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Zarafshan Amjid Class:851. 30 Things You Must Know About Me. 1. American Pakistani. I was born in Pakistan but I am an American citizen so I am American Pakistani. . f.1. 2. Teenager . My age is 13 so I am in Teenager category. F.2. 3. Muslim. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


30 Things You Must Know About Me

30 Things You Must Know About Me Zarafshan Amjid Class:8511. American PakistaniI was born in Pakistan but I am an American citizen so I am American Pakistani. f.1

2. Teenager My age is 13 so I am in Teenager category.F.2

3. MuslimMy religion is Islam and people who believe in Islam called Muslim.

f.34. Gentle-hearted I always take care of others and try to understand others feelings.

O.15. ElderI am elder form my siblings. I have two younger brothers.f.4

6. Respective I always respect others and it is one the top rule in my life Always Always Respect othersf.5

7. ScienceScience is my favorite subject, specially biology. I like science because studying science is fun and we learn many new things about our lives.f.6

8. UnselfishI am not a selfish person and I dont like selfish people because selfish people only help their selves.O.2

9. Hard workerI work hard because I believe that working hard is the only way to achieve your goal.O.3

10. I like FlowersI love flowers because they are so beautiful, pretty and peaceful. Sometimes if I am very sad, flowers help feel better.


1111. LazyI became lazy sometimes specially in things which are not interesting to me and I dont like them.O.4

12. Short-temperedI am a short tempered person I became angry from little things and then I forget about that quickly.


13. Hopeful I am a hopeful person and Hope always live inside me.f.9

14. Helpful

O.5 I always like to help people because helping others make me happy and if I need help others help me also.15. NameMy name is Zarafshan. I it a Persian name which means sprinkling gold.O.6

16. Generous

O.7I think I am a generous because I always like to give something to others who need specially poor peoples.17. Curious

f.10I love to search for new things and talk about them. Being a curios person is very fun also.18. DessertsI like to eat many kind of desserts my favorite desserts name is gulab Jamun It is very famous dessert in south Asia. f.11

19. Aim My aim is to be a Doctor because in think being a doctor is a very good way to help others. I know that to achieve this goal I have to challenge many obstacles but I hope that If I worked hard I can achieve my goal. f.12

20. Brown eyed

f.13My eyes color is dark brown 21. CrazySometimes when I am in temper I do many Crazy things. O.9

22. KindI have kind personality because I never try to hurt someone or someones feelings. O.10

23. CheerfulI always like and try to stay happy like every one. O.11

24. Friendly I make new friends every time and I have lots of friends.f.14

26. Brave I like to challenge things even they are hard because I never learned to give up. O.12

27. SlimSome people say that I am slim but I happy the way I am!!O.13

28. QuietI like quiet places and I like to stay quiet until it necessary to talk.O.14

2829. Student I am a student of 8th grade in School Russell Sage J H 190.

30.My parents I love my parents as they love me.

f. 15Now You Know All 30 Things About Me.