you’ll never believe how easy deployments can really be... (phpsw november 2015)

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The deadline is looming: one week until we release the new version. Some features aren’t going to make the cut, but the boss really wants to make sure these critical bugs are fixed. You can’t wait for the release cycle to be over so you can relax. But what if I told you it didn’t have to be that way? What if I could show you how to create a world where there is no release cycle? A world where weekend deployments are a rarity, not the norm?! In this talk we will cover the steps we took to achieve the coding utopia of releasing a feature as soon as it’s ready - many times per day. You’ll find out that by implementing a continuous deployment flow, you can empower your developers to take ownership and become more productive.


  • 1. Youll Never BelieveHow EasyDeployments CanReally BeJames TitcumbPHPSW12th November 2014

2. Who is this guy?James 3. A STORY 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. GETTING 12. GETTING THINGS 13. GETTING THINGS DONE 14. CONTINUOUSDELIVERY 15. A SILVER BULLET 16. What works for YOU 17. How? 18. 30 days 19. 2 weeks 20. 1 week 21. Release per feature 22. Move fast and break things 23. Continuous Delivery 24. Continuous Delivery 25. Has product(s) 26. Dont have product(s) 27. 28. WHAT WE DID ATPROTECTED.CO.UK 29. Sshhh... 30. Our Process 31. Learn from mistakes 32. THANKS JAMES, BUTWHAT ABOUT ME? 33. Find what works for you 34. Build a culture 35. 1 deploy a day=culture change Mathias Meyer / @roidrage 36. 100 deploys a day=implementation detail Mathias Meyer / @roidrage 37. Use the tools 38. Start small 39. Communicate 40. THE NEXT STEPS... 41. Continuous Deployment 42. Continuous Re-evaluation 43. What was this talk about? 44. GETTING THINGS DONE 45. Questions? 46. Thanks for watching!James Titcumb@asgrim