©2009 Cadcorp Compass 09 25th June 2009 O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2.

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  • 2009 Cadcorp Compass 09 25th June 2009 OCallaghan Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2
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  • 2009 Cadcorp - WebGIS and Interoperability Philip McLaughlin GIS Technical Specialist
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  • 2009 Cadcorp Agenda Data Management Capturing, storing data (Spatial Data Warehouse) 2. Data Distribution (Web Based GIS) 3. Technical Demonstration
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  • 2009 Cadcorp Data Warehouse - definition A collection of data designed to support management decision making. Data warehouses contain a wide variety of data that present a coherent picture of business conditions at a single point in time. The term data warehousing generally refers to the combination of many different databases across an entire enterprise. (www.webopedia.com)
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  • 2009 Cadcorp Whats required ? Collection of data Oracle, PostGIS, SQLServer Wide variety of data OGC Simple features specification Oracle SDO_Geometry Systems to extract data .. flexible access to the data Intranet/Internet browser based access
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  • 2009 Cadcorp Spatially-enabled databases are becoming increasingly widespread and are no longer the preserve of large, enterprise, geo-spatial data stores Demand for information sharing across organisations and partnerships Adoption of Standards for Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) data standards and interfaces Advances in database usability and network capability GIS becoming more mainstream IT Drivers for spatial data warehousing?
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  • 2009 Cadcorp What db options are available ? Data volumes/performance Cost MS Access SQL Server 2008 Oracle Spatial Enterprise Personal Flat files PostGIS
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  • 2009 Cadcorp Spatial Data Warehouse Model GIS data Translators/ Direct write Desktop/Direct read Internet / Intranet Web Services XML, SOAP, WMS, WFS Free Browser/ Viewer GIS desktop consuming W*S Standard browser Spatial Data Warehouse
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  • 2009 Cadcorp Spatial Data Warehouse - Costs Database Software Hardware Data distribution internet/intranet Software GIS desktop / data preparation Web mapping Network infrastructure IT skills
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  • 2009 Cadcorp Spatial Data Warehouse - Benefits Reduced cost of overhead in GIS data processing and distribution Improved data management possible single location Reduced data duplication Secure controlled environment Back office system integration Possible reduced cost of ownership Appropriate user access
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  • 2009 Cadcorp Spatial Data Warehouse - Summary Doesn't have to be complicated Doesn't have to be expensive Can offer your organisation considerable benefits
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  • 2009 Cadcorp 2. Data Distribution (Web Based GIS)
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  • 2009 Cadcorp GeognoSIS Is a Windows service: a Windows service is a long-running executable that performs specific functions and which is designed not to require user intervention (Wikipedia) Responds to requests from application code Does not necessarily need to render a map Can distribute mapping data using Web Services
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  • 2009 Cadcorp GeognoSIS Triangle
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  • 2009 Cadcorp 3. Technical Demonstration Philip McLaughlin GIS Technical Specialist