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  1. 1. Accelerating Leadership & Team Development
  2. 2. First Thoughts
    Many managers aspire to be inspirational leaders, but the first step often requires them to analyse their own emotions and behaviours rather than focusing on the performance of their team members
  3. 3. Research
    Recent researchin a major round the world yachting challenge, aimed to identify what enabled the winning teams to achieve and maintain high performance. They did this by tracking the skills and behaviours of skippers during the race
    One of the authors of the report noted: "What you've got is a highly competitive situation that is very changing and turbulent - a complex situation that replicates the situation in business today."
  4. 4. Key Findings
    The principal findings of the research were that the best leaders combined 'driving' and 'enabling' behaviours, adapting their style according to the circumstances
    The research specifically highlighted what was needed for management and for leadership and showed that the effective leaders moved between the two
  5. 5. Management and Leadership
    The successful skippers showed flexibility and creativity of leadership (performance enablers) in addition to the moretraditional management skills of control and use of procedures
    These performance enablers such as self-belief, self-control and openness provided the top skippers with the necessary foundation upon which they could build high-performing teams who were loyal and supportive, even during rough times
    Many managers are unaware or unsure how to utilise their performance enablers
  6. 6. Measuring performance enablers
    Performance enablers can be measured using Emotional Intelligence (EI) tools. EI distinguishes superior performance from run-of-the-mill performanceand is made up of two parts;
    Intrapersonal Intelligence and Interpersonal Intelligence
    We need both in work and life as a whole
  7. 7. Emotional Intelligence model
    Intrapersonal Intelligence
    Intrapersonal Intelligence
    Being aware of what is going on inside us and acting upon it, we all need this for effective self-management
    Self Management
    Self Awareness
    Self Regard
  8. 8. Emotional Intelligence model
    Interpersonal Intelligence
    Interpersonal Intelligence
    Being aware of what is going on in other people and acting upon it, we need this for effective relationship management
    Relationship Building
    Other Awareness
    Other Regard
  9. 9. How do we deliver our events?
    Before the day(s) we work closely with our clients to agree the objectives and desired outcomes from the day. We gather any relevant background information about the participants or team(s)
    We ask participants to complete a short on-line questionnaire
    We review the results for each participant and brief our observers prior to each event
  10. 10. What does a typical day look like?
    Arrival and briefing
    Lunch and a chance to reflect and relax
    Familiarisation with the yachts
  11. 11. A typical day
    Challenge, Leadership, Team Building and Racing , putting personalities under pressure
  12. 12. A typical day
    Feedback to participants and a chance to reflect upon the day, lessons learnt and agree a development plan with one of our Coaches or Business Psychologists
  13. 13. Learning from Performance Enablers
    Openness and revealing thoughts, feelings and vulnerabilities in different situations,can pay dividends for leaders in getting the best out of themselves and their team
    It enables them to draw on the strengths of their team members and promote a sense of shared leadership in the process
  14. 14. Testimonials
    Amanda and the team at Zircon have once again surpassed my expectations in delivering an exceptional event. Linking Sailing with Personality and EI profiling provides a real opportunity for any aspiring leader or team to understand who they are as an individual, a team member under pressure or when doing something totally new. To get the best out of the yachts the team need to work as one cohesive unit communicating and working together. The level of instruction from the Spinnaker team was first class and everyone was encouraged to take part and try out different roles. A thoroughly enjoyable day with much food for thought to take back to the work environment.

    Craig Wymant, Head of HR, HSBC PFS, CMB and Insurance.
    I would like to thank Zircon and the Spinnaker team for hosting such a fantastic sailing day. I was very impressed with the whole day, the level of instruction, safety, participation and all the informative detail about sailing and the hosting skills of the skipper! The weather was ideal and we had a good breeze for it.I enjoyed having the opportunity totake the helm and loved getting involved incontrolling the sails to turn theyacht during the races. It was a fantastic day as I have never been sailing before. A great team building activity that I would recommend for anyone. Thanks again!
    Louise Paterek, TACkLE Training
  15. 15. And Finally some quotes from Ellen MacArthur
    Courage is not having the energy to go on, its going on when you do not have the energy
    Its been an absolutely unbelievable voyage, both physically and mentally
  16. 16. Want to find out more?
    To find out how we may be able to help your business please contact Zircon Management Consulting:
    Amanda Potter
    Managing Director
    01737 555862
    07740 684184
    Jason RobertsDarrell Burberry
    Director, Coaching and Team DevelopmentDirector, Leadership and OD
    01929 55827001444474672
    07805 62345707535 474672