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  • Young Adults

    Pursuit of


    Euna Son * The information in this presentation can be used and printed for your personal use only.

  • Reason I am Here

    Help young adults make a career decision and find a job with hope and confidence.

  • Why Should You Listen to Me?

    10 years searching for true passions and an ideal career

    So I asked two questions: What am I truly passionate about? What kind of a career would allow me to live my passions?

    After spending years researching and committing myself to

    find answers

  • Why Should You Listen to Me?

    I had an epiphany. My epiphany came from people and resources Ive studied

    and also from my own personal experience.

  • Why Should You Listen to Me?

    What did I discover? I asked the WRONG questions.

    I have organized this session into three parts and each part contains a desperate question often asked by young adults. 1. How can we figure out what our passions are? 2. What should we do when we have multiple interests and cant

    just pick one career?

    3. How can I find a job with limited connections?

  • My Story

    Since I was in kindergarten, I was often asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. Many years had passed by and I went to high school in Canada. I was still the same girl that didnt know what she wanted to do when she grew up.

  • My Story

    More and more people were asking more questions about my future:

    Which college or university do you want to go to?

    What program do you want to study?

    What kind of work do you want to do?

    I felt pressured and this is when I delved myself into finding answers to my two questions. Some of the resources I used:

    countless number of free & paid assessment tests,

    books, scholarly journals, magazines,

    audio programs, counseling sessions,

    libraries, Career Centre, and real people

  • My Story

    I couldnt easily make a decision because I had a fear of making the wrong decision.

    After studying and acquiring all the information, my brain became overloaded and I became even more confused, tired and frustrated.

    Then, I thought too much information was causing more problems so I decided to think simply instead.

    I knew I liked helping and thinking creatively so I decided to become a social worker or psychologist or philosopher

  • My Story

    In Gr. 12, I changed my mind again. I decided to study Business Management.

    It actually didnt really matter what I studied as long as I didnt hate it.

    One interesting reason for choosing this program was that it was the least restricted program as I could take a wide range of non major courses to count towards my degree requirements and changing major was easy.

    In Gr. 11, I finally decided to become a designer

  • My Story

    My story about career indecisiveness and fear is not

    just my story

    My Story = Story of many other young adults

    Our generation (Generation Y) grows up in a society where we are encouraged to find what we are passionate about and align our passions with our career.

    But what if we tell you

  • We Dont Know Our Passions

    Follow your passion and Money will follow

    Chase after your dream

    Future = Fantasy

    And Guess What?

    Its ok if we dont know what our passions are - Nothing stays the same anyways. As we evolve, our passions also evolve. - Our passions change as we gain more experiences and exposure

  • How to Find General Interest

    Ask your students simple questions.

    What do you care about?

    What is important to you in your life?

    What do you enjoy doing?

    What dont you like doing?

    What are you good at?

    Although we may not know our passions right now,

    we can know what we like at a general level and see

    part of the bigger picture.

  • How to Choose School

    After you figure out what your students value and what they are interested in, you can help them brainstorm which school would fit them the most.


    What is most important to you about college/university? Reputation of school?



    Hands-on learning?

    Co-op experience?

    What else is important to you?

  • We Cant Just Pick One

    If there are these young adults that do not know what their passions are, there are those that cant make a decision because they have multiple interests.

  • We Cant Just Pick One

    We dont need to know the one thing that we are truly passionate about.

    On average people change careers 7 times

    Horrifying stories of people who committed themselves in a single career for 30 years and got fired a few years before retirement.

    Its actually a privilege.

    Having multiple interests means you are not

    picky and you have more options to choose from.

    Guess What?

  • We Cant Just Pick One

    Everything we are interested in does not have to become a career

    Some hobbies are meant to be hobbies

    Not all passions or interests will provide financial security

    Find the right balance

  • We Cant Just Pick One

    We can be doing a lot of things but we need to

    start somewhere.

    Do what we can do now. Take Baby steps.

    We cant find the most delicious food by just thinking about it. We have to go try it.

  • We Cant Just Pick One

    As we try different jobs and narrow down our choices to discover our ultimate career, we will realize we can always use our profession one way or another. - Our strengths and skills are applied in any job.

    - Its about finding the right fit for your skills.

  • Finding the Right Fit

    Its like climbing a mountain. You cant find the right fit by just standing on the ground and feeling overwhelmed by its towering presence.

    The higher you climb, the closer you get to the top of the mountain which is your right fit (your ultimate career).

    There is also no one right way to get to the top.

  • Now that we know making a career decision is not an one-time event, how can we help them find a job with limited connections?

  • Finding a Job

    1. Embrace yourself and make your job search a game.

  • Finding a Job

    My Story of Finding a job

    Pretended I had a job

    Didnt always WFH

    Networking was my wild card

    It was super challenging

    Stop complaining about the job market.

    Put all your effort and passion in finding a job.

    Start appreciating.

    Gratitude can help you change your state.

  • Finding a Job

    2. Ask the Right Questions

    Dont Ask

    How come I can never get interviews?

    Why do employers never call me back?

    Do Ask

    How can I stand out?

    What else can I do?

    How can I improve?

    What value can I provide?

  • Finding a Job

    3. Learn from every experience

    no matter how small or big it is

    Cant get pass the interview stage? Practice!

    Record (Create a job search and contact log)

    Do it with a friend.

  • Finding a Job

    4. Connecting with people is important

    Be yourself not who you wish to be

    Its not about you. Its about them

    Be open-minded

    There is no one best way to find a job.

    Every employer looks for different things in candidates

    Try as many different job search methods as

    possible and focus on the ones that work the best for you.

  • Lets Go Back to the First Slide

  • Young Adults Pursuit of Happiness

    We all want to be happy and we pursue happiness. Our young adults say the following statements during their career or job search Ill be happy when -I know my passions -I know where Im heading -I work for XYZ company

    But you know what

  • YAP of Happiness

    Happiness comes when we find things to be happy about in our current situation.

    There is a time for everything and delays are sometimes needed to help us prepare and grow.

  • Thank You

    Please give our young adults hope when they are doing their best to make a career decision and/or find a job.

    All they need is time to explore, grow and reflect on their experiences until they see all puzzle pieces come together.

    What do I like about this experience?

    What dont I like about it?

    How can I make it better next time?

  • Thank you. Lets keep in touch! Euna Son