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  • 1. Me andMy Family

2. My name is Zo.Im 13 yearsold and I live inSaint Andolde Bergin France. I was born onMarch24th 1998in Paris. 3. I live here I live here 4. I practise horse ridingand play the piano. I like swimming and cycling.I hate running !!! I enjoy watching movies and playing video games. I love cooking. Me and Jade. 5. My house was an old school until 1972. In our house,there is a kitchen, a dining room where we take breakfast.There is a lounge were we take the other meals(lunch and dinner),a guest room and my parents bedroom.Upstairs the are two bedrooms and an attic.We are twoin one bedroom: me and my big sister and in the other room my twin sisters.I would like a room of my own. My House 6. My room is small because I share it with my sister. In my roomI have my bed , my desk and I have a shelf for my school books . I have another shelf to put what I want and the last three shelves for my books. My room is decorated mainly with images of New-York and London because I love these two cities !!! My Room 7. My mothers nameis Sylvie, shes 48 years old.My fathers nameis Denis and hes 45 years old.They are teachers.We are 4 sisters.Salom is older than I am.She is 17 years old.Anouk and Suzon area little younger than I am.They are twins they are 9 years old. I have got a cat.His name is Harry.He is Beautiful ! My Family 8. My village is small.There are only 128 habitants.There is a church, a town hall, an oven.There is a bar association which is open twice a week. Every summer there is the village festival which lasts two days where we serve bombine and once a year all the village go on a trip somewhere. I love my Village !!! My Village 9. The bar association The town hall The church The oven 10.