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Your Peterborough magazine brings you the latest stories from Peterborough City Council, also includes the 2015-16 Council Tax booklet.


  • 1PeterboroughYOUR

    Council tax freeze agreed

    Find out how we set our budget

    Record improvement for Peterborough schools

    Deals struck for cheaper energy bills and solar power scheme

    Love Peterborough by being cleaner and greener

    Whats on this year

  • 23 Record improvement for Peterborough schools

    4-5 Love Peterborough by being cleaner and greener

    6 Deal struck for cheaper energy bills

    7 Could you benefit from free solar power?

    8 Countdown begins to Perkins Great Eastern Run

    9-19 Your Council Tax

    20-23 Your Fire Service

    24-27 Your Police Service

    29 Keeping people moving on our roads

    31 Fostering a future

    33 World class technical education on offer in Peterborough

    34-35 Whats on

    New look council websiteA new and improved Peterborough City Council website will be launched later in 2015. The new website is designed to make it easier for visitors to find information and complete transactions online. The design principles of quicker, easier, faster follow a similar approach to GOV.UK, the UK government website.

    The website will continue to develop, with new tools going online throughout the coming months. Once the website goes live, your feedback will be invaluable to help with the ongoing development of our online services.

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    Telephone: 01733 747474



    In person: Customer services, Bayard Place, Broadway, Peterborough, PE1 1FZ. Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

    Follow us on @peterboroughcc or for all the latest news and information

    Local businesses can sponsor one or more of the citys 85 roundabouts, providing the opportunity to place your business name in highly visible locations.

    By sponsoring one of our roundabouts you will increase awareness of your company name to thousands of motorists for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    Prices vary depending on the location and size of the roundabout but on average your message can be seen for just 4 a day.

    For more information email

    or telephone: 01733 863611.


  • 3Record improvement for Peterborough schoolsThe number of schools in Peterborough judged good or outstanding by Ofsted has risen to a record high.

    Just over 80 per cent are rated good or outstanding, which makes Peterborough the most improved authority in the country.

    Councillor John Holdich, deputy leader and cabinet member for education, skills and university, said: Our schools have done incredibly well in the past year, providing children with a good education.

    We work with all our schools so every child can reach their full potential and obtain the best grades they can.

    We are investing millions of pounds to create extra school places and ensure our buildings and facilities are the best they can be.

    In 2014/15 alone, six primary school expansions created an additional 1,500 places. In 2015/16, the council expects to spend a further 19 million. School expansion projects include: Phoenix Special School, St Michaels Primary, Southfields Primary, Nenegate Special School, Discovery Primary, Thorpe Primary, Heltwate Special School and Orton St Johns Primary. Two new schools are planned, one for the new development of Hampton Gardens and the other to replace the existing West Town Primary with a new building on the former hospital site on Thorpe Road. City College Peterborough will be expanded to increase provision for students with learning difficulties and the pupil referral unit, which is currently split over three sites, will be consolidated to two sites and refurbished.

    Councillor Holdich said: I doubt there is another local authority in the country that is investing as heavily in its schools as we are in Peterborough.

    Our goal is for every child to be supported to achieve their absolute best, at great quality schools, near to where they live and we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

    Peterborough SchoolsArtist impression of Southfields school

  • 4Clean and Green

    Love Peterborough by being cleaner and greenerThe more we all think about how we dispose of our waste, the more we save on landfill charges and the less we spend on avoidable cleaning up costs. As well as giving us a better environment to live in, think what better things that money could have been spent on instead. There are ways we can all do our bit to cut costs and save money in your pocket too.

    Food wasteDid you know you can place ANY food waste in your grey caddy including fish, meat, poultry and bones, bread, egg shells, peelings, dairy (no liquids) and tea and coffee grounds. This bin is collected EVERY WEEK. If youve run out of bio-degradable bags you can also use newspaper to wrap your food in. In the first two years of the scheme 8,800 tonnes of food waste was sent to the anaerobic digester and turned into electricity instead of going to landfill, saving the city 500,000 in charges.

    Household items, bulky wasteIf you have small household items we can collect them from your home for free to either be recycled or given to charity. We can also take away all your bulky items for a small fee of 23.50. Arrange this by calling 01733 747474. Alternatively, you can take items to the Household Recycling Centre on Welland Road, which is open seven days a week. You can also take large electrical appliances to our WEEE facility in Fengate to be recycled or refurbished and sold at charity shops. Call them on 01733 425450.

  • 5Clean and Green

    Recycling Even more materials can be recycled. You can now put plastic tubs, trays, pots and film, carrier bags and aluminium trays and foil in your green bins, as well as glass, aerosols, cartons, cardboard, paper, tins and cans. If we increase our recycling levels by just 10 per cent, the city can save 380,000. Every time you throw items in your black bin, think about whether it should be going in your green or grey bin.

    LitteringTax payers had to fork out 750,000 to clean up litter last year. Littering isnt just about dropped crisp packets, it includes cigarette butts, chewing gum and dog mess, all of which carry a fine if caught. Cigarette butts do not degrade and make up nearly 80 per cent of street litter, chewing gum is expensive to remove and is dangerous to animals and dog poo can cause diseases. Please avoid any littering and report offenders to us as we will prosecute.

    Report itWe cant be everywhere all the time, so we need you to be our eyes and ears and call us on 01733 747474 to report offenders or to tell us about issues in your street, including potholes, missed bins, faulty street lights, graffiti, littering and flytipping. Alternatively, download the MyPeterborough app where you can report issues online and track progress. You can get the app from

    Flytipping and graffitiLast year 280,000 was spent removing flytipped rubbish and graffiti from public buildings. No one wants other peoples rubbish dumped on their doorstep and graffiti is an eyesore. If this does happen please report it to us and we will aim to get it removed quickly. Please report offenders too so we can stop this happening again.

  • 6Getting a better deal for residentsPeterborough residents can now benefit from cheaper energy bills, thanks to a deal struck between Peterborough City Council and OVO, a leading UK energy company.

    The new dual fuel and electricity-only energy tariffs are available exclusively for residents with PE postcodes and are some of the cheapest in the country.

    OVO will manage and operate the tariffs, just like any other energy supplier, but we will help promote the scheme. This allows OVO to pass on savings to customers, helping us put money back in peoples pockets.

    The scheme is a win-win for residents and the council.

    Residents signing up for the tariffs will immediately benefit from lower energy bills. Customers that use pre-pay meters will also receive free smart meters.

    The council will benefit longer-term, as OVO has agreed to look to invest in local projects and purchase electricity produced by the council in the future.

    The deal with OVO is another step in our journey to become the UKs environment capital. It demonstrates our commitment to getting the best deal possible for residents, but also creating partnerships that we can use to bring investment into the city.

    From April 2015 you can register your interest by visiting


    Signing the deal Councillor Nigel North, Cabinet Member for Communities and Environment Capital;

    and Ovo Managing Director Craig Morley.

    Follow us @CityofPeterAcad

  • 7Homeowners can benefit from free solar powerPeterborough homeowners are signing up for rooftop solar PV panels as part of a pilot scheme that could be rolled out city-wide.

    The solar systems are installed by Empower Peterborough CIC, a partnership between the council and Empower Community, a social enterprise.

    Residents wont have to pay a penny towards the installations. They have access to free daytime electricity, worth roughly 200 every year, and receive 100 rent every five years for having the panels on their homes.

    The wider Peterborough community will also benefit as a percentage of the money generated will be shared equally between a local community fund and Peterborough City Council.

    If 1,500 properties sign up for the initial pilot scheme it could generate 1million each for the community and the council over the 20 year project.

    Empower Peterborough is starting with aerial surveys and an evalu