your best home based business opportunity must match your distinctive competency to make money

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The success of your Home Based Business will depend on your ability to match your competency to make money and find the best Home based Business opportunity that satisfies your WHY.


  • 1.Article 7 of the Complete Home Based Success Formula - Part 2

2. My view is that the one of the main reasons why 97% of Home Based Business owners do not achieve their goals is because they started with their business for the wrong reason; there-for they got involved in the wrong business, followed the wrong strategy and implemented the wrong business plans. 3. The best Home BasedThis implies that, in theBusiness will be unique todaily running of theyou because of yourbusiness, you will beunique, distinctiveperforming activitiescompetencies andthat give you self-. That business will produce products or deliver services that will use your unique distinctive capabilities and satisfy yoursatisfaction; that you enjoy doing. The implication will be that you will be proud of the product or service that you delivered. 4. By structuring this business correctly, it will be the Home Based Business that will be most profitable and sustainable for you. 5. My plea to you is not to get caught in a get rich quick scheme or plan and fail like most others are doing because the emphases is on making money and not using your unique core competencies and WHY. 6. Remember in the long term the money will follow the use of your distinctive competencies and the WHY in your business. Not the other way around. Think differently to those whom have failed. By thinking and doing the same you will also fail. 7. If money is the primary objective, rather go gambling than starting a Home Based Business. 8. You have to follow a process, doing a proper self-analysis and have good self-knowledge of what really motivates and energises you. Find your WHY. If you develop a business for the correct reasons - your WHY and use your strengths, passion and talents (that is your distinctive competencies) you will be part of the 3 percent of Home Based Business owners that are successful. 9. This self-knowledgeYou are in a muchwill allow you tobetter position toproduce a betterachieve your goals asproduct or servicewell as develop athan your competi-thriving Home Basedtors. This will mostBusiness, exceedingproperly be at ayour goals andlower cost and mar-having a successfulket it better thanprofitable Homeyour competitors thatBased Business. This isdid not do the intro-what I consider beingspection that youthe best Basedhave done.Business for you. 10. After finding your WHY, knowing distinctive and core competencies, your next step will be to find a product or service that you will be able to use these competencies to add value that customers will be willing to pay for. 11. It is important to realise that the choice you make on your Home Based Business is a choice to develop and run a business for many years. It is not a short-term decision. It will have long-term implications for you, your family and others involved. You will have to make an investment in time and other resources into the business. Making a wrong decision may waste your time and many other resources. 12. After this series you will have made great progress on your journey to success as you have narrowed the possibilities of the best Home Based Business down considerably. 13. If you would like guidance in your journey of becoming a Home Based Business Owner, please sign up for our website/


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