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Alex Reasbeck's PowerPoint presentation on fracking in site planning.


  • 1. YOU HAVE TO BE FRACKING KIDDING ME?.... Alex Reasbeck

2. WHAT IS FRACKING? Hydraulic fracturing or its commonly referred to fracking, involves the use of water pressure to create fractures in rock that allow the oil and natural gas it contains to escape out. 3. FRACKINGS TURBULENT HISTORY 1940s as a result of the growing demand for oil for the automobile There are now over 500,000 fracking wells within the United States alone. 4. BENEFITS 60% of all natural gases were harvested from fracking wells Profits in the several billion dollar range Employees 2.5 million people 5. COSTS 600 different types of chemicals making fracking water extremely dangerous. 6. FRACKING'S GROWING AFFECTS 7. FUTURE In the next 20 years there is another 500,000 proposed fracking wells 8. EPA AND GOVERNMENT ACTION Began enforcing and regulating the planning of fracking well sites 9. SITE PLANNING Planners have the daunting task of planning these well sites that can affect environments miles away 10. ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING Will continue to grow in the fracking world, as the risks of fracking continue to be found