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>>-ROBIN HOOD->. Adam “Little John” Woelber Brody “Robin Hood” Van Roekel Jason “Prince John” Sneller Jerry “Maid Marian” Wellington, Jr. Main Storyline. The story of Robin Hood is about a man and his “merry men” that steals from the rich and gives the money to the poor. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Adam Little John WoelberBrody Robin Hood Van RoekelJason Prince John SnellerJerry Maid Marian Wellington, Jr.

  • Main StorylineThe story of Robin Hood is about a man and his merry men that steals from the rich and gives the money to the poor. He is an outlaw because he steals, so he is usually running from the law.

  • The Many Tales of Robin HoodA Gest of Robyn HodeRobin Hood and the KnightRobin Hood and the MonkRobin Hood and the PotterRobin Hood and the Curtal FriarRobin Hood and the Silver ArrowRobin Hood's Death

  • Tales contdThe adventure has been passed along for over six hundred years.At first, the stories were not written down because few were educated on how to read and write.Most stories were passed along orally and in many cases, songs were used to describe the exploits of Robin Hood.

  • *MOVIES*There have been over 45 movies made about different versions of Robin HoodThe different versions include comedies, action movies, classics, and animated films

  • Nombres de Robin HoodRobin HoodRobin WoodRobert Earl of HuntingtonRobyn HodeRoberd HudeRobert HoodRobin From Da Hood*El Rbin Hood*Robbing the Hood**May not have actually been names of Robin Hood

  • Names of Robin Hood contdThe name of Robin Hood varies among different cultures and different versions of the tale. In all the tales, he still is a giver to the poor and other characters are still fairly similar.

  • Some of the other characters in Robin Hood include:Little John (Pequeo Juan)Friar TuckMaid MarianKing RichardPrince JohnSheriff of NottinghamAnd others

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  • PAGINA de SOURCEShttp://www.robinhood.ltd.uk/robinhood/legend.htmlhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHNFowhuwrE&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=aMcDeNo6KUs http://www.britainexpress.com/Myths/robin-hood.htmhttp://www.nwcraiders.com/wgolf/teampic