10 mobile monetization mistakes app developers need to avoid

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Richard O'Connell breaks down 10 common app monetization mistakes encountered by PapayaMobile's AppFlood team when helping app developers to monetize their apps


  • 1.Common Mobile Ad Monetization Mistakes to Avoid Richard OConnell Global Marketing Directorby

2. 1Not committing seriously to marketing 3. We asked 1022 developers How did you decide which ad network to use? 4. irects mean many red Too e will drop Revenu 5. 20% of small indie app developers took a chance with their app marketing! 6. 2Lack of creativity 7. ative et cre G 8. Find the right ad format for you 9. 3Fear of interstitials 10. king et thin G 53% of AppFloodrevenue comes from interstitials 11. Revenue distribution by ad format AppFlood June August 2013Interstitials dominatingInterstitalCustomBannerPanelListNoticationS2S 12. Butking et thin Gl I los wilsers? my u e all 13. NOking et thin G 14. 4No variety and choice for users 15. shop candy kid in Like a 16. Let the us er pick their own treat 17. App lists a familiar format for usersOer a va riety of free games 18. 5Too many redirects 19. irects mean many red Too will drop revenue 20. eCPM ($) for a popular fantasy title 21. Like a1 Starbucks Coee = y shop 30 d canRMB kid in 22. 1KG of coee will make a farmer less than 5 RMBWhere ev erything i s free 23. 6Confusing eCPMs real value 24. irects mean many red Too e will drop Revenu eCPM is not alw ays the best measu re of success 25. 7Failing to analyze data 26. Mine your data 27. 8Failing to block poor performing advertisers 28. Switch o poorly performing advertisers 29. 9No Negotiations 30. Switch o poorly performing advertisers 31. 10Never seeking help 32. Ask us 33. bite ont We d 34. appood.com/app-monetization-guides-tips-and-strategies 35. appood.com/blog 36. IThanks! richard.oconnell@papayamobile.com