10 Things That EFL Great Teachers Did

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A tribute to all those English for Life teachers who really made a difference in the lives of so many students.


<ul><li> 1. ENGLISH FOR LIFE An English for LifeTeacher Tribute</li></ul> <p> 2. 10 THINGS THAT EFL GREAT TEACHERSDID THIS YEAR 3. 1.EFL teachers were passionate. 4. the Spanish Box 2. EFL teachers were creative. 5. 3. EFL teachers worked really hard. 6. 4. EFLteachers guided their students 7. 5. EFL teachers created anurturing learning environment. 8. carrying a suitcase,a briefcasewas not enough working on strange places developing school projects attending professionaldevelopment workshops becoming entertainers Working on extra-curricular activities 6. EFL teachers went that extra mile. 9. 7. EFL teachers enriched their classes with lots of resources. 10. 8. EFL Teachers put a lot of love oneverything they did 11. 9. EFL created learner-centered classrooms. 12. 10. But above all, EFL teachersmake learning FUN! 13. amazing brilliant creative dedicated energetic fun gifted humorous incredible joyful kinesthetic loving marvelous nurturing original precious quick righteous successful timely unique vivacious wonderful Xtraordinary youthful zippy This is a tribute to you EFL Teacherbecause this year you were... 14. Thank You! Thanks for making such a big difference inthe lives of so many students! </p>


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