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  • 1. Youth Fitness Training Keeping the Navys Youth Fit Through Physical Activity

2. The Class

  • This two day general education class will combine both classroom and hands on sessions to educate the Navy Fitness Staff member or youth programmer how to properly train youth in a fitness program.

3. Topics Covered

  • Youth and Exercise
  • Strength Training for Youth
  • Youth Response to Cardiovascular Training
  • Youth Fitness Program Design and Implementation
  • Youth Nutrition

4. Youth and Exercise

  • Session will cover the many issues concerning developing youth fitness programs.
  • This will include:
    • Benefits of Exercise
    • Elements of Fitness
    • How much exercise is enough?
    • Does activity follow on to adulthood?
    • Choosing activities

5. Strength Training for Youth

  • Session will cover how to incorporate strength training into youth activities.
  • This will include:
    • Benefits of Strength Training
    • Goals of youth Strength Training
    • Program Design and Guidelines
    • Age Specific Guidelines

6. Strength Training for Youth

  • Along with the strength training classroom presentation there will be a breakout session to demonstrate various warm up and strength activity exercises you can do with young people.

7. Youth Response to Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Session will cover how youth react to cardiovascular training. Youth respond different than adults to cardiovascular training so different methods must be used to benefit youth.

8. Youth Response to Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Session will include:
    • Concerns with Youth and Cardiovascular Training
    • Program Design
    • Age Recommendations for Cardiovascular Training
  • Abreakout session to demonstrate cardiovascular activities for both group and individuals will accompany the classroom session

9. Youth Fitness Program Ideas, Design, and Implementation

  • Session will cover how to design a successful fitness program for youth along with ideas that may help in your planning.

10. Youth Fitness Program Ideas, Design, and Implementation

  • Session will include:
    • Fitness Programming for Youth
    • Programming Ideas for Youth
    • Program Design
    • Program Design Guidelines

11. Youth Nutrition

    • Session will cover the issues and concerns of todays youth in the area of Nutrition.

12. Youth Nutrition

  • Session will include:
    • Predisposing Factors
    • Children are not miniature adults
    • Nutrition Guidelines
    • My Pyramid
    • Portion Size
    • Tips for Parents
    • Special Fluid Needs of Children

13. What Attendee Should Take Away

  • Students should come away from this class feeling more comfortable and aware of how to work with youth to promote or improve their current fitness levels.

14. Class Locations

  • Classes will be offered at various regions throughout the U.S. and Overseas. Please check with your local fitness director about locations and dates if you would like to attend.