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<p> 1. Spandane The Last Lecture Section II My Letters www.spandane.com Shree Chi. Aayush la aneka ashirwad. Happy Birthday. Many Happy returns of the day. Mottha Ho!!! Today is your 1st birthday and I doubt as to whether any Aajoba might have thought of writing a letter to his grandson on 1st birthday. I have told your Papa to preserve all these letters and hand it over to you when you become BIG. You may not aware that few months prior to your birth; we were in tension. But your birth provided the great sigh of relief to all of us. My birth way back in 1951 had created tensions in my family but our tension got vanished after your birth. Aayush, you are indeed lucky to get Deepak as your Dad. You would get every opportunity in LIFE to prosper. I am sure that under the able guidance from your Dad, you would complete higher education but please remember that you should also become a good citizen of the country in the process. Today I am happy for one more reason that I had completed the draft of my new book on M I S. (12th book). I had set the target of completing the same by your 1st birthday and I have achieved it. In a way I have been playing childhood game of Tikkar Billa (Toss a coin and get it - Setting targets in all spheres of Life and achieving it) all through my life. I have virtually become the Human Robot in the process. By the time you read &amp; understand my 1st letter, I may not be around and it is quite likely that you may be interested in knowing me as a person. Hence I have decided to write my Last Lecture which would enable you to understand me and my generation. It is an attempt to bridge the generation gap. You may also get the glimpse of me in my website www.spandane.com. Instead of giving cash present to you on the occasion of your 1st birthday, I donated Rs.2,500/- to one of the Educational Trust and prayed to GOD for your well being. 2. Spandane The Last Lecture Section II My Letters www.spandane.com 2 You may be surprised that I have taken 375 photographs of you and recorded 71 videos in last one year. All your snaps and videos have been saved in my computer and I am sure that you may also be interested to see your childhood photographs when you grow up. I have created this treasure for you. God bless you. Aajoba !!!!!???? 10-06-2010 </p>