1 Annual Bedding Plants Horticulture/Landscape 5 th Hour

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>1 Annual Bedding Plants Horticulture/Landscape 5 th Hour Slide 2 2 Objectives Identify the four uses of annual plants. Design a bed layout using annual flowers. Explain the steps in preparing the soil for annual flowers. List six steps in the aftercare of annual flowers. Slide 3 3 Annual Bedding Plants Annuals are plants that complete their life cycle in one year. The plant starts from seed, grows, blooms, set seed, and dies in one season. Both vegetable plants and flower plants can be classified as annuals. The market for bedding plants has grown in the last 10 years. Slide 4 4 Annual Bedding Plants Today a wide variety of retail outlets are marketing annuals. When purchasing bedding plants it is important to male sure that the plants carry labels which give the price, required sunlight, and planting care instructions. Slide 5 5 Flowering Annuals Flowering annuals are easy to grow and lend color to landscapes a short time after they are planted. They are usually started from seed indoors early in the spring and transplanted to the garden. The most popular plants include: Marigolds, petunias, zinnias, celosias, pansies, and snapdragons. Slide 6 6 Flowering Annuals Flowers annuals are generally used to: Provide a mass of color around a house foundation, in flower beds, or in front of evergreens. Fill spaces between shrub plantings or other perennials and give color when these plants are not blooming. Provide color in bulbs beds after the bulbs have bloomed Slide 7 7 Flowering Annuals Supply cut flowers. Plant along fences or walks. Cover bare spots between or in front of larger shrubs. Create seasonal color. Slide 8 8 Selecting Flowering Annuals When deciding upon which annuals to grow, first consider the purpose of the plant and where it is to be planted. Consider height, keeping shorter plants in the front of beds. Select plants with colors that will blend in well with one another. Slide 9 9 Planting Hanging Baskets When planting hanging baskets, the standard rule is to plant one less plant than the size of the pot. Example: 8 inch pot select 7 plants and place six of them around the outside of the pot and the other plant in the center of the basket. Slide 10 10 Planning and Designing the Flower Bed Flower beds for annuals range in size and design according to individual needs and preferences. Slide 11 11 Preparing the Soil Before preparing new beds, test soil for drainage. Dig a 10 inch hole and fill it with water. Fill it again the next day, if the water has not seeped into the soil within 10 hours there is a drainage problem. Slide 12 12 Seeding Most annuals are seeded indoors and set outside as plants. Some annuals may be seeded directly outdoors. Examples: Babys breath, poppy, cleome, sweet pea. Wait until the the soil warms to about 60 F before setting the started plants outdoors </p>