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  • Flood

    Over this past week we have all

    watched in horror and sadness as

    much of Texas and the Gulf

    Coast was overwhelmed by the

    storm system named Harvey.

    Those of us who are biblically

    inclined remember the promise

    made by God to humankind that

    never again would a flood be

    used to hit the reset button by

    wiping out creation and starting

    over. You will recall that the

    rainbow is Gods symbol of

    faithfulness in this covenant.

    However, there is also no deny-

    ing that our climate is changing,

    and changing more rapidly than

    scientists previously predicted.

    There is also no longer any rea-

    sonable doubt that human activi-

    ty is a primary contributor to the

    warming of our earths ecologi-

    cal systems. While no single

    storm event can ever be 100 per-

    cent attributed solely to climate

    change, climatologists warn us

    with convincing evidence that

    our weather patterns will contin-

    ue to become much less stable

    and that extraordinary storm

    events like Harvey will be both

    more frequent and more devas-

    tating. In particular, large-scale

    flooding events, both coastal and

    inland, will be an increasing

    threat worldwide.

    Our most immediate concern is

    to respond with compassion to

    the needs of our neighbors who

    have been harmed by Harvey.

    Clearly, the period of recovery

    and rebuilding will be a long

    one. The extraordinary needs for

    funding and physical assistance

    will be ongoing for some time.

    This week, your Vestry approved

    a distribution of $2,000 from our

    parish outreach tithe to Episco-

    pal Relief and Development, our

    churchs exemplary emergency

    relief agency, in support of Har-

    vey relief and recovery. You are

    strongly encouraged to contrib-

    ute as well, and you will find all

    the information you need to do

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    September 2017

    The Episcopal Church in

    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

    From the Rector The Rev. Dr. Herbert Sprouse

    Inside this issue:

    From the Rector 1

    Episco-Pals 2

    Parish Picnic 2

    The Capitol Steps 2

    Blessing of the Back-

    packs 2

    Hospitality 3

    Daughers of the

    King 4

    Stewardship 4

    Arts Camp 5

    Help Wanted 6

    Prince of Peaces


    Memorials 6

    Social Justice

    Response Team 6

    Mark Your

    Calendars 7

    Music Notes 8

    Choral Evensong 8

    Christmas Concert 9

    Sunday School 10

    Ruths Harvest 10

    Hospice Training 10

    ERDHurricane Har-

    vey Help 11

    Flower Dedications 12

    Round of Prayer, Birth-

    days, Anniversaries and

    Lectionary 13

    The Memorial Church of the Prince of Peace

  • Page 2 The Episcopal Epis t le News and Notes


    The final large group dinner of Episco-Pals

    for 2017 is scheduled for Sunday, September

    24, at the home of Bob G. at 5:30 PM. Co-

    hosts will be Shirley and Dick P. Episco-Pals

    is an opportunity for the adult members of our

    Prince of Peace family to gather and enjoy

    fellowship with one another, always over a

    delicious meal. The hosts provide the main

    dish and beverages, and the remainder of the

    meal is a pot luck of shared dishes (side dish-

    es, appetizers or dessert). Please see the sign-

    up sheet in Stahle Parlor.

    Parish Picnic

    Heres a final reminder that our annual Parish

    Picnic will be held on Sunday, September 10

    at the Gettysburg Area Recreation Park. The

    festivities will begin with the 10:15 service,

    held at the Firemans Pavilion at the Rec park.

    Our picnic will follow, under the oversight of

    the High Street Marching and Chowder Socie-

    ty (the men of the Parish), corrdinated by Joe

    D. The church will provide hot dogs, ham-

    burgers, rolls, condiments, lemonade and iced


    We ask parishioners to bring a side dish or

    dessert to share, and individual place settings

    and utensils. The 8:00 AM service will be

    held at the church as usual. Sign-up sheets

    are available in Stahle Parlor.

    The Rotary Club of Gettysburg is sponsoring

    two more fantastic performances of the Capi-

    tol Steps. On September 23, 2017, at 2 pm

    and 8 pm, the Majestic Theater will be alive

    with laughter from the antics of the mistresses

    and masters of political satire. Tickets may be

    obtained through the box office at the Majes-

    tic. I certainly encourage your attendance.

    The profits from the proceeds of these two

    showings will underwrite community service

    activities of the Rotary Club of Gettysburg.

    Bob G.

    Blessing of the Backpacks

    The Blessing of the Backpacks is a wonderful

    liturgical observance of our seasonal return to

    school and workplace. On Sunday, Septem-

    ber 17th, all children and adults are invited to

    bring to church the items that accompany

    them each day as they set about their work.

    Backpacks and book bags, briefcases and

    courier bags, tool boxes and lunch pails, mu-

    sical instruments and laptopsanything and

    everything is welcome to this brief ceremony

    of dedication and blessing. We will enact this

    small liturgical addition during 10:15 mass.

    This will not only be great fun, but you may

    find it surprisingly moving and meaningful.

    Please plan to take part.


  • Page 3 The Episcopal Epis t le News and Notes

    so in this edition of our newsletter.

    Our Gospel commitment to respond to sys-

    temic injustices also requires us to respond.

    This is made particularly clear in our instruc-

    tions from Jesus to care for the least of

    these children of God, those who are most

    vulnerable and oppressed. Therefore, we

    must acknowledge that both nationally and

    globally, the most impoverished and disen-

    franchised peoples everywhere live where the

    risk of flooding is greatest. As sea levels rise

    and severe storms increase, the priorities, pol-

    icies and budgets of all nations, including our

    own, must be prepared to protect these popu-

    lations and to provide long-term solutions to

    the threats against them. As I write, within

    our own federal budgeting process there is a

    very active movement in favor of significant-

    ly cutting funding for FEMA and other disas-

    ter relief and rebuilding programs, even as

    Harvey is still raging in the Gulf. Elsewhere

    in this newsletter you will be reading about

    our new Social Justice Response Team. If you

    wish, you can look to them for information

    about how you might be able to influence the

    budget process and other policy initiatives of

    our government that impact the needs of the

    poor and those who will require assistance in

    the wake of this terrible storm. Again, our re-

    sponse is Gospel work, for we are the Body

    of Christ.

    Is there Good News to be found in all of this?

    Yes, there most certainly is. We watch with

    great admiration as first responders in Hou-

    ston and elsewhere act with compassion, tire-

    less dedication and tremendous skill. We see

    neighbors helping neighbors, sharing what

    they have and consoling one another with

    dignity and grace. We see the churches, syna-

    gogues and mosques, including the Episcopal

    churches of Houston, faithfully opening their

    doors and their hearts to those who have lost

    so much. Because we know without question

    that God will act to redeem this tragedy and

    to create something new, we know that our

    best course of action will be to discern what

    God is doing, and then join in with every-

    thing weve got.

    Wishing you peace, as always I am yours in


    Fr. Herb


    The Hospitality Committee hopes that every-

    one had a good summer. Please dont pan-

    ic...theres still some summer left! As you

    know, the Hospitality Committee hosted the

    summer coffee hours in order to give some of

    the ministry groups a little break. The regular

    schedule for hosts will start up again in Sep-

    tember. Cake Sunday will be the first Sunday

    of the month as usual. For that Sunday we

    are planning just to have cake, coffee and

    juice. September 10th is our annual picnic.

    On September 17th the Altar Guild will host

    and on September 24th the Sunday School is

    scheduled to host. Please check the schedule

    in the parlor for the remainder of the year.

    We appreciate everyones help in continuing

    to make coffee hour a pleasant time to come

    together following the service. It is a special

    time to visit with one another and to greet

    newcomers. If anyone has any suggestions or

    would be willing to work on the committee,

    please contact Jan L. or Helen S.

    From the Rector

    (continued from page 1)

  • Daughters of the King

    Daughters of the KingJust who are we,


    First, what Daughters are not.

    We are not a cult