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efectos para guitarra del pedal zoom 505 2


  • 1. PATCHES PARA PEDALEIRA ZOOM 505AC/DC-Angus Young distortion cleanc9 bL 5 a9 41 of of 26AC/DC-Angus Young early c9 bL 20920 of h1 24AC/DC-Angus Young general of od 18a8 of of r4 24AC/DC-Angus Young rhythmof od 299of of h4 27AC/DC-Angus Young "Thunderstruck" intro c4 mt 30930 c2 h3 30acoustics 12-strings haunting c4 ry 109p1 p9 d1 30acoustic bright of ac 209of p7 of 30acoustic bright/12-string simulator c4 ac 27912 c2 d1 29acoustic clean 1-- ac 30-- 48 -- -- --acoustic clean 2L1 ac --a9 of of of ofacoustic clean 3of ac 28of 29 d7 h2 20acoustic "Eleven Tea" c9 ac 15of p9 d9 of 27acoustic groove c9 ac 30945 c1 h9 --acoustic jazz c2 ac 1 915 p7 h1 28acoustic Kansas "Dust in the Wind"c8 ac --818 c6 h7 23acoustic mellow of ac 10645 of r1 ?acoustic rhythm of ac 30of 46 c6 of 26acoustic solo 1 c9 ac --822 c4 h7 26acoustic solo 2 of ac 22of 20 c1 h1 30acoustic solo 3 c1 of --425 c2 -- 24acoustic tweakedL5 ac 20650 of of --Aerosmith/Joe Perry distortion rhythm c1 dt 28 /29 9 24 ?h1 25alternative L1 Ld 30724 of of 20ambience heavya9 fu 30a9 p4 54 d9 21bass clean ambientL9 of --a1 1c1 of 30bass simulator 1c2 ac 3091p1 of 30bass simulator 2c8 ac 3 a6 3p1 h2 23

2. bass simulator 3 c2 ac 1915 p1 h128BB Kingof od 13 of 40 ofof 30BB King acid of ry 23 of of f2r1 20Beatles circa 1963 c1 ry 12 115 ofr2 27Beatles "Day Tripper" bass fuzzc2 fu 7a9 1p1 h718Biohazard distortion c1 bL 30 a9 48 ofof 19Black Sabbath "Dehumanizer"of dt 30 140 ofof 30Black Sabbath "Master of Reality"c1 fu 25 a2 25 25----Black Sabbath "Paranoid" c9 fu 19 950 ofof 30Black Sabbath "Paranoid" delay wah a9 dt 30 542 of d625Black Sabbath solo L9 od 15 of 23 of h124blues crunch rhythmc9 ry 17 a8 19 of h5 ?blues jazz c3 od 6of 35 of d720blues hard of bL 29 919 c1 h122blues hard-to-miss p9 fu 18 525 ofr4 18blues heavy down-&-dirty p9 od 20 941 of h327blues late-night of Ld 30 331 f4 d326blues screaming dirty gritty L1 fu 14 a3 11 ofr3 28*blues sweet c3 bL 26 a5 47 of h126BombtrackL1 bL 26 724 of h125+Boston "Amanda" acoustic 12-stringsc4 ac 27 912 p7 d130Boston Rockman sound c7 Ld 30 731 c1 h4 2 Feb-26Bowie, David "Ziggy Stardust"L7 of -- 1p6 of d225Bush distortionc9 ry 20 a9 20 c5r5?Candlebox chorus of of -- of 43 c5r6 30Candlebox "Far Behind" chorus rhythm c2 of -- a1 15 c5 h525Cannibal CorpseL8 mt 30 a1 45 -- d125Cannibal Corpse "Gallery of SuicideL4 dt 30 a9 42 --r3 25Carcass 1c9 mt 30 a9 47 of h725Carcass "Reek of Putrefaction" distort c7 fu 30 a9 50 of h229 3. chorus clean 1of of -- a7 36 c8 of 26chorus clean 2of ry 4136 c2 h2 26chorus clean jazz L5 of -- 625 c5 h5 25chorus compression rhythm c1 od 25 5-- c2 -- 20chorus cool c9 of -- a5 42 c3 h3 26chorus light solo -- Ld 26 5-- c2 -- 20chorus mild of ry 15 a1 of c1 of --chorus moodyc4 of -- 335 c4 h3 26chorus reverb of of of of 30 c4 r6 28chorus reverb clean of of -- 939 c6 h6 20chorus rhythm 1 L1 ac 30 938 p4 h6 27chorus rhythm 2 L3 of -- a9 17 c4 h4 27chorus silkyof ac 5635 c4 h5 30chorus super solo L9 ac 5439 d7 h9 30Clapton, Eric The Cradle CD soloL6 bl 10 112 -- r9 21clean 12-strings electric Rickenbaker c9 od 5a2 40 p1 h2 28clean 12-strings rhythm of 20 9of p6 of ??clean jazzL1 -- -- 1-- c1 h1 24clean leadp8 ry 1a7 20 c1 h9 20clean soloL9 ry 4a9 38 p7 h9 27Coal Chamber bass crunchc1 mt 30 950 of r7 30Cranberries L9 od 3a2 25 c5 h1 20Cream/Hendrix distorted wah ?a9 od 24 pu 27 -- --Creed L9 dt 26 a9 44 c1 h3 30Crow, The movie soloof dt 30 442 of h9 27D9+chorus c9 ry 10 a1 p9 d6 of 26Deep Purple "Made in Japan" c3 dt 15 of 10 of d8 26Deep Purple "Smoke on the Water" 1c9 od 14 940 of h5 27Deep Purple "Smoke on the Water" 2c9 Ld 5a6 p1 f7 d5 27Deep Purple "Smoke On The Water" 3L2 od 17 523 d3 of 23 4. Deftones distortion c9 od 13 a9 16of r6 25Deftones "Root" intro a7 dt 30 240+ f7 r4 ?delay clean 1 -- ry 5a9 39d9 h7 20delay clean 2 L6 of -- 622p4 d7 25delay clean jazzL6 of -- 626c5 d7 25delay lead/solo -- mt 26 8--c3 d7 28delay monster 1 a1 fu 4of 45of d8 28delay monster 2 a1 fu 8of 45of d9 29delay monster 3 a1 fu 29 of 45of d9 30delay nasty L7 Ld 28 524of d7 25delay slap-back L4 of -- 22 36d6 d6 23delay slide L9 od 1a1 40c9 d9 24delay smooth-- mt 24 9--c1 d8 26Dire Straits crankL9 od 5of 24of h2 27Dire Straits "Money for Nothing"p1 ry 30 117of r6 23Dire Straits "Sultans of Swing" L9 od 6of 25of h2 30distortion 1970sc2 ry 17 a6 29of h1 25distortion 1970s oldie backingof ry 30 732of r3 21distortion Big-Muff L5 fu 30 910c1 r1 18distortion bite soloa4 Ld 22 4ofp7 h2 22distortion bluesL1 bL 10 630of r9 30distortion blues waha9 bL 30 a9 30pu h9 25distortion bright rhythmL7 ry 19 938of h6 24distortion bright Screeching Moth a3 ac 28 of ofp6 d8 20distortion cleanc9 bL 5a9 41of of 26distortion clean heavyc9 ry 26 a9 50of h1 25distortion chorus blues of bL 27 7ofc3 r3 26distortion chorus soloof dt 23 925c4 of ?distortion compressed reverb solo of dt 30 17 f8 h1 25distortion cool c1 bL 24 4ofc2 h2 25 5. distortion delayc9 dt 30 of p1d6 d9 27distortion Dr Distortiona9 mt 30 a3 4 58 r2 30distortion dropped-D solo L9 fu 14 4------21distortion earlyc9 fu 21 941ofof19distortion evil of dt 30 530of h9 25distortion flange c9 Ld 24 -- 41f1 h3?*distortion flange doubler metalof Ld 30 425d6 r9 23distortion fuzz L1 fu 30 a7 25ofof ?distortion fuzz blues c9 fu 17 819of h5 17distortion fuzz chunkyof fu 3of 30of h6 26distortion fuzz creamyL5 fu 30 835of d5 27distortion fuzz filteredp3 fu 30 a9 ------19distortion fuzz garglep9 fu 18 525of r5 20distortion fuzz grungy fatc3 fu 30 a7 12of r6 25*distortion/fuzz peach-&-creamL9 fu 30 835of h2 15distortion fuzz peach-fuzz solo c8 fu 26 a9 26of? 24distortion fuzz rhythm medium c5 fu 15 222of h1 25distortion fuzz thick c1 fu 30 a9 50of r1 25distortion fuzz thick low-end chunkyc7 fu 25 845ofof25distortion hard L9 dt 15 630of r9 30*distortion hard-drivingc9 mt 30 of 50d1 h9 30distortion hard "Tract Boy" intro c4 ac 17 a9 40c3 r7?distortion hardcore 1 c9 Ld 25 a9 25c1 r9?distortion hardcore 2 c9 mt 30 of 40d3of ?distortion hardrock 1980s 1 c4 bL 26 828c2 h3 21distortion hardrock 1908s 2 L2 bL 26 829c3 d8 23distortion heavy 1L9 dt 30 a9 50ofof25distortion heavy 2c2 mt 30 910p1 h1 28distortion heavy 3c1 dt 25 a9 40c5 h5 27distortion heavy progressive L8 mt 25 -30 a6-a9 Aug-13 c3/d3 r3/h 9 24 6. distortion heavy very-cool c1 dt25 a9 25 c5 h527distortion iron ofdt30 a9 12 ofof?distortion leadL9 dt26 a9 45 c1 h325distortion lead extreme doubling c3 bL30 9of of d828distortion lead/solo metal high-gain L4 Ld30 730 of726distortion liveL2 dt24 a7 23 d7 h823distortion loudc7 dt30 a4 35 p9of 30distortion loud solo c1 mt30 150 ofof 26distortion massive thunder p7 d t/o d 45 ?21 c4 d430distortion metal 1 L8 mt30 a1 17 -- d125distortion metal crisp c5 dt30 436 d7 h917distortion metal death 1 c7 dt30 650 of h227distortion metal death 2 L2 dt30 a3 6---- 25distortion metal death 3 L2 mt30 45c2 h325distortion metal death 4 L1 dt30 525 of h930distortion metal death grind c7 fu30 a9 50 of h228distortion metal death low L9 mt30 of 1ofof 26distortion metal death melodic 1ofdt21 of of c2of 30distortion metal death melodic 2 L9 dt30 a1 40 of h3 2 Jun-28distortion metal deepL4-6 mt --a9 44 d1 d129distortion metal demonic c8 bL15 425 ofr4 26distortion metal extreme-shred c7 dt30 650 ofof 27distortion metal improved ofdt30 a9 12 ofr1 25distortion metal mid-highL4 mt23 a6 35 c2-- 21distortion metal moreL8 mt30 a1 17 of d126distortion metal overdrive c9 od30 of 19 ofof 26distortion metal rhythmc1 Ld23 of 50 c5 h427distortion metal smooth 1c1 mt30 a9 50 c1 h325distortion metal smooth 2c9 mt 6 96ofof 25distortion metal soloc1 mt20 317 c1 h120 7. distortion metal solo delay L9 Ld 20 834 c2 d6 25distortion metal solo no-delayL9 Ld 20 834 c3 h6 25distortion metal superc4 mt 27 749 c3 h3 ?distortion metal super-groovy c5 mt 8a1 p2 c5 r8 18distortion metal very-heavy c9 mt 30 525 of h9 30distortion nice 1 L9 Ld 20 834 c3 h4 22distortion nice 2 of fu 30 645 of of 27distortion nice tight c7 dt 8a9 7c2 h3 25distortion new bright c7 dt 17 a3 21 c2 h4 20distortion overdrivec9 od 1a9 50 c3 h1 30distortion overdrive cleanL3 ac 25 6of of h3 25distortion overdrive limit solo L1 Ld 30 724 -- -- 20distortion overly c2 mt 30 a3 41 d7 r3 30distortion phaseL5 ry 30 9p4 -- -- 27*distortion power of mt 30 of 42 of of 30distortion punk 1 L7 bL 19 a4 of of of 25distortion punk 2 L4 ry 30 a1 42 of of 24distortion punk 3 of od 24 649 of r1 28distortion Purity-in-Oblivion of dt 30 950 -- h3 ?distortion raunchyL9 dt 30 a9 36 of of 22distortion really rockin of mt 28 a3 of of h9 27distortion rhythm L9 ry 26 a8 45 d1 h3 25distortion rolphieL2 dt 24 520 of d5 22distortion simple c9 dt 20 a5 30 of of 24distortion solo 1 c1 Ld 20 125 d6 h6 28distortion solo/rhythmL1 mt 30 a3 50 c2 of 30distortion solo good-tone c1 Ld 20 125 d6 h6 28distortion solo super L1 Ld 26 724 of h3 24distortion solo sweet L9 Ld 20 9of p7 h7 20distortion solo sycho a9 fu 30 9p1 p7 d2 20 8. distortion thick warm L1 dt309 23c5d1 30distortion Type O Negativec9 bL309 5 c9h9 25Doors "The End" L4 of --p2 36f7d6 24double laid backc2 ac259 6 d9of 26Dream Theatre "Pull Me Under" intro L9 of -- 6 p9c3r9 23Dream Theatre "Under the Glass" intro c 9 dt 30a7-a9 20-3 0 p7- p9 c3 /d3 h 7-h9equalizer bright ---- -- --35------Faith No More "Ashes to Ashes" ofmt30 a9 45ofr1 25Fear Factoryp9 mt309 50c2h2 30Fear Factory/Machine head distortionc1 mt309 50ofr7 25Filter --ry 25-Mar 0 -------- 30flange clean ofof -- 1 13f7of 27flange cool running water c3 ry 1 a9 p9c9h6 26flange "Jet-Metal"L9 dt22 a5 24f1d7 16flange metal ofdt26 a9 off4h5 24flange phaseL9 of -- ofp1f4h4 29flange reverb c7 ry 4 a9 38f3h4 27Foo Fighters 1c5 ry30ofof25of h2Foo Fighters 2c5 mt301 5 ofof?Foo Fighters distortion heavy c4 bL307 35ofr4 27Foo Fighters "Down in the Park" intro a1 bL 16 25d9d1?Foo Fighters "Down in the Park" 2 a1 dt309 20d1d1?Foo Fighters flange a5 fu23 a3 p7f9d9 25Frampton, Peter talking guitara9 of of ofp6ofof 26funk supergrooveL9 dt30ofp9f9d9 30funk groove thing a9 Ld30 a9


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