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01. Introduction to Programming


  • 1. Introduction toProgrammingCreating and RunningYour First C# ProgramSvetlin NakovTelerik Corporationwww.telerik.com

2. Table of Contents1. What is Computer Programming?2. Your First C# Program3. What is .NET Framework?4. What isVisual Studio?5. What is MSDN Library?2 3. What is ComputerProgramming? 4. Define: Computer ProgrammingComputer programming: creating asequence of instructions to enable thecomputer to do somethingDefinition by Google4 5. Programming Phases Define a task/problem Plan your solution Find suitable algorithm to solve it Find suitable data structures to use Write code Fix program error (bugs) Make your customer happy= Specification= Design= Implementation=Testing & Debugging= Deployment5 6. Your First C# Program 7. First Look at C#Sample C# program:using System;class HelloCSharp{static void Main(){Console.WriteLine("Hello, C#");}}7 8. C# Code How It Works?using System;class HelloCSharp{static void Main(){Console.WriteLine("Hello, C#");}}Include the standardnamespace "System"Define a class called"HelloCSharp"Define the Main()method theprogram entry pointPrint a text on the console bycalling the method "WriteLine"of the class "Console"8 9. C# Code Should BeWell Formattedusing System;class HelloCSharp{static void Main(){Console.WriteLine("Hello, C#");}}The { symbol shouldbe alone on a new line.The block after the{ symbol should beindented by a TAB.The } symbol shouldbe under thecorresponding {.Class names should use PascalCaseand start with a CAPITAL letter.9 10. Example of Bad FormattingusingSystem;class HelloCSharp {staticvoid Main( ) { Console. WriteLine ("Hello, C#" ) ;Console.WriteLine ( "Hello again") ;}}Such formattingmakes the sourcecode unreadable.10 11. What is "C#"? Programming language A syntax that allow to give instructions to thecomputer C# features: New cutting edge language Extremely powerful Easy to learn Easy to read and understand Object-oriented11 12. WhatYou Need to Program? Knowledge of a programming language C# Task to solve Development environment, compilers, SDK Visual Studio, .NET Framework SDK Set of useful standard classes Microsoft .NET Framework FCL Help documentation MSDN Library12 13. Your First C# ProgramLive Demo 14. What is .NETFramework? 15. What is .NET Framework? Environment for execution of .NET programs Powerful library of classes Programming model Common execution engine for manyprogramming languages C# Visual Basic .NET Managed C++ ... and many others15 16. Operating System (OS)Common Language Runtime (CLR)Base Class Library (BCL)ADO.NET, LINQ and XML (DataTier)WCF and WWF (Communication and WorkflowTier)ASP.NETWeb Forms, MVC, AJAXMobile InternetToolkitWindowsFormsWPF SilverlightC# C++ VB.NET J# F# JScript Perl Delphi Inside .NET Framework Building blocks of .NET FrameworkFCLCLR16 17. CLR The Heart of .NETFramework Common Language Runtime (CLR) Managed execution environment Executes .NET applications Controls the execution process Automatic memory management (garbagecollection) Programming languages integration Multiple versions support for assemblies Integrated type safety and securityCLR17 18. Framework Class Library Framework Class Library (FCL) Provides basic functionality to developers: Console applications WPF and Silverlight rich-media applications Windows Forms GUI applications Web applications (dynamic Web sites) Web services, communication and workflow Server & desktop applications Applications for mobile devices18 19. What isVisual Studio? 20. Visual Studio Visual Studio Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment (IDE) Development tool that helps us to: Write code Design user interface Compile code Execute / test / debug applications Browse the help Manage projects files20 21. Benefits ofVisual Studio Single tool for: Writing code in many languages (C#,VB, ) Using different technologies (Web,WPF, ) For different platforms (.NET CF, Silverlight, ) Full integration of most development activities(coding, compiling, testing, debugging,deployment, version control, ...) Very easy to use!21 22. Visual Studio Example22 23. Visual StudioCompiling, Running and Debugging C# Programs 24. Creating New Console Application1. File New Project ...2. Choose C# console application3. Choose project directory and name24 25. Creating New Console Application (2)4. Visual Studio creates some source code for youNamespacenot requiredClass nameshould bechangedSome importsare not required25 26. Compiling Source Code The process of compiling includes: Syntactic checks Type safety checks Translation of the source code to lower levellanguage (MSIL) Creating of executable files (assemblies) You can start compilation by Using Build->Build Solution/Project Pressing [F6] or [Shift+Ctrl+B]26 27. Running Programs The process of running application includes: Compiling (if project not compiled) Starting the application You can run application by: Using Debug->Start menu By pressing [F5] or [Ctrl+F5]* NOTE: Not all types of projects are able to bestarted!27 28. DebuggingThe Code The process of debuggingapplication includes: Spotting an error Finding the lines of code thatcause the error Fixing the code Testing to check if the error isgone and no errors are introduced Iterative and continuous process28 29. Debugging inVisual Studio Visual Studio has built-in debugger It provides: Breakpoints Ability to trace the code execution Ability to inspect variables at runtime29 30. Visual StudioCompiling, Running and Debugging C# ProgramsLive Demo 31. Visual StudioBlank SolutionCreating a SolutionWithout Projects 32. What Is a Blank Solution? AVisual Studio blank solution Solution with no projects in it Projects to be added later What is the point? Not making a project just to give proper name And not working in this project 33. VS Blank Solution33 34. Visual StudioBlank SolutionLive Demo 35. What is MSDNLibrary? 36. What is MSDN Library? Complete documentation of all classes andtheir functionality With descriptions of all methods, properties,events, etc. With code examples Related articles Library of samples Use local copy or theWeb version athttp://msdn.microsoft.com/36 37. MSDN Library37 38. How to Use MSDN Library? Offline version Use the table of contents Use the alphabetical index Search for phrase or keyword Filter by technology Browse your favorite articles Online version Use the built-in search38 39. MSDN LibraryBrowsing and Searching DocumentationLive Demo 40. Introduction to ProgrammingQuestions?http://academy.telerik.com 41. Exercises1. Familiarize yourself with: MicrosoftVisual Studio Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) LibraryDocumentation Find information about Console.WriteLine() method.2. Create, compile and run a Hello C# consoleapplication.3. Modify the application to print your name.4. Write a program to print the numbers 1, 101 and1001.41 42. Exercises (2)5. Install at home:1. Microsoft .NET Framework2. MicrosoftVisual Studio (orVisual C# Express)3. Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)6. Create console application that prints your first andlast name.7. Create a console application that prints the currentdate and time.8. Create a console application that calculates andprints the square of the number 12345.42 43. Exercises (3)9. Write a program that prints the first 10 members ofthe sequence: 2, -3, 4, -5, 6, -7, ...10. Provide a short list with information about the mostpopular programming languages. How do they differfrom C#?11. Describe the difference between C# and .NETFramework.12. *Write a program to read your age from the consoleand print how old you will be after 10 years.*NOTE: If you have any difficulties, search in Google.43