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Sick of punching a time clock?Fed up with counting down to your next vacation?Life is short!Misery is optional.Now imagine having the freedom and flexibility to set your own hours while you create the income you've always desired. Your future is now!


  • Continue reading to learn how...Manage and Own your own business for as little as $19.95/month. Whats the Opportunity?

  • Have you ever been on Amazon?Amazon sells products on their website. Millions of happy customers.Billions in revenue.

    Have you ever considered starting your own Amazon?

  • What Would it Take? Amazon spent over $1.6 billion before breaking even!Amazon had to build the website, stock the products and worry about little things like manufacturing, warehousing, fulfillment, and maintenance. Lots of work to make billions! Right?

  • Ultra Global has everything needed to build an Amazon.

    300,000 Square Foot Warehouse!Great People Great ProductsGreat PricesGreat WebsiteGreat Margins

    But wait, theres more!

  • Sounds Great, but how do I fit in?Become a dealer with Ultra Global. Memberships start as low as $19.95/month. We give you your own website! Our serious dealers are making 40% of the gross sale when customers buy product from their website. Their own Amazon! We call it iMarket Direct, manufacturer's reps. It helps us because we get more traffic by hosting more replicated stores!

  • Sounds Too Good to Be True?Its like any other business. McDonalds doesnt limit how many franchises they open. They have over 30,000 of them world wide! Why? Simply because theyd be limited on how many customers they can service.

    We want more exposure! Therefore, you can drive all your friends to your store and we will handle the rest. Wed love to have you on board!

  • Everyone you know already buys these products!Your market is your friends and family! We bet you can save them money on things they already buy!Nutrition, Skin Care, Green, Beauty, Soaps, Electronics, and More!

  • Example Product

  • How Does Mind compare to Monavie?1 bottle, 750ml, of MonaVie Juice. (920 ORAC/ounce) ORAC measurement was created at TUFTS University for the USDA, to be a reliable way of determining the antioxidant capacity in foods. The FDA recommends 3,000-5,000 ORAC rated foods per day for optimal health.

    Do the math- One bottle (750ml) = 25.4 fluid ounces. According to FDA recommendations, youd have to drink 3.26 ounces of MonaVie to reach minimum 3,000 value. That requires that you purchase 1 bottle every 7 days or approximately 4 bottles per month!

    Monavie retails at $50+ per bottle. Do you have friends that can afford to pay $200/month in this economy?

  • Facts dont lie... See for yourself!

  • Think About ItMind has 7,370 ORAC rating per ounce. Thats over 8 times the nutritional value of Monavie!Mind sells for $29.99/bottle retail. You make up to $12+ per bottle sold on your website.1 ounce of Mind surpasses the FDAs recommended ORAC daily value requirements.As a dealer with Ultra Global, you buy Mind for $0.69/ounce. You can now sell a product with over 8 times the ORAC value of Monavie at 1/3rd of MonaVies retail cost!

  • What does it Really Cost to Start? You can make money at any of these levels. We ship all the products for you. You just drive traffic!

  • Compensation Plan?Of Course! But think of this like joining a wholesale club similar to Sams or Costco. We enable you to franchise! 8 ways to get paid-- Over 87% of all profits paid to distributors. Quality products like Mind marketed at a retail price that all customers can afford. Matching bonuses. Earn up to 50% of every check in your down-line!

  • How Does Ultra Global Profit?Ultra Global lives off the monthly membership fees, just as Costco or Sams club does. We give all profits to dealers and their upstream!

  • How DO I Start?We suggest that you Sign Up at a Pro Pack level and start driving traffic to your website!If your friend wants their own website, enroll them under you! You will earn $50 off each enrolled Pro Pack dealer. Your dealers will earn 40% off every product they sell. You do not interfere with their payouts. You are paid off the upline commissions (see previous slide). You also make a percentage of monthly membership fees. If enrolled at the Pro Pack Level, you make $4/month off of each of your direct dealers. With just 25 pro-pack dealers, you will never worry about business overhead again!

  • Starting To Sound Easy?It really is. The UG iMarket commission structure is one of the most lucrative plans in the sales industry. Click here to read the plan: Compensation PlanLearn all about Global Bonus Pools, Equity Bonus Pools, Car Bonuses and other ways to maximize your profitability. Remember- We pay you the majority!

  • Let Me Help! I will work with you every step of the way.I will help you get your first three dealers.I will make sure you succeed because that helps me!

    Please go to:

    Click Join and follow the onscreen instructions. Join a level that fits you. I recommend the Pro Pack.