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Hello ....this youth's wings magazine is basically related to youths life ,where youth's can get the information about entertainment and future related information Such as Technology , career ,life and etc....


<ul><li>1.Youths Wings /November 2012 1</li></ul><p>2. 2 Youths Wings /November 2012 3. APPROVAL OF PROJECTTHIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT THE MAGAZINE TITLED .....................................................................BY .................REG NO.........................................IS DONE BY HER/HIM DURING THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2012-2013, UN-DER MY SUPERVISION IS A PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE RE-QUIREMENT FOR THE PAPER MAGAZINE JOURNALISM, DURING IIISEM BAJC.THIS IS AN ORIGINAL WORK OF THE STUDENT AND HAS NOT BEENSUBMITTED BEFORE FOR THE AWARD OF ANY DEGREE, DIPLOMAOR ANY OTHER TITLE.EXAMINERS:1. Ms. Gayathri Chakravarthi .2. Ms. Sherin Elizabeth.3. External Examiner SUPERVISOR:.Dr. Nandini Lakshmikantha, Ph.DAssociate Prof &amp; HeadDepartment of Media Journalism and CommunicationManipal University Bangalore CampusDIRECTOR.Dr. Thammiah ChekkeraDATE:PLACE: MANIPAL UNIVERSITY BANGALORE CAMPUSYouths Wings /November 20123 4. AcknowledgementsDEAR ALL JUST A SHORT NOTE THANK YOU FOR ALL EFFORTS THE PASTSEVERAL WEEKS ON THIS PROJECT .I GREATFUL APPRECIATE THE EX-TRA TIME THAT YOU HAVE PUT INTO THE PROJECT AND FEEL THAT ITCOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL WITHOUT YOUR HELP .SPECIAL THANKS TO : GAYATHRI MAM PRASHANT SIR SONAL KRIPA MAYANK SAHU DEEPAK GUPTA JE MAPPALLE YADUVANSHI AND ALSO LIKE TO EXTEND MY HEARTLY THANKS TO GOOGLE ,WIKIPEDIA ,PARENT CIRCLE MAGAZINE , THE TIMES OF INDIA NEWSPA-PER , WISDOM MAGAZINE AND ALL MY SUPPORTIVE FRIENDS WHOHELPED ME FOR SHAREING PICTURES AND DOCUMENTS WITH USWITHOUT WHICH THE PROJECT WOULD HAVE BEEN INCOMPLETE .PLEASE ACCEPT MY PERSONAL GRATITUDESINCERELYSAURAV KISHOR .4 Youths Wings /November 2012 5. ContentsRegulars 7. How to Tell your Mom about .....???? 12.. Mom to do with your kids at home . 13. How Effectively Communication make you successful ? 14. Ocean Of Creativity 16. The Dangers of Teen Alcohol Abuse 20. Dance to Good Health 22. Channel Vs brand new teenage hungama... 25. ORIGIN OF HORSE POWER 28. Money,Fame &amp; love... a teenagers dream 31. Interview with An engineering student - sonal Kripas 32. Windows 8 on desktops 34. Apna Sapna Money Money ...... Seriously ???? 37.Youths voice ( Servey.......) 38. Story of Soft Drinks 40 .Readers FeedbackYouths Wings /November 20125 6. Editor SpeaksMan owes all he is and all he possess in life to memory - the abil-ity of the brain a record of past events , without good memory itwould be difficult to lead an intelligent life . A keen memory is one of the foundations of success in lifeFollow us on.The man who forgets to keep his appointments is often ignored bythe people with a keen sense of time . The latter cannot afford to Facebook waste for him .The traders who forgets the price he quoted for thegoods previously loses the goodwill and business of his customers .The office assistant who forgets the procedure and makes mistakes Twitter, becomes too expensive and is finally discharged from service .it isclear that a bad memory results in inefficiency ,failure and finan-cial troubles . LinkdinThe secreat of the good memory is attention ,and attentionto a subject depends upon our interest in it .Man rarely forgets thatwhich has made a deep impression on his mind .The main reasonswhy some people forget is mostly psychological.Theydo not have the strong desire to remember events or recollectthings .What they need is the will to imprint the abserveed dataupon memory to produce them whenever needed .Yet anotherreason why we forget is that we do not have enough interest in thesubject .We also forget due to our failure to connect one kind ofmemory with another , to unify the impressions gained , and tobring back to life what we learnt previously .Memory training should be continous all through life . Oth-erwise it may become ineffective .The various aids through whichis fact is remembered , eg . eye-memory ,ear-memory should bemade to help each other .The facts we remember and the way werecall them are influenced by our interests , attitudes , and emo-tional feelings . I Value your feedback .please give us your opinions about thisfirst edition of magazine and tells us what features you would liketo see from next time . Wishing everyone a Happy Childrens Day !SAURAV KISHOR6 Youths Wings /November 2012 7. How to tell your Mom aboutyour_____? ?y ou probably talk to friends way more thanyou talk to your parents . Thats natural. Even if their questions, or be critical about your new hairstyle you know that she is a hard core wellyou and your parents have a great relation-ship, wisher of your life .How you can leave themyou want to find your own path and make your behind and not tell them that your partnerown choices.Still, most of us want a parentssearch is over , you found your mate your L Ohelp, advice, and support at times.V E (love).... What ???, you crazy what areBut talking to the adults in your life can seemyou a mud head teen who has no time to thinkdifficult or intimidating especially when it about except their looks and fun.Sound socomes to boyfriend-girlfriend subjects. Womansimilar to most of us .We know what is best forhave a naturalinstinct of communicat-ing betterus in our way. So we have to prove them wrongand they often find it important to do so in .HOW??? Well by doing some of the rightspecial bonding cases. things they always keep nagging about.In that way mothers make a fair option to talkout your problems as her chance of feel ingconnected to you. And the only and only keyto tell your mother of an affair or of any thingfor that matter is just to SPEAK UP...... Soundseasy but your lips gets sealed ,developing an-innate alien fear , your anxious eyes meet yourmothers eyes and she asks, whats going on?,and you just hope from within that she neverfigures out what is actually going on. The solereason why you are reading this article showshow much you want your mo ments to shareit with your mother. Because no wonder howmuch you get frightened of them , irritated byYouths Wings /November 2012 7 8. This battle needs prepara- Find something trivial totry easing into converstions.tion and VICTORY LOVES chat about each day. Talkship get stronger This wayPREPARATION. Talk Aboutabout how your team did at your habit of digging intoEvery day Stuff and Do It the track meet.your boyfriend/girlfriendsEvery Day The more you doShare something one oflife would lessen and wouldsome thing, the easier it gets. your teachers said.Talk howdefinitely be admired byTalking to your mom about other girls are mean and them if you have got theeveryday stuff builds a bondbitchy all the times. Even right one .that can something more small talk about whats forWhen parents feel connectedserious.dinner can keep your rela- to your daily life, they can be Find something trivial totionship strong and comfort- there for you if somethingchat about each day. Talk able . really important comes up .about how your team youknow that she is a hard corewell wisher of your life.Howyou can leave them behindand not tell them that yourpartner search is over , youfound your mate your L O VE (love).... ... What ???,you crazy whatare you a mud head teenwho has no time to thinkabout except their looksand fun.Sound so similar tomost of us . We know whatis best for us in our way.So we have to prove themwrong .HOW??? Wellby doing some of the rightthings they always keep nag-ging about.This battle needsMention that cute thing thePerhaps you just really , re-preparation and dog did. Talk about your ally want to tell your parentssiblings and try shifting to about your new boyfriendVICTORY LOVEStheir the focus problems or girlfriend, but you dontPREPARATION, which would show your con- now how theyll react, how itcern towards your family . will feel to tell them, or how Talk About Every day StuffChatting with parents everyto find the words.Then and Do It Every Day Theday not only keeps an exilingstart raising these difficultmore you do some thing,relationship strong, it also topics of discussion . in thethe easier it gets. Talking tocan help a frayed rela tion. whole world. But stick toyour mom about everydayIts never too late to start , your point Tell them howstuff builds a bond that canIf you feel your relationshippositive you have become insomething more serious.with your parents is strained, her company. Tell her how8 Youths Wings /November 2012 9. Like , what is my girl type? or what are the that communicates what you need.qualities you look forward in any boy which mother , I need your advice about some-makes him adorable . You may derive a lotthing . Can we talk?. Its also impotantabout their final reaction by these answers to know your mother type before you .. Know What You Want From the Conver-sation .It takes maturity to figure out whatFor example:you want to get out of a conversation ( Most Mom, I need to you about an importantadults arent so good at this!).What youissue Im having, but I need you to justhope to achieve can vary .listen , OK? Dont give me advice I justwant you to know whats going on in my Most often youll prob-life.ably want your mother to do Mom, I need to you about an importantissue Im having, but I need you to justone or more of these things : listen , OK? Dont give me advice I just simply listen and understand what yourewant you to know whats going on in mygoing through without offering ,life.advice or comentary . Gve permission or support for somethingoffer you advice or help . Guide you back on track if youre introuble in a way thats fair and withoutharsh criticism or put-downs Why thinkabout this before you begin talking ? Soyou can say why you want to talk in a wayYouths Wings /November 2012 9 10. much you have learnt fromlogical reasons of why youhow.If she gets angry donthim over these past fewshould be able to date this guy,tell back avoid making thingsmonths ,Touch her innernot just but mooomm I re-worse and pause the discus-natural woman with emotionsally really like him .Dont tell sion for some if youflooding through your words ;her of where you met if it waswould stay calm with her shejust give time until things fall in detention or somewhere will realize how mature you areinto their place .This is a hard like online or something. . If she says no , accept it (nut to crack .The tiger momWhen you meet make it onat least in front of her) eventu-or power mom, can never leta neutral ground nothing of ally she will come around toanything get in the way when itsudden in nature.As if knownknow wheather you are happycomes to her childs future . for years but never talked kind.or not.Remember shes only It makes it about him/her here to protect you .She knows everything behindtruthfully, or you might onethe guys cruellest intentions( day have it thrown back in DONTSeven if he dosent have it), fig- your face otherwise .easier asA parent would never be hap-ured all hidden plans behind it sounds ,try answering anypy knowing That he/shethat innocent poker face (even questions Else be diplomat or ever had an addiction., Thatif she never saw her that closedissolve the question any he/she cheated on his sex .enough) .You have got a toughfight out here. Just to haveto be mature and sensible tohandle thier spontaneous reac-tion.Dont ask them for anyjudgements because they cannever be of your side .Dont argue and try to provethem wrong and Keep yourpoint and just listen quietlyto what she says , Stick toyour point and just stand andfrequently use words like IUNDERSTAND but i was saying ..... . Haveyour boyfriend show that heis a respectable young manand prove her wrong . Havehim show that he cares foryou. Maybe havehim ask herpersonally if he can date youId still tell your mom, andtell her that you would like toshow her that you are responsible, and that she can set theground rules. Discuss the 10 Youths Wings /November 2012 11. Youths Wings /November 2012 11 12. Mom to do with your kids at home1Dictionary words : A dictionary is a valuable learning tool, especially ifchild write the meaning ofeach word and a sentence child to tell you about the picture or list adjectives to describe the picture .Do you take your child to the mov-using each new word .your your child makes up his ories? Have your child first her own booklet of words child can then use somelook up the movie page by that are challenging.or all of these sentences as using the index in the news- paper . What youllthe basis for a creative story After a movie has been.Have your child read this chosen , have your child need:story to you and other fam- study the picture or text in Paper and pencilsthe ad and tell you what heily members . for children.or she thinks the movie is A staplerabout Have your child pick Old magazines Newspaper &amp; sup-2 Whats in the . a headline and turn it into a question .Then the child can read the article to see if plements news ? the question is answered . What to do : A newspaper is a form ofdaily communication with Ask your child to clip food articles /references from the Encourage your child tothe outside world, and pro-newspaper for your grocery make a dictionary by put-vides lots of learning activi- shopping trips .First ,talkties for children. about which products you ting together several sheetsuse and which you do not of paper for booklet .AskWhat youll need:.then the child can cut out Newspaper the right articles and put your child to write at the top Scissorsthem into categories such as of each page a new word hedrinks and breakfast items Colored pencils or she has recently learned etc .....What to do: Clip out inter- .if the word can be shown in esting news story and cutthe paragraphs apart .Ask a picture ,have him or her your child to read the para- look through magazines graphs and put them in or-der .Ask your child to read and newspapers to find a short editorial printed in pictures that illustrate the your local newspaper and to words and paste them onunderline all the facts witha green pencil and all the the correct pages .Have your opinions with Ask your12 Youths Wings /November 2012 13. How Effectively Communication make yousuccessful ?Nearly 85% of what you accomplish in yourbeing communicated. Often, you will saycareer and in your personal life will be de-something to a person and they may becometermined by how well you can get your mes-offended. When you express that the wordssage across, how capable you are of inspiring you used were intended to be inoffensive,other people to take action on your ideas and the other person will tell you that it was yourrecommendations.tone of voice that was the issue. Once youre able to master the skill of pow-erful communication, youll be living a lifefull of unlimited happiness. Imagine being3.Body LanguageYou can dramatically increase the effect ofable to express yourself openly and honestlyto the degree in which others are influenced your communication by leaning toward theto do something because of what you have speaker or shifting your weight forward ontoto say and HOW you say it. Even if you are the balls of your feet. If you...</p>