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You shouldn’t have come here…. Welcome This house is well know for the book that provides you the knowledge of everything. However, to get the intelligence by finding the treasure, you must prove that you deserve to have it. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



You shouldnt have come here..

What languages can Ricci speak?

a. Latin, Greekb. Portuguese, Chinesec. Both a and b

Who is Riccis predecessor as a Jesuit missionary in China?

a. Christian Bloodb. Michele Ruggieric. Johann Adam Schall von Bell

When was Matteo Ricci born?

a. 1552b. 1789c. 2000

Why could he travel around China and preach without being expelled or suffering from hostile like some of his predecessors?

a. Because he found out that the only way to walk around China safely is travelling under the protection of high officialsb. Because local people loved him more than the others for his kindness and caringc. Because he wore Chinese costumes so local people couldnt recognize him as foreigners