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  • Heinz

  • Ketchup tubes represent Heinz.We squeeze them to use.Then, the tasty and cosy happiness pops out.

    Squeeze & Pop



    Heinz is white, red, comfortable, intimate and Squeezable.

  • Many people slips on the streets when it is heavy snow.Especially, slip harms old people, pregnants, and children much.It sometimes even goes to a bigger injury such as fracture and sore muscles, not only get pain.

    However, it is not easy to avoid slip, even though we put non-slip pad or climbing irons on our shoes.

    So wed better have a protection.

    Just putting two pads inside your underwear keeps you from huge damage.

  • Two pads are made of EVA foam which is recylable and cheap, so this can be mass produced and used again later.

    EVA reduces pressure and RPF(recycled polyester fiber) are light, and they both are durable.

    Pads absorbs and disperse shock.

    PadEVA Foam

    Inner LiningRecycled Polyester Fiber