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  • San Diego Symphony Young People's Concerts

    America, America! February 21 and 24, 2017

    Jacobs Music Center/Copley Symphony Hall

  • String Family - Violins

  • String Family - Violas

  • String Family - Cellos

    Photo credit: Beth Buckley

  • String Family - Basses

  • Woodwind Family Flute, Piccolo and Clarinet

  • Woodwind Family Oboe, English Horn and Bassoon

  • Brass Family - Trumpets

  • Brass Family French Horns

  • Brass Family - Trombones

  • Percussion Family

  • Percussion Family - Harp and Celeste

  • The Orchestra

  • Meet Conductor Sameer Patel!

    What does a conductor do? Chooses the music Studies the music - knows every part Rehearses the musicians... shows them the

    beat, tempo and dynamics

    Performs the music with the orchestra in front of an audience

  • Born in Danbury, Connecticut nine years after the Civil War ended

    Enjoyed playing sports as a young man

    Studied music composition at Yale University

    Made his living in selling insurance

    Created music that he liked, not to please anyone else

    Meet Composer Charles Ives

  • America (My Country Tis of Thee)

    Listen to the original tune: My Country tis of thee Sweet land of liberty

    Of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died Land of the pilgrims pride From every mountainside

    Let freedom ring!

    Click once below to hear America (My Country

    Tis of Thee)'tis_of_thee_(flat_vocal_in_e_flat).mp3

  • Variations of a Sea Shell

  • What Should I Listen For? Variations on America

    Click once below to hear Variations on


  • Meet Composer Mason Bates 1977 -

    Was born in Richmond, Virginia

    Graduated from the Columbia University-Juilliard School Exchange Program, with a BA in music composition and English literature

    Is also a DJ of Electronic Dance Music

    Has worked closely with the San Francisco Symphony and the Kennedy Center for the Arts

  • Score for Warehouse Medicine

    The part for electronica is scored in the middle under the percussion.

  • What Should I Listen For? Warehouse Medicine for Orchestra and Electronica

    Sforzando: Literally suddenly with force. These bursts of sound give the piece its mysterious and industrial-sounding character; they give a wa-wa effect. Electronica: Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production. It might be difficult to tell the difference between the brass instruments playing sforzando and the electronic music Beat: The regular pulse in music. In this piece, its played by the electronic instruments (the laptop) and gives the rhythmic foundation for the music. Form: This piece is written in a traditional ABA form where the first and last sections are similar with a contrasting section in the middle. Listen for a strong, steady beat in the A section. The B section features the trumpet and oboe playing a smooth, flowing melody without a strong beat.

  • Meet Composer Edwin Eugene Bagley 1857 - 1922

    Was born in Craftsbury, Vermont

    His older brother Ezra grew up to be the principal trumpet player for the Boston Symphony Orchestra

    Is best known for composing marches

  • Known as The March King

    Born in Washington, DC and lived there for most of his life

    There were 10 children in his family When he was 13, he tried to run away to join

    a circus band

    Sousa studied an impressive variety of instruments- violin, piano, flute, cornet, trombone, alto horn, baritone and voice.

    Meet Composer John Philip Sousa 1854 - 1932

  • What Should I Listen For? National Emblem and The Thunderer marches)

    The feeling of 2 beats to a measure. Tap hands lightly on knees, march in place or go outside and march in time to the music! Then try your hand at conducting in two using a chopstick, pencil or real conducting baton if you have one.

    Brass, woodwind and percussion families (bands dont usually have strings).

    Click once below to hear the National Emblem march.

    Click once below to hear The Thunderer march.

  • Was born right around the time that the American Civil War was ending

    Came from a musical family and grew up in Texarkana

    In addition to playing the piano, he also played mandoline and guitar

    Known as The King of Ragtime

    Meet Composer Scott Joplin 1868 - 1917

  • What Should I Listen For? Maple Leaf Rag

    In the piano version: (played by Mr. Joplin himself)

    Just one instrument Low notes and steady beat that resembles a march Ragged or syncopated rhythms in the higher notes Sound-recording methods were a new technology. May sound a little fuzzy.

    In the orchestrated version:

    Many instruments can you recognize them? Sound-recording technology is more advanced. Sounds more clear.

    Click once here to listen to the orchestrated version.

    Click once here to listen to the piano version.

  • Meet Composer Arturo Marquez 1950 -

    Born in lamos, Sonora, Mexco

    Is the oldest of nine children

    His father was a mariachi musician

    Attended the Mexican Music Conservatory where he studied piano, music theory and composition

    Also studied music composition in the United States

  • What Should I Listen For?

    Double-click here to listen to Conga del Fuego

    Latin percussion instruments

    Change in tempo

    from fast to slow and back to fast

    Conga rhythm

  • Question and Answer Time!