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1. Guess the Mystery Element 2. To Begin Open up PowerPoint on the computer byclicking this icon. 3. Next Click on the Design tab at the top of thescreen. 4. Using Themes Select the color for your slide background.You will use the same color for all slides. Make sure the background isnt too dark. 5. Creating Your Slides Use the Home tab to choose the layout ofyour slide. Press New Slide 2 times to create all threeslides. 6. Choose Slide Layout Pick one that allows you to put in text andadd pictures. 7. Add Your Written Clues Type your clues onto the slide. Use an easy to read font. Choose an easy to see color. 8. Add Your Pictures Paste in your pictures from the web orinsert clip art . 9. Choose Animation Using the Animation tab choose ananimated transition to apply to each slide. 10. Add Narration Begin with your first slide. Choose theSlide Show tab and click on RecordNarration. Read with fluency and click on the slide tomove to the next one when you are done. When you are all done click save. 11. Finally Use the Slide Show tab and click on FromBeginning to view your show. Click SaveAs and name the show with your firstname. SAVE Watch