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2. YOULL NEVER TWEET ALONEINTRODUCTIONTHE REASONFOR THIS TITLEOBJECTIVE 3. Tweet! 4. SYNAPSIS: NEURONS CONNECT TO MAKE THENEUROLOGICAL AND THE LOCOMOTIVE SYSTEMSWORK 5. TEAM UP WITH YOUR STUDENTS21st century education has brought achange of paradigmNew Brunskwick education 6. Tweet! 7. Can you name thisman? 8. Digital Natives have a lotto teach their 20th centuryteachers.We need to team up!With ICT students andteachers speak the samelanguage.No longer the enemy buta PARTNER, a travelleralongside your students.TEAM UP WITH YOUR STUDENTS 9. TEAM UP WITH YOUR STUDENTS the same digital technologywhich caused the changes in ourstudents also provides the toolsto finally implement the mosteffective, real ways of learning 10. BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE 11. MEANINGFULANDSIGNIFICANTLEARNINGCREATIVETASKSTEAM UP WITH YOUR STUDENTS 12. Tweet! 13. DO YOU KNOWWHAT A HASHTAGIS? 14. 15. #Ibelieveinthedigitalgeneration#TDPEnglish#25anysTorredelPalauTEAM UP WITH YOUR STUDENTS 16. Shall weTweet? 17. They belong to acommunityMAKE THEM FEEL USEFUL 18. Encourage theirsuccessesMAKE THEM FEEL IMPORTANT 19. They havemanythingsto sayMAKE THEM FEEL HEARD 20. First digital generation. Digital natives versus digitalimmigrants. Digital orphans: Whos goingto give them rules andguidelines? Educators and families DOHAVE A ROLE TO PLAYDIGITAL CITIZENSHIP 21. Most teachers arealready present onsocial media Why dont youteam up with yourstudents and buildup a networkedteam? They ARE alreadythere! 22. CONTROL YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT 23. ENCOURAGE CRITICAL THINKING 24. ENCOURAGECRITICALTHINKING 25. START STEP BY STEP 26. START STEP BY STEPStart step bystep and getused to it. Thenincrease thelevel of yourfindings anddigital outreach 27. START STEP BY STEP Suggested approach: FIND A PHOTO IN FLICKR.COM ORpicasaweb LOCATE THE SETTING OF A TEXT-GEOTAGGING- GOOGLE MAPS/GOOGLE EARTH FIND REAL WEBSITES OFTHINGS/PLACES/PEOPLEMENTIONED IN TEXTS-WIKIPEDIA-SIMPLE ENGLISH FIND THE MEANING OF WORDS WATCH A CLIP IN YOUTUBE ANDLISTEN TO REAL ENGLISH!!! LISTEN TO SONGS AND ENJOYKARAOKE! LYRICS TRAINING.COM 28. Isabelperez.comSTARTER KIT: WEBSITE LINKSMansion ingls 29. Elc study zoneSTARTER KIT: WEBSITE LINKSBBC LEARNINGENGLISH 30. OXFORD LEARNING RESOURCES BANK 31. ESTUCINEMA 32. ESTUCINEMA: THE HUNGER GAMES 33. STARTER KIT: READING 34. INTERMEDIATE KITWWW.EDUGLOGSTER.COM 35. ORAL WEB2.0INTERMEDIATE KIT 36. INTERMEDIATE KITWWW.FOTOBABBLE.COM 37. Tweet! 38. Can you name thisman? 39. 40. Find yourelementDiscover yourtribeTEAM UP WITH YOUR COLLEAGUESThe alchemy of synergy:When a group of people with common interestscome together, a synergy is created which allowsthem to create something much greater than any ofthem could have created individually. 41. Create an emailgroup Share the workload Use your pastmaterial Encourage oneanother!TEAM UP WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES 42. TEAM UP WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES 43. TEAM UP WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES 44. TEAM UP WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES WWW.PINTEREST.COM 45. 46. Enjoycelebrationsat schoolShare cakesOr eat outtogetherHAVE FUN WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES 47. On a piece of paper write:1.Your email orTwitter/Facebook acount2.A good teachingwebsite/resource youwant to recommend3.A funny/useful tip youwant to share(film/book/recipe)TIME TO CONNECT 48. Conclusion#CONNECT#COLLABORATE#SHARE#GROW 49. Conclusion