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This is a GREAT opportunity for our students to explore their different interests and make new friends over summer break! Summer Clubs last for an entire week, everyday, Monday through Friday, 9a.m. 12noon! Clubs will be held June 2nd 6th and June 9th 13th. Complete the form on the last page and send in a check made payable to The Learning Bridge. Clubs are $100 per weekly session. Dont miss out on this awesome opportunity to extend afterschool clubs during these first few weeks of summer and spend some quality time with our Chattahoochee teachers!! Clubs are first come first serve with a limited class size of 20 students. Listed below are the clubs that will be offered over the break.


ART CLASSJune 9th 13th (20 Max)

Club Leader:Sheralyn Shadle

Contact Info:sshadle@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext 150151

Where we will learn and get messy!!! Ms. Shadle loves to paint, so if you want to paint too, come to our one week summer camp. We will be painting on canvas boards with acrylic paints, just like a real artist. We will learn about an artist who made super cool sculptures with glass. We will be making a 3-D piece (bowl) out of paper mache in the style of the artist Dale Chilhuly. Sign up today and get creative!

CHEERLEADING June 2nd 6th (20 Max)

Club Leader:Sharron Dutton/Emilee Dutton

Contact Info:sdutton@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext. 150401

Are you interested in cheerleading or love it already? I know I do! Join me, Mrs. Dutton and my daughter, Emilee, for a variety of cheerleading activities. We will learn cheers, a dance routine, and some strategies to help you become the best cheerleader that you can be!!

CREATION THEATER June 2nd 6th(20 Max)

Club Leader:Brandy Forde

Grade:2nd 5th

Contact Info:bforde@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext. 150424

Has your child caught the acting bug? During this week long camp, children will hone their theater skills through drama games, set and costume design, singing, dancing, script writing, and performance. The camp will culminate with the delivery of a play of the groups choosing. This performance will be open to friends and family!

C4YSJune 2nd 6th and June 9th 13th (20 Max)


Club Leader:Sharon Hicks/David Hicks

Contact Info:shicks@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext. 150302

Enjoy a week of fun and exciting hands-on science activities (experiments, projects, writing and technology) with a new theme each week. Kids will love learning about science concepts, famous scientists and have a blast with Fridays culminating activities. This club is taught by a master science teacher, Dave Hicks and elementary teacher, Sharon Hicks

FITZ FUN SPORTS June 2nd 6th and June 9 - 13th (20 Max)

Club Leader:Denny Fitzpatrick/Daley Fitzpatrick

Contact Info:dfitzpatrick@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext. 151173


Club Fitz Fun is all about having a good time. We will play flag football, basketball, and other fun games. I will also introduce you to the great game of golf. We will hit balls off of mats, using shorter golf clubs that will fit everyone, usihg limited flight balls. During our rest/water breaks, we will enjoy club talk on subjects picked by club members. This could be sports, music, school, or any appropriate topic you choose. Please join my daughter Daley and I for two weeks of fun filled activities!

GAME ON SOCCER CLUBJune 2nd 6th and June 9 - 13th (20 Max)

Club Leader:Shelley McCannon

Contact Info:smcannon@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext. 150402

Hello! My name is Shelley McCannon (4th grade teacher) and I am excited to announce that I will be hosting Chattahoochees first ever soccer camp. My previous experience includes playing the worlds most popular sport since the age of five, All-Sectional, All-State, coaching, and playing at the collegiate level for the University of Wisconsin. My primary goal is for the children to have FUN. Instruction will differ based on players previous experience. This camp will help familiarize players new to the game and challenge those players that may already play at the Academy Level. My 14 yr. old son, who is a Classic 1 player, and 12 yr. old daughter, who is an Athena A player, will accompany me as I provide your child with quality instruction.

What do I bring?

Soccer Ball

Shin Guards

Tennis Shoes

Soccer Cleats


Morning Snack

MATH & TECHNOLOGY June 9th 13th (20 Max)

Club Leader:Jason DArcangelo

Contact Info:jdarcangelo@forsyth.k12.ga.us; 770-781-2240 ext. 150471

Join Mr. D. for a week of fun with Math and Technology! During the week we will learn and play math games to practice our basic skills. Students will create and keep math journals to practice problem solving as well as use online math games to brush up on math skills. Also, students will build their creativity and spatial ability through Minecraft.

MOVIN AND GROOVINJune 9th 13th (20 Max)

Club Leader:Rebecca Gerstenlauer (Ms. G)

Contact Info:rgerstenlauer@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext 150161

Grades:K 2nd

A fun week of movement and dance, singing our favorite campfire songs, playing games, playing instruments (including ukuleles!), acting out stories and creating sound effects, puppet shows, and lots more! We will also be making instruments, puppets, crafts and yummy snacks to take home. Come ready to have fun and make music!

ROBOTICS June 2nd 6th and June 9th 13th (20 Max)

Club Leader:Kathy Medick

Contact Info:kmedick@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext. 150414

Grades:3rd 5th

During thisintroductory course, students will discover the endless possibilities of creation and design as it related to the field of robotics. Participants will gain an appreciation for teamwork as they work with a partner to learn how to program and manipulate the Lego Mindstorm NXT robots. After they have learned the components, sensors and programming they will work together to overcome assigned tasks and challenges. Visit this website to learn more about the robot kits used in this course: http://mindstorms.lego.com/. Please note that this is a beginners/intermediate camp for Robotics.

SPANISH CAMP June 2nd 6th (20 Max)

Club Leader:Senora Garner

Contact Info:ggarner@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext. 150426

Spanish camp is a great opportunity for kids to learn Spanish while having a blast! Each day will be filled with traditional games, craft, snacks, stories, songs, and many other fun activities. Well study the Aztecs and Mayas of Mexico, try some new foods like chicharones, make our own tortillas, learn how to order in a restaurant, play traditional games, and learn to speak Spanish through songs, stories, and more. On Friday, well celebrate with a piata party and have lunch at Los Rios where the kids will get to order in Spanish. Included in the club price: Spanish notebook, make your own piata and other traditional crafts, make cook, and eat tortillas and daily Mexican snacks, as well as making a Mayan or Aztec pyramid out of clay, a piata party, and lunch at Los Rios (Friday-parents will drive child to restaurant)

STRINGS & THINGS June 2nd 6th (20 Max)

Club Leader:Rebecca Gerstenlauer (Ms. G)

Contact Info:rgerstenlauer@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext 150161

Grades:2nd 5th

Ever wanted to start learning the guitar? This summer spend a week learning the basics of guitar! We will be learning on acoustic guitars but campers will also have the opportunity to play on and try out a classical, electric, and a bass guitar as well! You will leave with the skills to be able to sit around the campfire and play some of your favorite tunes! We will also be playing drums, xylophones, recorders, ukuleles and other fun instruments around the music room. Bring your iPad or Android device (or even dust off your old laptop) to explore some fun musical activities using technology. *You must have your own acoustic guitar to bring to camp.* Many music stores will rent an instrument and can also guide you as to the appropriate size for the student. You may also talk with Ms. G about finding an instrument to bring to camp. Music, materials, and all other instruments will be provided.

SUMMER FUN FOR EVERYONE June 2nd June 6th and June 9th 13th

Club Leader:Christine Lacy

Contact Info:clacy@forsyth.k12.ga.us 770-781-2240 ext 150306

Dont be bored this summer! Have a blast, make new friends, stay fit, and get ahead in school!! Join Coach Lacy, both in and outdoors!


We will enjoy a variety of fitness fun, fabulous friends, favorite games, creative corner and much, much more!


Fun, fitness, friends and focus time is JUST what your child needs this summer! I will be sure to incorporate learning; creative, social AND academic skills, into my formerly school year clubs, Fitness Fun and Freedom Club. I look forward to spending time with your child this summer!


(DAILY SCHEDULE7:55 A.M. Students Arrive8:00 A.M. Math Instruction9:30 A.M. Morning Snack9:45 A.M. Integrated Literacy10:30 A.M. Writers Workshop 11:00 A.M. DISMISSAL)Hello! Myself, Shelley McCannon (4th grade teacher) along with