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Download Your CMDB and PowerShell DSC: DevOps Techniques MMS Minnesota 2014 Nathan Lasnoski @nlasnoski Concurrency

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  • Your CMDB and PowerShell DSC: DevOps Techniques MMS Minnesota 2014 Nathan Lasnoski @nlasnoski Concurrency
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  • Configuration Management v1 How it works Manual tracking of configuration data Gathered from tools or physical inventory Lives in spreadsheet or light CMDB What it does Facilitates asset and inventory functions MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • Configuration Management v2 How it works Automated tracking of configuration data Gathered exclusively from tools Lives in a CMDB What it does Automation against CMDB data Facilitates asset and inventory functions Informs change management MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • Configuration Management v3 How it works Declarative configuration to targets Automated tracking of configuration data Deployed and gathered from tools Defined in scripts and managed in source control / CMDB What it does Normalized configuration is declaratively deployed or pulled by targets Automation against CMDB data for outliers or processes Facilitates asset and inventory functions Informs change management MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • How to build Configuration Management v3 Source Control (TFS, GIT, etc.) Source Staging (Orchestrator) Configuration Management Database (SCSM) Configuration Repository (Orchestrator + SCSM) Configuration Language (PowerShell) Configuration Deployment Mechanism (PowerShell DSC) MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • Declarative Configuration in PowerShell DSC Microsofts platform for configuration management Declarative configuration is applied on push or pull Multi-vendor (Microsoft, Linux, Network) Facilitates re-application of configuration MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • Components of PowerShell DSC Authoring Written in PowerShell Stored in a source repository Staging Declarative configuration creates MOF files Configuration is built for all nodes requiring MOF Apply Configuration is pulled or pushed to targets of MOFs Each configuration is declarative and will overwrite previous settings MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • DSC Configuration Traditional Scripts (Imperative) Configuration (Declarative)
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  • Why integrate with the CMDB? Configuration Transparency Teams supporting servers need to know when configurations are changed Facilitate understanding of which servers are running what configuration Change should be managed to ensure quality of releases Automation When deploying a new server, a configuration must be selected Service management is the perfect place to select that configuration Ownership Understanding of allocation of resources to services Identification of configuration owners MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • How does the integration work? Configuration Class Stores the standard configurations for the organization Ex: Concurrency Web Server, Concurrency DB Server GUID Configuration tracked as a related item to the server Tracked on a per-server basis SMA Script Repository for Configurations Contains one or more recent versions of the script from source control Request Offering Used to request a new server or deploy a configuration to an existing server Can be combined with other automation activities within SMA MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • Lets do this! on to the demo! Walkthrough of classes and framework Review of applied configuration and DSC deploying it yourself MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • Next Steps and Questions Check out our online walkthrough and queries g-and-DSC-35e4a7ec g-and-DSC-35e4a7ec configuration-items-using-sma @nlasnoski MMS Minnesota 2014
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  • Session Title Evaluations Please provide session feedback by clicking the Eval button in the scheduler app. One lucky winner will get a free ticket to the next MMS! Visit all of our sponsors in the expo area and online! Platinum Sponsors: Gold Sponsors : MMS Minnesota 2014


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