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  1. 1. v :7 l -v _ - .4 e a F.h- ps,r I le ,45rr: VN i; l i l ll l Isle-u l atras;late s u:. rana l i e- ig If youre looking for a bit of extra cash - whether it's enough to buy the new car you need,or to fund the holiday of your dreams - personal loans are a fast and effective way of getting the cash you need,quickly. But personal loans can be confusing. Heres what:you need to know about them.
  2. 2. FEIISIIIIIILtriigttmlur.lts smaller and more affordable than a mortgage. So,what is a personal loan? tamiz- y But big enough to finance some of lifes expenses,such as a newcar or home renovations. The average Australian personal loan falls anywherebetween 82,000.and 310,000. The average interest rate is approximately10% (that's way lower than a lot of credit cards! )
  3. 3. What can you use a personal loan for? Thats the other good news.The sky's the limit when t comes to how and on what you use your personal loan for.Some of our customers favourites include:WB vuUnexpected Home renovations Debt repairs,and upgrades.iva v M. I. 7 yA well-needed The wedding of Medical dreams.
  4. 4. iS55E73The term/ s offered as security in association with a secured credit contract and detailed in the Charge. CMganswhich V0into.which Amount.a 0 a Lnngcemdit C? "Amr-W E917,l the credcomyd h are enmng u a Sma lmay be Mad.Amcu? ir wenn/ Law ontraCLpum 94WThe day or date that the funds are provided to the Consumer. i ll l ?alli IIFcunas:iThe charge taken over the k Assets detailed n Charge document.enabiing Rapid Loans to take possession and disposa ol the Asset to recovar the funds.should the Consumer default on the payment instalments. / wr "agravar stes m (M265Those lees and charges that arse when the Consumer has defaulted by not providing payment due on prescribed in the credtt contract. 11178855TMeans interest charged on the Outstanding amount/ s associated with a Medium Amount Credit Contract or a Longer Term/ Large!Amount Credit Contract.lor tha period following a delautt. 1 . ,. x_. .&_(7, ?ry { r. ) i F" !#55 "! (OST OF (EDITThe permitted estabiishment lees,permitted rnonthly fees (if applicable) and annual cost rate (il applicable) that is charged by Rapid Loans ll1 providing the credit. priest?95 w875thusingdebil funds Rarm the Consumera tunder the mms l ffgm Debit Reques l y O SETVICE Agmemem"SECI/ ED PQOPEETYBeing that property which IS the subject of the Charge which secures the funds. i i 1l
  5. 5. Folha?kind of people cake out personal loans? I:7 r7 t!2 * A T FA Both men Single.Renting or 25-39 and women.boarding.years old. 1m., .1. . , , . A.'-enk iseuir. :? l> mi?I:i:i i155 lcito!logia . u r a?
  6. 6. Ready to take out a personal loan? Contact us today on 1300 727 431 to start your Rapid Loans journey. www. rapidloans. com. au