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<ul><li> 1. YOUR Social Media STRATEGY (Can be applied to Final Projects too) SMAN Spring 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. YOUR GOALS Professional: What expertise are you trying to build? What job do you want? Networks: What social-media networks do you have now (ie. the ACTUAL PEOPLE/followers/friends)? What networks of Twitter, LinkedIn etc do you want to tap into? Example: I want to be a fashion journalist. Right now my networks are UW and my job at the library. My NEW networks would be: digital, journalists, social media, fashion, fashion media. 3. Your Metrics Klout yes. But what does this number mean to you? Also: Twitter metrics. Wordpress metrics. AT LEAST TWO OTHER METRICS Tell me what they indicate about how you did and what else you need to in regards to entering those networks you identified in your goals. Seek out other metrics! Use metrics to figure out if your influencers are good for you. 4. Influencers Forget stakeholders; Stick to influencers IN YOUR NETWORKS These should be RELEVANT and REALISTIC to your goals. So a couple can be GIANT accounts and gurus but many of them should be regular leaders who you would love to work for or tweet like. People who might actually engage with you Tell me their: HANDLE, BIO, No. of Followers, No. of Tweets and give me a sentence about why they are an influencer and what they tweet about These should not be your friends or classmates for the second half of the semester Use the advanced search function on Twitter!!! Use google influential tweeters of fashion Look for awesome apps! (And post to FB when you find) 5. Hashtags General hashtags such as #PR or #marketing or #journalism are fine but they are not true engagement tools; they are not specific conversations You need hashtags that are where people actually have conversations. Such as #wjchat. Or #blogchat. Or #edshift. But ones that are PR related. Then CONVERSE!!!! Need to move beyond #socialj. Think about what networks you want to be in. Find key influencers in those networks by looking at different online tools that will show you the top tweeters in, say, fashion. Then look through their tweeting and see what hashtags they are using Use the advanced search function on Twitter!!! Use google 6. Your Blog/Site Major Goal: To make you STAND OUT from everyone else, right? So that means CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT. GOOD CONTENT. Everything should be filled out. More content is better than less content. Portfolio work is awesome. Blog rolls and other linking will raise your level of authority for SEO Dont make me click for your resume (NO ADDRESSES IN PUBLIC!!!) Search function on blogs! Consider putting your twitter feed on the side to add bulk. MUST have tags, keywords and categories for both SEO and search. 7. SEO PRINCIPLES EVERYWHERE! Your Twitter, blog, everything needs to have a bio with keywords related to your professional goals! Your blog posts all need TAGS and CATEGORIES and KEYWORDS (and search functions) Headlines matter! Change URL structures! Change the read more to something with a keyword! Like More on Metrics Put hashtags into your Twitter bio! EVERYTHING MUST BE LINKED! Put your site URL in your Twitter bio. Put your Twitter handle prominently on your blog! Ditto with LinkedIn, etc etc. LINK to other blogs! Everywhere! 8. Promotion Promotion needs to be explained deeply. Do not just say promote my blog What platforms? How exactly? When exactly? So will you ask questions? Change headlines? Use pull quotes? Tag influencers and sources? Tag people you think might be interested? Post to relevant hashtags? Mention in hashtag conversations? What? 9. Tweeting More What does this MEAN, strategically? If you do not have a strategic plan, you will fail at this and keep doing the same thing youve been doing ENGAGE literally with the influencers whom you name as being part of the networks you want to be a part of!! Study what they tweet about. Ask questions about their content off twitter (ie their site or blog or org). Comment on one of their tweets. Share with them relevant links or your blog post if appropriate. If they seem to be interested in recipes, send them a link to an amazing one. If they seem to be interested in talking about kids, send them a link to a wonderful report about it. ENGAGE literally with the hashtags you mention Have a specific plan for when and how much and what kind of tweeting you will do and state it! What times of day will you (or did you) tweet? What days of the week? What kinds of tweets? How did you use questions? What kind of tweeting did you do? How did you produce original content for the tweet? What organizations did you tend to pull content from to tweet about? How did you try to engage people (not your classmates) in conversation? YOU NEED TO ARTICULATE EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID FOR IT TO BE A STRATEGY! 10. Gain more followers HOW?!!! Retweet people with your own commentary Target people with the @ with a comment based on their interests/contents Create LISTS!!! Follow people in the networks you want to be in. LOTS OF PEOPLE! During relevant chats, follow people and engage with people Find hashtags conferences/events even ones you cannot attend and comment on what you see tweeted Market your blog with catchy headlines, provocative quotes, fun questions, etc in hashtags and at influencers (People follow people who blog content they are interested in) Use built-in twitter tools like #ff. Praise people and their content. Tweet at relevant times and days for your industry. Link to people in your blog. Have a blog roll. Offer content on your blog that people want to engage with; organize chats; join chats; join blogging clubs. YOU NEED TO ARTICULATE EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID FOR IT TO BE A STRATEGY! 11. Evidence YOU MUST CITE THE READINGS TO JUSTIFY YOUR STRATEGY TO ME!!! You will not get an A on the report unless you do this. 12. SPECIFICTY MATTERS This is true for your final projects too!!!! MUST SAY MORE THAN: tweet more use this platform promote content 13. Your Big Outline Due April 10 Refer to the Final Report Check List MUST HAVE: Executive summary A plan going forward THE MORE YOU GIVE ME, THE MORE I CAN ADVISE YOU THESE SHOULD NOT BE DISTRIBUTED TO THE CLIENT YET!!! </p>