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How to zero a cluttered inbox in 30 minutes or less. Learn the best way to organize your inbox quickly.


<ul><li> How to zero a cluttered inbox in 30mins or less. by </li> <li> Step 1: Kill But Im not dead yet! </li> <li> Kill = Archive all emails older than 60 days all social media updates and newsletters any email with NO ACTION associated with it ask, So What? to all of your emails Be This Guy --&gt; Your Emails Are Punks </li> <li> Types of Actions Do respond or begin requested action Delegate give action to someone else Defer put it in your calendar Delay re-negotiate timeline of action DELETE if there is NO ACTION </li> <li> Step 2: Filter Emails that are consistently all noise, NO ACTION unimportant ofce memos re:re:re Obamas Gonna Take Your Guns messages the evoke, ugh, this again? </li> <li> Filter to Skip Inbox No Hobos On Your Train To Action-ville </li> <li> Filter Step 1 </li> <li> Filter Step 2 </li> <li> Filter Step 3 </li> <li> 3. Sort Whats Left Actions Go In 3 Different Folders Recent (2 days) Not Terrible (5 days) Forgive Me (5-60 days) </li> <li> Sort With Labels Nest Labels To Look Like This </li> <li> Drag Action Emails Into Folders </li> <li> Repeat Until... </li> <li> Inbox Zero </li> <li> Then...the hard part </li> <li> Doing The Work </li> <li> Work Systematically. . . </li> <li> Prioritize and Take Action Start with recent End with 5-60 days old Tip: Ask if they still need whatever the email requested </li> <li> Dont Let It Happen Again Create Canned Responses For Common Emails Respond With Shorter Messages Update Your Filters Check Your Email Less (if you wait to look, stuff takes care of itself) Direct Your Action With Calendars and To-Do Lists... Not By Looking At Your Inbox </li> <li> For More Productivity &amp; Digital Organization Tips Go to And Get Your Free... </li> </ul>