your guide to the best spring break beaches in southern california

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  • Its time to shed those

    winter frocks and

    flannels, and let the fun

    begin! Spring breakers

    come from all walks of

    life, from college

    students to families to

    retirees. Spring break is

    usually that first taste of

    perfect beach

    weather. With so many

    beautiful beaches and

    fun, sun-soaked

    activities, how do you

    decide where to go?

  • Picking a destination doesnt have to be tricky just decide what you

    want to get out of your experience. If fun in the sun and feet in the sand is

    your style, look no further than Southern California. The eclectic nature of

    Southern California offers numerous beaches with unparalleled beauty

    and a diverse range of activities and amenities.

  • Choosing the right beach

    scene for you is the first step

    towards a spring break

    vacation to remember.

    You are certain to find the

    one that meets your needs,

    whether it be partying,

    exploring, relaxing, or all of

    the above.

    Your options are vast, but

    these are the go-to spots for

    a journey unlike any other.

    Consider Newport, Venice,

    Laguna, and Santa Monica

    for your next spring break

    adventure. Heres why.

  • Known for its beauty and

    extravagance, Newport Beach

    offers a beautiful coastline and

    high-end shopping. Day or

    night, fun will be had by all!

    The Surf: witness the legend that

    is The Wedge, where waves

    have been known to reach 30-

    feet high.

    The Nightlife: food, activities,

    and culture that will guarantee

    to inspire.

  • If you are looking for a unique

    experience, Venice will not

    disappoint. Known for being an

    eclectic community, a stroll

    down the Venice Boardwalk

    may be all the entertainment

    you need.

    This location is not for the faint of

    heart, but if your goal is fun,

    partying, and a story to take

    home to your friends, this beach

    locale is made for you. Expect

    lots of street performers, tattoo

    parlors, and bars.

  • For adventure that spans sophistication to fun, visit Laguna Beach!

    Located on the majestic coastline between Los Angeles and San Diego,

    Laguna Beach has it all. From spectacular views to a myriad of

    entertainment possibilities, Laguna Beach is known for: art galleries and

    museums, hip beachfront restaurants and bars, bohemian shops and

    boutiques, wine tastings, whale watching, and concerts.

  • Looking for some good old-

    fashioned fun? The historical

    Santa Monica Pier boasts

    amusement park rides, classic

    fair food, and quaint shops

    that will keep you busy for


    If you find yourself in the

    mood for a more traditional

    mall experience, but still want

    to enjoy the glorious SoCal

    weather, the Third Street

    Promenade offers a huge

    selection of popular stores,

    restaurants, and theaters.

  • Punxsutawney Phil has spoken

    and spring is just around the


    Now that youve done your

    due diligence, the research is

    over and its time to plan the

    vacation you know you


    Break out those trunks and

    tighten up those bikinis, its time

    to head to the beach!

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  • Summary

    Take your spring break to the next level

    and get ready to experience the luxury,

    amenities, and service you thought you

    could only imagine. Here is your guide to

    the top Southern California beaches for

    the perfect spring break experience.