10 things you must know before buying a new laptop

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<ul><li><p>10 Things you must know before buying a new Laptop </p><p>Laptops have been a revolution since they have made their debuts. They are available in all forms; </p><p>portable, light and powerful, all at a price someone is willing to pay for. Buying a laptop can be a </p><p>tedious choosing exercise with the range and choices available these days. With more than tens of </p><p>brands and hundreds of models, to choose the right one which works for you and also fits your </p><p>budget is difficult. Here is a checklist and possible questions you should have in place in order to </p><p>filter out all the unnecessary models you will need to look into and finally arrive at deciding the right </p><p>one for you. </p><p>The first thing to do before buying a laptop is to decide the budget and the purpose. Without these </p><p>two primary deciding factors you can never pick the right laptop, and may end up buying something </p><p>cheaper which does not meet your requirement or something expensive which may be overkill for </p><p>the purpose you have. For example if you are looking to play games on your laptop it will be wise to </p><p>take up a laptop which has a dedicated graphics card along with, which will increase the cost of the </p><p>laptop. This dedicated graphics card may not be required for someone who is looking for regular </p><p>usage of office, email and browsing. The budget will help you narrow down on list models which you </p><p>know you cannot spend for. High ranged laptops make give you lucrative features which are </p><p>tempting but finally when you are conscious on budget you will quickly get away from the </p><p>temptation. </p><p>Operating System is another important factor where you need to choose if you want to by a </p><p>Windows system or a MAC. The primary difference is the User Interface. While Windows is the most </p><p>popular with an amazing application support, MAC is catching up. </p><p>Screen Size plays an important role in the form factor of the laptop and the overall weight as well. </p><p>Screen sizes from 11 to 18 are available. If you are looking for laptop to a graphical oriented work </p><p>it will suit you to take a bigger screen with a higher resolution. Bigger screen laptops consume more </p><p>battery and are bulky. For a balanced work a 14 or 15 laptop works best. </p><p>Weight of laptop is determined by the screen size and the battery which are generally the heaviest </p><p>components. If you are travelling frequently it is advisable to take a lighter laptop. </p><p>Speed of the processor is a very important factor because the proposed laptop should be efficient </p><p>enough to carry out all the tasks you need to perform without breaking a sweat. </p><p>RAM is the amount of memory which is available to the laptop to store data while it is performing its </p><p>operations, though the minimum RAM size for laptops nowadays is around 2GB it is advisable to at </p><p>least have 4GB for regular usage and more for gaming and other Graphical processing. </p><p>Storage is another important factor you can go for hard drive based storage according to the </p><p>capacity requirements, if you need a really fast machine you can also opt for an SSD which are </p><p>expensive but offer amazing performance. </p><p>Battery is what allows you to stay mobile without a power requirement so according to the weight </p><p>you can afford you can choose between 4 cell and a 6 cell battery. </p></li><li><p>Guarantee is the most important criteria and it is advised to take a laptop with a full guarantee and if </p><p>possible extend it to a few years so that you can be rest assured. </p><p>An Ideal purchase is one which offers blend of all above points and solve your purpose of buying </p><p>laptops. </p></li></ul>