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“… Only the Shadow[ ing Student] Knows”. Benefits of Having Students “Shadow” Practicing Attorneys Mary Nagel – Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Lawyering Skills – The John Marshall Law School. How We Started. Noticed that most Students’ idea of a typical lawyer …. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Only the Shadow[ing Student] Knows

Only the Shadow[ing Student] KnowsBenefits of Having Students Shadow Practicing Attorneys

Mary Nagel Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Lawyering Skills The John Marshall Law SchoolNoticed that most Students idea of a typical lawyer How We Started

Lawsuits filed in the morning and tried in the afternoonEvery lawyer is a trial attorneyJuries hear every aspect of the lawAll cases filed are triedLawyers dont writeLawyers never spend time here

False Impressions

Idea for Shadowing

Wanted Students to Know What Lawyers REALLY DOInteraction with Clients, Members in the firm/organization, Opposing Counsel, JudgesNetworkEthics and ProfessionalismMentors



Sets the context for how lawyers ACTUALLY work


Later in the law school careerPromotes public serviceDifferent from an Internship/ExternshipWhat Lawyers REALLY DoWRITE EmailsLettersMemosPleadings and Filings (and Discovery)Transactional DocumentsRegulatory FilingsOrdersInteractMembers of the firm/organizationClientsOpposing CounselWitnessesStaff/Legal vendorsJudgesJuries and not generally

Find the Students Area of Interest

Easier to Accommodate in Urban SettingsIf not feasible, then shadow local attorneys all will see how the local attorney runs his firm/organizationHow It WorksContact Attorneys in the Area

Generally flattered to helpWork with Alumni groups or Career ServicesLocal bar associationsFosters good will with practicing bar thenDiscussions of Ethics and Professionalism

Initial contactDressBehaviorDemeanor at the office/organizationPost Shadowing Contact Networking Possibilities Student InvolvementStudents Write on the Experience

Memo on ShadowingThank you letterPossible writing sample/resume fodderWritingSurprising Side Effects

Attorney becomes concerned for studentWants to help with careerAssists with class choices for electivesIntroduces students to others in the areaBar Associations/Practice AssociationsMentoring


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