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Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences is dedicated to education and research aimed at translating into practice the power and potential of the life sciences for the benefit of society.


<ul><li> 1. KGIs Other Programs Fully-Employed MBS Degree Not ready to quit working and go back to school full-time? We understand. KGI expects to launch an MBS degree in a part- A Bold time program for working professionals with at least three years of related experience in 2008. Program Structure New Hybrid Designed to be completed in three years (two classes per semester) the program combines the creative use of of the latest classroom technology with a twice a semester on-campus component. Business Financial Aid KGI does not provide financial support to fully-employed and Science students. However, we will work with you to help you find ways to finance your education including working with employer reimbursement programs. For additional details, including deadline dates, tuition information and preliminary schedules, visit 535 Watson Drive Claremont, CA 91711 our website at: www.kgi.edu/FEMBS.xml Are you ready? Ph.D. Program KGI offers a Ph.D. program in Applied Life Sciences. Candidates interested in the Ph.D. program apply during their second year of the MBS degree. This program is small, admitting only two to three students per year as funding is available. Applicants are encouraged to speak with the Director of the Ph.D. program about their candidacy. For additional information please visit: www.kgi.edu/phd.xml KGI is accredited at both the master and Ph.D. levels by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. </li> <li> 2. Keck Graduate Institute Board of Trustees Keck Graduate Institute Advisory Council John D. Baldeschwieler Alice T. Kane Trustees Emeriti Bonnie Anderson Ross Grossman J. David Rozzell Professor Emeritus General Counsel Consultant Vice President Vice President Alice S. Huang California Institute for North America Human Resources Codexis Inc. Gary Augusta Senior Faculty Associate of Technology Zurich Financial Services Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Executive Director Tony Russo in Biology Dr. Ernest A. Bates Bernard E. Kury OCTANe Kenneth Gruys Chairman &amp; CEO California Institute Chairman &amp; CEO Former Vice President Site Manager Russo Partners LLC of Technology Randy Berholtz American Shared and General Counsel Calgene Vice President James Schaeffer Howard B. Keck, Jr. Hospital Services Guidant Corporation General Counsel Richard Hamilton Executive Director Licensing President Daniel M. Bradbury John D. Leland Secretary President and CEO &amp; External ResearchWest Brighton Distributing Co. President &amp; CEO Consultant &amp; Former ACON Laboratories Ceres Inc. Merck Research Labs Harlyne J. Norris Amylin Pharmaceuticals Managing Director Rolando Brawer Tom Klopack Brian Sullivan Trustee Dresdner RCM Catherine M. Burzik Director of Business President and CEO Principal Scientist Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Global Investors President &amp; CEO Development IntelliDOT Integrated Security Solutions Norris Foundation Kinetic Concepts, Inc. Richard L. McConnell Invitrogen Corporation Northrop Grumman Kenneth Livak William H. Rastetter Former President Corporation Anthony D. Caracciolo Linda Castle Consultant Chairman Pioneer Hi-Bred Senior Vice President Research Coordinator Gino Van Heeke Board of Directors Brenda Mann International, Inc. Manufacturing Operations Pioneer Hi-Bred International Executive Director Illumina, Inc. Chief Scientist Gilead Sciences, Inc. Clifford A. Miller Novartis Institutes for Stephen G. Daggett Sentrx Veterinary Henry E. Riggs Managing Director Biomedical Research Marsh A. Cooper Director, Product Support, President Emeritus Roger Marchetti Shamrock Holdings President Research and Development Joseph J. Villafranca Keck Graduate Institute Senior Vice President M.A. Cooper Consultants Inc. Stanford N. Phelps Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Practice Director Human Resources Louis T. Rosso Chairman Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences Robert E. Curry* Catherine Farrell Amylin Pharmaceuticals Chairman Emeritus S. N. Phelps &amp; Co. and Tunnell Consulting Partner Director, Global Clinical Beckman Coulter Inc. Stephen J. McCormack Clear Springs Land Co. Alliance Technology Ventures Supply Chain Management Jim Widergren Global Life Science Dr. Stephen J. Ryan Arthur D. Riggs Amgen Vice President and Treasurer Former Partner and VP Ventures AG President Director Beckman Coulter Sprout Group Weaver Gaines Doheny Eye Institute Alan C. Mendelson Beckman Research Institute Founder and Managing Jim Wilkins Jay Flatley Founder and General Partner Dr. Robert E. Tranquada of the City of Hope Director Director Technology President &amp; CEO Axiom Venture Partners Emeritus Professor of Sheldon M. Schuster Americas Biotech Distributor Assessment and Transfer Illumina, Inc. Medicine and Public Policy Anthony Page President Genentech Inc. Sean R. Gallagher University of Southern Dennis M. Fenton Managing Director Keck Graduate Institute Chief Technology Officer California Executive Vice President xIQ Jack L. Stark UVP Incorporated Amgen, Inc. Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr.** Joseph D. Panetta President Emeritus Paul Grint Senior Director Peter Barton Hutt...</li></ul>