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you can win of #shivkhera explained my way.


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You can winYou will win-Shiv Khera-Akash AmalWinners dont do different things.They do things differentlyHow would you describe a person ?ORHow would one describe oneself ?

Attitude is the most important word in English language.It applies to every sphere of life, including ones personal and professional lifeHarvard university found that 85% of time if people get the promotion, job, selection etc. is all because of attitudeAcres of Diamonds

When our attitude is right, we realize we are walking on acres of diamonds, opportunity is always under out feet we dont have to go any where, just recognize itGrass always looks greener on other side.People who dont realize opportunities, complain of noise when it knocksRight decisions at right timeBig organizations/ people are successful because They invest in their most valuable assetsPeople.FoundationTotal Quality People

Factors determining attitude(3Es)EnvironmentExperienceEducation

Building positive attitude.Become aware of principles that build positive attitude.Desire to be positive.Cultivate discipline and dedication to practice hose principles.8 steps to attitude change.Change focus, look for positive.(Be optimistic)Make a habit of doing it now.(when I become a big boy).Develop an attitude of gratitude(count your blessings, not troubles) (story of Dr. to alcoholics)4. Get into a continuous education program. (knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power) (sharpen your axe.)8 steps to attitude change.Build a positive self esteem(six packs vs tummy)Stay away from negative influencesLearn to like things that need to be done.Start your day with something positive.

what do u get by doing this ?


Nature of struggle to strengthQualities that make a person successfulDesireCommitmentResponsibilitiesHard workCharacter

Qualities that make a person successful6. Positive believing7. Give more then you get.8. Power of persistence9.Pride of performance10. Be a willing to be a student- Get a mentor.

What is holding us back ?

Driving car with brakes onGives no full speed.20 reasons why we dont achieve excellence.Unwillingness to take risks.Lack of persistence.Instant gratification.Lack of priorities.Looking for shortcuts.Selfishness and greedLack of conviction.Lack of understanding of natures law20 reasons why we dont achieve excellence. 9. Unwillingness to plan and prepare10. Rationalizing11. Learning from past mistakes12. Inability to recognize opportunity13. Fear. 14. Inability to use talent15. Lack of discipline.16. Poor self esteem.20 reasons why we dont achieve excellence.18. Fatalistic attitude.19. Lack of purpose.20. Lack of courage.Every success story isIs also a story of great failure.

27Motivation is a drive that encouragesAction or feelingsMotivationInternal motivationExternal motivationFour stages from motivation to demotivationabcdFour stages from motivation to demotivationA) motivated ineffectiveB) motivated effectiveC) demotivated ineffectiveD) demotivated effective.Self-EsteemBeggar pencil story.Poor role modalSchool teacher asks her student what does his father do ? student replied I dont know but I guess he makes pens, light bulbs, books, and some stationery because he brings it in his tiffin box.

The Wilma Rudolph storyBorn in Tennessee Paralytic

Paralytic to Olympic gold medalistImportance of interpersonal skillsLife is AN ECHO,A BOOMERANG,Factors the preventmaintaining positive relationships.SelfishnessLack of courtesyInconsiderate behaviorNot meeting commitmentsRude behavior Lack of integrity and honestySelf centerednessArrogance

Trust All relationships are trust relationshipsIt may be anything between employer employee, father-son, husband-wife, buyer-seller, Factors that build trust.Reliability- gives predictability and comes from commitmentConsistency- build confidenceRespect- to self and others gives dignity and shows a caring attitudeFairness- appeals to justice and integrityOpenness- shows a willingness to listen and share your views.Congruence- action and words harmonizedCompetence- comes when person has ability and attitude to serve

Factors that build trust.Acceptance- in spite of our effort to improve we need to accept each other with pluses and minuses.Character- person may have all good skills and competence but if he lacks character he cant be trusted.Courage- person who lacks courage will let down in crises.25 steps to build positive personalityAccept responsibilities.Show consideration.Think Win-Win.Choose your words carefully.Dont criticize and complain.Smile and be kind.Put positive interpretation on other peoples behavior.25 steps to build positive personalityBe enthusiastic.Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation. When you make a mistake, accept it and Move on.Discuss but dont argue.Dont gossip.Turn promises into commitments.Be grateful but do not expect gratitude.Be dependable an practice loyalty.

25 steps to build positive personalityAvoid Bearing grudges.Practice honesty, Integrity and sincerity.Practice humility.Be understanding and caring.Practice courtesy on daily basis.Develop sense of humor.Dont be sarcastic and put others down.Have a friend and be a friend.Show empathy.AVOID: THE GIGO PRINCIPLEYOUR CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MINDMINDPOWER VISUALIZATIONPROCESS OF CREATING AND SEEING A MENTAL PICTURE OF WHAT WE WANT TO HAVE OR DOOR A KIND OF PERSON WE WANT TO BE.GOAL SETTNGELEMENTS IN GOAL SETTINGKeep eyes upon the goalsbecause goals are important.

Dreams Desire v/s dreams.

Desires turn into dreams when they are supported by DirectionDedicationDeterminationDisciplineDeadlines.Smart goalsS- specificM- mostA- achievableR- realisticT- time bound

Values and VisionChild story (smile to cry/cry to smile)

No honor for people who received great things, honor has been rewarded for what he gave.Winning is an event,Being a winner is a spiritThank you