and refrigerate up to 4 days

    or freeze up to 1 month. Makes three pints of dough, or 2 dozencookies.

    Give the gift of North Pole cookie doughTidings ofComfort

    & JoyHope your

    season is perfect

    from the

    ground up.

    We appreciate

    your kind


    Westgerdes Floor Covering111 N. Wayne, Ft. Recovery, Ohio


    Season GreetingsTis the season to say, Merry

    Christmas and many thanks to allthose who have been so good to us

    this past year.

    eat. fresh.

    223 West Main Street, Coldwater, Ohio


    Holiday Greetings Page 7 December 2010

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    Holiday Greetings Page 7 December 2010

    The Grinch, who lives atop Mt. Crumpet,is likely depressed, says University of NorthCarolina at Chapel Hill psychologist CynthiaBulik, Ph.D.

    Everybodys always so down on the Grinch,says Bulik. But one of the things Ive alwaysasked myself is whether the Grinch himself might

    be feeling kind of down.When people think about depression they

    often think about people being sad, says Bulik,who has not ofcially treated the Grinch, but isvery familiar with his story.

    Being irritable, grumpy and seeking social iso-lation are also hallmarks of depression, and couldexplain the Grinchs disdain for the Who -- the talland the small -- his mistreatment of his dog Maxand, ultimately, why he tried to stop Christmasfrom coming.

    Especially around the holidays you look

    around and everyone seems to be feeling the joy,but inside youre just feeling dark and miserable,Bulik says. Its that contrast between how yourefeeling inside and how all those happy people arefeeling out there that can really be torture for someone who hasdepression.

    One of the things that happens with people who aredepressed, and we see this especially with the Grinch, is thatpeople dont really want to be around him, and he doesnt wantto be around people, Bulik says. So, hes not getting a lot oflove.

    And, she points out, depression can have physical manifesta-

    tions. The Grinch is overweight,is badly in need of dental workand, Bulik says, I think what wemight be seeing is that his heartmight be shriveling from a lackof love.

    The Grinch also might be

    suffering from seasonal affec-tive disorder, which is associatedwith fewer hours of daylight,Bulik says. There are a lot ofpeople who get depressed as thedays get shorter, and fall andwinter arrive.

    So, Bulik says, besideslearning that Christmas doesntcome from a store, we can learnfrom the Grinch that depressiondoesnt always manifest as sad-

    ness.If theres someone in your

    life who is just really irritableand miserable, and just not get-

    ting any joy out of life, you have to wonder whether they mightbe being challenged by depression,

    Bulik says. Reach out and see if some of your friends whoare not doing well could use some help. 2010 King FeaturesSynd., Inc.

    The Grinch is likely depressed, expert says

    Happiest HolidaysFrom All Of Us At



    Ou Famly Sevng Y FamlyF Ov 150 Yer With Dignt & Cmpasson.

    May you have the Gladness of Christmas... Which is Hope; The Spirit of Christmas... Which is Peace; The Heart of Christmas... Which is Love!

    - Ada V. Hendricks

    All of us here are wishing you the verybest and brightest holiday season ever!

    Merry Christmas and many thanksfor visiting us this year.



    on the

    Corner101 West Main St., Coldwater



    Our Gratitude!



    WISHESAT THE HOLIDAYSHeres hoping a truly many seasons is on the

    menu for you and your family.

    We value your business andlook forward to the opportunity to

    serve you again next year.

    Spring into the holiday season

    with health, happinessand plenty of cheer.

    Our best wishes for a merry and

    magical Christmas





    Holiday Greetings Page 8 December 2010

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    Holiday Greetings Page 8 December 2010


    Our Yuletide greeting to you this year,Brings every good wish for joy and cheer.We know well enjoy a very good seasonAnd your kind friendship is the reason.We thank you for sending goodwill our way,And hope you enjoy a great holiday!

    R & RFabrications, Inc.

    601 East Washington Street, St. Henry, Ohio419-678-4831

    Peace on EarthMay the beauty of Christmas be an

    inspiration to you and those you love.

    Thanks for your faith in us.


    121 East Main, St. Henry, Ohio


    Montgomery Ward, the Chicago-baseddepartment-store chain, had been buying andgiving away childrens coloring books asChristmas gifts for their customers for years, butin 1939 decided to create its own book to save

    money. The retailer gave the assignment to oneof its employees, 34-year old copywriter RobertL. May, who penned the story of Rudolph theRed-Nosed Reindeer. Some 2.4 million copieswere handed out that year.

    May drew on the story The Ugly Ducklingand also on his own background (he was oftentaunted as a child for being shy, small andfrail) to create the story of the misfit reindeer.Several names were considered, includingRollo (too cheerful) and Reginald (too British),before May settled on Rudolph as his reindeersname. Concerns about Rudolphs red nose (animage associated with drunkards) also wereovercome.

    Written as a poem in the meter of Twas theNight Before Christmas, May tested the storyon his 4-year old daughter Barbara, who lovedit.

    At about the same time that May was creatingRudolph, his wife died, leaving him deeply in

    debt with medical bills. However, he was ableto persuade Montgomery Wards corporatepresident, Sewell Avery, to turn the copyrightover to him in January 1947, ensuring Maysfinancial security. He quit his copywriting jobin 1951 but would later return to Montgomery

    Ward, where he worked until his retirement in1971. May died in 1976.

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer wasprinted commercially in 1947, and in 1948 anine-minute cartoon of the story was shown in

    theaters.When Mays brother-in-law, songwriter

    Johnny Marks, wrote the lyrics and melody forthe song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,the Rudolph phenomenon was born. The songwas recorded by Gene Autry in 1949 and shotto No. 1 on the charts, selling 2 million copiesthat year. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeerwould go on to become one of the best-sellingChristmas songs of all time, second only to BingCrosbys White Christmas.

    Mays story of Rudolph differed from the onewe know today, made famous by Johnny Markssong and the 1964 television special narratedby Burl Ives. In the original story, Rudolph wasnot related to Santas reindeer and did not liveat the North Pole, but in an ordinary reindeervillage. He was well-adjusted and not regardedby his parents as a shameful embarrassment. Hewas discovered when Santa noticed a red glowcoming from Rudolphs room as he delivered

    presents to Rudolphs house. Worried that athickening fog would keep him from completinghis Christmas Eve rounds, Santa tapped Rudolphto lead his reindeer team. 2010 King FeaturesSynd., Inc.

    The legend of Rudolph

    Bright Wishesat Christmas

    Hope your season shines with love

    and laughter. Its been a pleasure

    serving you!

    Mercer County

    ElectricFort Recovery, Ohio


    LIC #27353

    And suddenly there was with

    the angel a multitude of the heavenlyhost praising God, and saying, glory

    to God in the highest, and on earth

    peace, good will toward men.

    Luke 3:13-14

    6921 St. Rt. 703Celina, Ohio


    Greenville Road,

    St. Marys, Ohio


    Located inside

    Cisco Funeral Home

    419-584-1925GIFT SHOP

    Holiday Greetings Page 9 December 2010

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    y g g

    Wishing you and your

    family Happy Holidays!

    Thank you for

    your business!



    431 STACHLER DR.,



    PHONE NUMBER: 419-678-3867


    the Structure you build is only asstrong as the

    foundation it rests upon

    Happy Holidays!Thank you for allowing

    us to serve you since 1973!

    Joyce Schwieterman, Owner

    102 South Second Street Coldwater, Ohio 419-678-2477

    Each holiday season, many families attend theonly ballet theyll see all year: The Nutcracker.But how did The Nutcracker become such apopular tradition? And where, exactly, did itcome from?

    The story itself is quite old, and the one wesee onstage isnt even the original but a popularadaptation by the French author Alexandre Dumas,best known for writing The Three Musketeers.Once the story made the leap from page to stage,though, history was in the making.

    Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky composed TheNutcracker as his nal and least satisfyingballet, taking on the project with a marked lack of

    enthusiasm. So it is ironic that it would becomeone of the most beloved Christmas traditions ofthe 20th century.

    The ballet premiered in Tchaikovskys nativeRussia in 1892, but

    The Nutcracker didnt exactly make aninstantaneous mark in the annals of AmericanChristmas tradition. In fact, it wasnt until 1944that an American ballet company decided toperform the entire ballet. That year, the San

    Francisco Ballet took on the task, performing theballet as an annual tradition.

    It was George Balanchine who really sentThe Nutcracker on to popular fame. In 1954he choreographed the ballet for a New York

    company, and not a year haspassed since when the ballethasnt been performed in NewYork City.

    Balanchine was the rst to havethe roll of Clara danced by a child,necessitating a much simplerchoreography. By the late 1960s,other ballet companies acrossNorth America had jumped onthe bandwagon, enthusiasticallyperforming The Nutcracker toa receptive annual audience.

    Today, many cities have a production of The

    Nutcracker. It has even become a traditionon TV. Ovation, the art and contemporaryculture channel, hosts an annual Battle of theNutcrackers every December. For a week, thenetwork runs various productions of the ballet-- both traditional and modern interpretations --and asks viewers to vote online for their favorite.The ballet with the most votes is revealed onChristmas Eve and a marathon of all the ballets

    runs Christmas Day.Whether you go to the theater or enjoy the

    performance from the comfort of your own home,The Nutcracker is a Christmas tradition thewhole family can enjoy. 2010 King FeaturesSynd., Inc.

    How The Nutcracker became a Christmas tradition

    Hope Its A

    HIT!Wishing you a Christmas

    above Par and a

    perfect 300!

    This past year has been great fun, thanks to you!

    Pla Mor Lanes

    Pla Mor

    Adventure Golf225 East Hardin Coldwater, Ohio



    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks for

    your continued


    Rish Plumbing, Inc.Coldwater, Ohio

    419-678-2812OH LIC# 28130

    Holiday Greetings Page 10 December 2010

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    Wishing you and yours Comfort and

    Joy this Holiday Season!May the blessings of Christmas be with you today and always

    & many wishes for a Happy New Year!


    A community of friends

    100 Don Desch DriveColdwater, OH 45828


    UPThe Christmas


    Heres hoping your

    holidays a model

    of perfection.

    Thanks, friends!



    Station401 S. Second,

    Coldwater, Ohio


    by Jill PertlerBy nature, I am not a detail-oriented person. An activity

    with multiple steps no matter how exciting at rst becomesa laborious chore somewhere around step number three. Iwasnt born with the patience for particulars or lengthy, drawn-

    out instructions. I am interested in the nished product andget me there quickly, please.I dont bake cookies because the painstaking process of

    scooping and dropping the cookies one by one onto thecookie sheet is enough to put me over the edge.

    I dont put my photographs into cute scrapbooks becauseI dont possess the temperament to cut and snip and glue andpaste a border, caption and cutesy sticker around one solitarypicture before doing the exact same thing with another photo(and so on) until I have my 82 photos placed in a scrapbook.

    I dont concoct elaborate decorating schemes for birthdayparties. When I sew, I cant bring myself to follow a pattern. Imost denitely dont practice the ne art of needlepoint.

    There is one activity, however, where I enjoy putzing andlollygagging over details that need not be detailed. It comesaround once a year with the holiday season and involves theelaborate wrapping of gifts.

    Surprised? I am, sort of, and Im the one doing thewrapping.

    Packaging a package at the most basic level involvespaper and tape. For birthdays, Ive been known to usenewspaper and brown masking tape. Nothing fancy about that.Get the thing covered and you are good to go. The papers justgoing to be ripped to pieces anyway, right?

    This is my attitude 11 months of the year. Until the

    Christmas season hits and I nd myself enraptured bywrapping. I employ all sorts of extracurricular materials andtechniques to my boxed masterpieces. I cut the patterned paperto precisely the right dimensions. The glue gun is pluggedin and set to the on position. I utilize ribbons, ornaments,tinsel, garlands, candy canes, silk orals and some strikinguffy things to adorn the tops of my packages. Its all in thename of Christmas glory.

    No two presents are the same; each is its own thing ofbeauty. Completed by me, the gal who cant measure the sugarfor cookies or get her kids photos into an album. Life is onesarcastic statement after another, isnt it?

    After wrapping, my beauticent packages are arrangedin an arrangement created by none other than yours truly. Iposition each one so the bow or adornment or uffy thingyshows to its utmost. The base of my tree becomes a statementof Christmas perfection. I stand back and let out a satisedsigh.

    Then the clock strikes three, and we all know what thatsignies. Schools out and soon they will be home. Withinten seconds of entering the house, they hone in on the treeand its newest adornments. Even if I have added only onenew package, they will spot it quicker than you can say,Rudolph.

    That is when my wrapping paper of emotion gets allscrunched in a bunch. My boys are not content with merelygiving their rapt attention to my wrapping. Seeing newpackages under the tree leads to touching under the tree andtouching under the tree leads to moving my artwork hither andyon.

    They count the packages. They group them by color. By

    size. By recipient. They build forts with my packages (whichare actually their packages, but not until Christmas, really).At their hands, my artwork ends up lying embellished-sidedown, undignied, embarrassed and in the worst scenario disgured and de-bowed.

    I think about scolding them and telling them to restore thesanctity of the arrangement I toiled so hard on; then I rememberthey are little boys and it is Christmas.

    It is a miraculous time of year a time when we remember aregular baby who grew into a not-so-regular man who gave usthe greatest gift of all. If one had to equate him with a wrappedpackage, hed probably be closer to newspaper and masking

    tape than a fancy and ornate affair. His greatest gift to all of uswas when he left us, embellished-side down, undignied, andbe-bowed.

    I am not a detail-oriented person. Thats okay. If I can learnto stand back and focus on the bigger picture, the details willtake care of themselves. As I lift my carefully wrapped beautiesand place them back under the tree, I try to remember this.

    Jill Pertler is a syndicated columnist and author of The Do-It-Yourselfers Guide to Self-Syndication. Shes collectingfans on Facebook. Please check it out. Email her at [email protected]; or visit her website at http://marketing-by-design.home.mchsi.com/.

    When it comes to wrapping, its all in the details

    Holiday Greetings Page 11 December 2010

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    Hope your holiday

    is a glowing

    success, lled with

    bright times and

    warm friendships.



    Fort Recovery, Ohio


    The holidays are a time for family bonding and creating memories that last a lifetime. Butsometimes your loved ones dont have more than a few days to spend with you or live too far tovisit.

    Despair not. There are lots of ways you can preserve and share those special moments withfamily and friends. And these days, you can even use modern technology to make it easier to

    share family traditions.Holiday activities like decorating, cooking and wrapping presents dont have to be stressful

    chores on your to-do list. They can become fun traditions with a little holiday pop music and aphotographer at-the-ready.

    Kids and grandparents will usually think of silly ways to mug for the camera, and youll de-nitely want to share those photos immediately, so use a digital camera. Better yet, get a memorycard that lets you wirelessly upload photos directly from your camera to your computer, such asan Eye-Fi wireless memory card. You can then turn those digital photos into a family holidaycard or kitschy decoration like tree ornaments.

    Unlike toys and gadgets, memories are free. Theyre also a great gift. If youre tight on cashor your child wants to make something special for grandma, check out Web-based tools likeAnimoto.com. The online service lets you create free, 30-second

    video greetings from personal photos and video clips gatheredthroughout the year.

    Imagine giving your loved one an energetic video with theemotional impact of a movie trailer. Who wouldnt love a virtualkeepsake, easily shared with the click of the mouse?

    Gone are the days of family holiday newsletters. Or rather,

    the family newsletter in print. Nowadays, if youre looking to share memories and photos withloved ones, you can e-mail them as a group or create an e-newsletter. Or, you can simply blastthe news through your social networks.

    Thankfully, there are services that help you post photos and videos online, such as yfrog.com.For example, through yfrog, anyone can instantly share photos, such as images from holiday

    parties, videos from family get-togethers or clips of the kids faces as they open their presents, totheir social networks and directly from their mobile device. To nd out more, visit yfrog.com.

    Just remember to use good judgment when sharing photos of loved ones. No one wants theirhome address or most embarrassing moment available for the world to see!

    Create and share holiday memories

    Lo, the star, which they saw in theEast went before them, till it came andstood over where the young child was.

    ~Matthew 2:10

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    for the gift of your friendship.

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