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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start GuideThis guide will help you get started fast, by explaining all the important things you need to know to create your online database application in Zoho Creator. For more information you can refer the appropriate topics in the Help Index. Create New Application Gather your requirements Create application from scratch Create application by importing data from spreadsheet Import MS Access Database Install application from market place Forms Add new forms Fields Create relationship between forms Set email notifications Configure form actions Configure field actions View s Add new view s Set Criteria View Configurations Set access permissions Configure custom actions Create combined view Create HTML View Customize look & feel Access the application Share the application Embed in website Import and export data

Create New ApplicationGather your requirements Before you start creating an application, analyze on what you actually want your database application to do and the information you want to maintain. This will make it easier for you to create your application. Follow these simple steps to gather your requirements:

1. Identify the information you want to manage and the different categories they belong to. For example, the information to be managed for a Sales database will have broad categories like Product and Sales. In Zoho Creator, each category will become your application's Form. 2. Next, list out the items that need to be managed under each category. For example, the Product category will have items like Product ID, Product Name, Vendor, Unit Price etc., and the Sales category will have items like Product, Units Sold, Revenue, Cost, Profit etc. Each item will be the Fields that will appear in the Form. 3. Identify the relationship between the data in one category and the data in the other category. In the "Sales Database", information about the product need not be repeated in the Sales form. You can create a relationship between the Product form and Sales form, so that Sales can reference the specific product record from the Product form.

Once you have gathered your requirements, sign-in to Zoho Creator at creator.zoho.com and create the application by clicking Create New Application button. You can choose the one that suits your requirement. Each option is explained below.

Create application from scratch Create application by importing data from spreadsheet Install app from market place



7/16/2010Create application from scratch

Quick Start Guide

The Add Form option enables you to create your application by adding blank forms and customize it by adding the required fields (or) to create your application with pre-built template forms that suits your requirement. Steps to create application from scratch In the Create New Application page, the Add Form option will be selected by default, as show n in the screen-shot below . Specify the application name and form name in their respective boxes. For example, let us create a Sales Database application w ith a form called Product to enter product information. By default, the Create From Scratch option will be selected to create your application w ith blank forms. If you would like to create your application w ith pre-built form templates select the option Use Form Template. Select the time zone relevant to your location from the Time Zone drop-dow n menu. A Zoho Creator application can be either Private or Public. A public application can be accessed by anyone and indexed by search engines . A private application can be accessed only if the ow ner of the application shares it w ith specific users. Shared users can add, modify and delete records based on the edit permissions provided by the ow ner. By default, an application created in Zoho Creator is "Private". Click Create Now to create the application.

The application named Sales Database w ill be created w ith a blank form named Product in the Forms tab. You can add the required fields to your form through easy drag & drop of the required field types, as show n in the screen-shot given below.

Zoho creator uses "VIEWS" to display the data collected via Forms. View s are nothing but tables that are automatically populated with data added to a Form. Every form by default has its view created in the View Tab. The name is usually [FORM-NAME] View. In the screen-shot given below , a Product View is created for the Product Form we have created above, and listed in the View Tab.




Quick Start Guide

To submit data into your Forms and view the data submitted, click on the Access this application button. For more details, refer the section Access this application. To add new forms, modify forms, configure fields, configure form/field actions or set email notifications, refer the section Forms. To create new view s, modify view s and configure view s refer the section View s.

Create application by importing dataYou can turn your excel data into a Zoho Creator application in two ways: Copy/Paste Data from the XLS file Import Data from the XLS files by specifying the file name Comma separated values (.csv) or Tab seperated values (.tsv) stored in other file formats can also be used to create your application with data. To create an application by importing data, 1. Select the Import XLS icon from the Create New Application screen. 2. In the Specify application name box type in a name for your application. This name appears on the Home page when your application is created. 3. Choose the import type as Write/Paste Data to copy-paste data from your .xls, .csv or .tsv file (or) choose import type as Import Data to import data from your .xls, .csv or .tsv file by specifying the file name. For example, in the screen-shot given below, we have chosen the Write/Paste Data option to create an application by pasting data from an excel file.

4. If the data contains a date field, select the Date Format that matches the date format contained in your excel file. 5. Select the Time Zone for the application from the list of time zones. 6. Click on Create Now to import the data. The "Importing Data" dialog will display the data in the following format.




Quick Start Guide

The Form w ill be created with the Application Name. The data in the first row w ill be displayed as the default Label Names for each column. If you w ant to change a field name, type a new name in the Label Name box. The default Field Type is displayed based on the type of data pasted for each column. If you feel that the field type listed is not appropriate you can change it by selecting the appropriate field type from the drop-down list. 7. Click Finish to create the application with data. In the screen-shot given below, the application named "Product Management" is created with the data and is displayed in the "Product Management Form View". To edit the Forms and Views in the application, click on the Edit this application link.

To add new forms, modify forms, configure form/field actions or set email notifications, refer the section Forms. To add new view s, modify view or configure views refer the section Views.

Import MS Access DatabaseZoho Migration tool for MS Access & Excel is a simple tool to upload your existing MS Access applications or XL Spreadsheets to Zoho Creator. You just need to have your MS Access MDB file, and import it to this tool. All the tables are imported with the relationships intact, you could just check them and upload them to Zoho Creator as an application or Zoho Reports as a database. In case of the excel spreadsheets, you can import the XL file and each sheet becomes a form and corresponding views are created in the application. Click Here, to learn more..

Install from market placeZoho Creator market place provides the largest repository of business applications for your day-to-day business needs. Application categories vary from IT Management, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Education, Non-Profits etc. You can view the demo of the application you require and install it to your account with just the click of a mouse. To summarize, a Zoho Creator application is basically made up of Forms and Views. Forms to collect the information from the user and store it in the database and Views for viewing, filtering and searching the information collected via Forms.

FormsIn this section we will briefly explain the various configurations that can be made to the Forms and Fields in your application.



7/16/2010Add new Forms

Quick Start Guide

To add new forms, mouse over the Forms tab and click on New Form option. In the New Form page, Specify a name for your form in the Specify form name box. The option Store data in creator w hich is selected by default, indicates that the data entered through this form w ill be stored in the database. (i.e) a unique table will be created for this form at the back-end to store the form data. De-selecting this option will create a Stateless form . The data entered in a Stateless form will not be stored in the database. The option Generate auto-view for this form w hich is selected by default, will generate a default view for this form in the View s tab, w ith all the fields displayed as columns. You have the option to create the new form from scratch or use an existing template form. Select the required option and click Done, to create the new form.

Note: For more information on Stateless Forms and their usage, refer the section Stateless Forms

FieldsZoho Creator supports 20 types of form fields. You can add fields to yo


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