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  • 1. Chaperone Training

2. Chaperone Training All chaperones should arrive at SVU and check-in by 11:30 am unless riding the bus with youth. Check-in is in the Stoddard Activities Center. Parking is adjacent to the building. 3. Chaperone Training Chaperones are expected to remain at SVU for the entire event. Chaperones may depart on Saturday at 12:00pm. 4. Chaperone Training Chaperones are expected to accompany their youth to all events, including meals. Chaperones need to ensure that all youth are awake and ready for breakfast by 8:00 am. Chaperones need to ensure all youth are in their assigned room by 11:00pm. 5. Chaperone Training Chaperones are responsible for monitoring conduct, especially modesty standards. For the Strength of Youth guidelines are to be followed. Members and Non-members are under the same obligation to follow these church endorsed standards. 6. Chaperone Training Chaperones need to advocate for their youth and be aware of issues that may be bothering any specific YM/YW. Please ensure that all youth are being included, help youth with feelings of loneliness, being homesick, or challenges with current roommates. 7. Chaperone Training If a youth is feeling ill or gets hurt, please take the youth to medical. Do not send them alone, please have them go with another youth or adult volunteer. Please do not leave your youth unattended. 8. Chaperone Training If a youth is unaccounted for, chaperones need to immediately alert President Tuttle or President Deskins in the Fredericksburg Stake or President Wilding or President Barber in the Chesterfield Stake. 9. Chaperone Training Chaperone rooms will be clearly marked for youth if they need assistance. No Chaperone should have any youth in their room. 10. Chaperone Training A few Chaperone rooms are not on the same floor as their youth. This does not absolve the chaperone for being responsible for their youths conduct. There are Chaperones on every floor, please keep your eyes and ears out for youth, and alert the appropriate chaperone if something is amiss. 11. Chaperone Training Once Ward/Family evening devotional is over, youth need to be in their rooms. Leaving their building is not permitted. There will be a night watch staffed by Priesthood General Volunteers and any youth leaving the building or sneaking around will be sent home immediately. 12. Thank you for being willing to serve the youth of the Chesterfield and Fredericksburg Stakes.