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YoKart is a turnkey solution that has revolutionized how multivendor websites are built and managed. The system developed by FATbit Technologies is the result of months of planning, research, design and programming. Have a look at this document to learn about all the YoKart features and advantages! Visit http://www.fatbit.com/multi-vendor-ecommerce-system-yokart.htmlor call +91 93565 35757 to learn more.


<ul><li><p>YoKart Multi-Vendor Features </p><p>YoKart Multi-Vendor is the perfect solution for web stores that enables you to </p><p>create an online marketplace where multiple vendors can manage sales of their </p><p>own products through one common storefront. </p><p>Following are the key features list of this system module wise as mentioned </p><p>below: </p><p>Frontend Key Features: </p><p> Provides a market place where customers can buy/sell used or new </p><p>products </p><p> Unlimited number of site Users and Products Listing </p><p> Option to browse Product Brands &amp; Categories </p><p> Provides Best Sellers, Most Viewed &amp; Latest Products listings </p><p> Offers Free Membership </p><p> Member Sign-up, Login &amp; Forgot Password </p><p> Sign-in/Login with Facebook </p><p> Allow Supplier/Vendor Login </p><p> Image Slide show for Featured Products </p><p> Ability to add Video for Products </p><p> Discount Coupons System </p><p> Payment Gateway Integration Paypal and Authorize.net </p><p> Printable Invoices </p></li><li><p> Post Reviews, Ratings &amp; Comments for Products listing </p><p> Internal Massaging System for Users </p><p> Sellers and Buyers Reward Points System </p><p> Sellers and Buyers Feedback System </p><p> Users customized/personal Feeds </p><p> Promotes by sharing the products on Facebook, Twitter and Email to Friend </p><p> Follow Us links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn </p><p> Subscribe and unsubscribe to e-mail newsletters </p><p> Email Notification &amp; Alert - Mandril and MailChimp Integration for sending </p><p>out emails. </p><p> Spam mail filter/Captcha in the Contact Form </p><p> FAQs listing &amp; website Testimonials </p><p> Responsive Design for PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones </p><p> SEO Friendly URLs </p><p>Product Module: </p><p> Multiple Brands &amp; Categories listings </p><p> Unlimited Products listing </p><p> Multiple Product Variations/Attributes </p><p> Top Viewed &amp; Latest Products listings </p><p> Featured Products listing </p><p> Related Products listing </p></li><li><p> Products for Instant Purchase </p><p> Watching/Wishlist option for Instant Purchase Products </p><p> Product Images &amp; Video </p><p> Products Stock/Inventory </p><p> Users Watch list </p><p> Deal/Product of the Week </p><p>Search Features: </p><p> Keyword Search with Auto-fill or Auto-suggest system </p><p> Product Search by Brand &amp; Category options </p><p> Store Search </p><p> User Search </p><p> Site other Content Search </p><p> Product Filter with Instant listing </p><p> Browse/Filter Products listing by Category </p><p> Search/Filter Products listing by Best Sellers, Top Viewed &amp; Latest options </p><p> Advanced Search options </p></li><li><p>Shopping Cart Features: </p><p> Customizable Shopping Cart Source code delivered with documentation to </p><p>allow your developers to modify any functionality of the system. </p><p> Shopping Cart can be integrated with SSL certificates </p><p> Regular Checkout Process </p><p> Specified/Preferred Payment Methods </p><p> Accepts both Cash on delivery and Online payment options </p><p> Multiple Tax Rates </p><p> Customizable Shipping &amp; Delivery Methods (Shipping Options) </p><p> Discount Coupons &amp; other Discount Types e.g. Qty. discount &amp; Order value </p><p>discount </p><p> Option to manage Wishlist Items </p><p> Billing &amp; Shipping Addresses Management </p><p> Orders History &amp; Order Confirmation </p><p> Order Invoice &amp; Notification Emails </p><p>Buyer Module: </p><p> Provides an instant purchase platform for buyers </p><p> Option to Search products by Keywords &amp; Categories </p><p> Buyers can Save search criteria for products </p><p> Buyers can follow sellers They get notifications whenever there are new </p><p>products/offers from followed sellers. </p></li><li><p> Option to Add/Save Product as a Favorite </p><p> Products Recommendation feature/option Portal owner/staff users can </p><p>mark any product as Editors Pick or Recommended. </p><p> Allow Private Messaging with sellers through Inbox system </p><p> Ability to read/view Reviews for sellers </p><p> Option to Write Reviews for Products &amp; Sellers </p><p> Ability to Add Sellers into their Favorite list </p><p> Allow to Watch &amp; Comment and Social Media Sharing options </p><p> Buyers can Like products on Facebook </p><p> Option to Tweet products on Twitter </p><p> Option to Save/Store Shipping Address as a Favorite Address </p><p> Buyers are allowed to earn Points for purchases made by them Points can </p><p>be redeemed against the purchases made. </p><p> Ability to Track Orders &amp; Purchase History </p><p> Print Orders &amp; Invoices </p><p> Update Profile &amp; Account Settings </p><p>Seller Module: </p><p> Allow sellers to create their own store with a personalized logo/banner </p><p> Manage Products listing </p><p> Ability to add Pictures &amp; Video for the products </p><p> Manage Product Shipping &amp; Taxes </p><p> Selling History </p></li><li><p> Ability to view all Orders placed by Buyers for their Products </p><p> Ability to manage Orders Status </p><p> Seller Payout Payment Details </p><p> Account Summary and Statistics of activity </p><p> Sales Reports &amp; Revenue Statistics </p><p>Reviews &amp; Ratings and Comments Features: </p><p> Users can Rate each other </p><p> Reviews &amp; Ratings for Products </p><p> Product Comments and Share in Social Media </p><p> Suggest Best Seller according to their Review and Ratings </p><p>Customer Support System: </p><p> FAQs with Search and Suggestion </p><p> Tips listings </p><p> Trading Dispute module </p><p> Customer Support with Ticket System </p><p> Notification or Current Dispute Status </p><p> General Help </p><p> Phone &amp; Live Chat Support Live Chat will be powered by 3rd party </p><p>application to be acquired by client. FATbit will setup the livechat system on </p><p>the site/server. </p></li><li><p>Backend/Admin Key Features: </p><p> Manage Users (Buyers &amp; Sellers) and their Profile &amp; Account activities </p><p> Manage Product Brands &amp; Categories </p><p> Manage Products &amp; Product Variations/Attributes </p><p> Manage Products Stock/Inventory </p><p> Manage Sellers Products listing </p><p> Ability to Approve Products Images uploaded by Sellers </p><p> Product Discount Coupons Management </p><p> Manage Notification of all kind of major activity of users </p><p> Ability to view &amp; manage Orders placed by Buyers </p><p> Review and Ratings Moderation </p><p> Internal Message Moderation </p><p> Manage Newsletters listing </p><p> Manage Shipping, Tax Zones, Countries &amp; States </p><p> Purchase and daily activity log </p><p> Live Users Statistics &amp; Sales Reports </p><p> Site Commissions &amp; Revenues Statistics/Reports </p><p> Total Transactions Report </p><p> Exportable all Statistics/Reports to excel </p><p> Manage Customer Support with support team setup </p><p> Ability to customize the e-mail templates </p></li><li><p>Content Management System: </p><p> Ability to manage Content on the site pages </p><p> Ability to manage Menus and Links of the pages </p><p> Allow to add more Customized pages </p><p> Option to remove Extra/Additional pages on the website </p><p> Ability to manage Images on the pages </p><p> Image Gallery Management </p><p> Ability to manage FAQs Categories &amp; FAQs Listing </p><p> Testimonials Management </p><p> Option to create SEO ready pages by the CMS </p><p>Users Permission Management: </p><p> Ability to add more Users as Sub-Admin on the website </p><p> Ability to assign Permissions to manage (add/edit/delete) products &amp; other </p><p>modules/sections </p><p> Allow Sub-Admins to perform the tasks according to their permissions </p><p> Only Super Admin has all permissions and can perform all tasks on the </p><p>system </p></li><li><p>Site Configuration/Settings: </p><p> Products &amp; their Attributes Settings </p><p> Discount Coupons &amp; other Discounts Settings </p><p> Stock/Inventory Settings </p><p> Cart Settings </p><p> Payment, Tax &amp; Shipping Settings </p><p> Seller Pay-out Settings </p><p> Admin can set &amp; charge commission over the price of the product </p><p> Allow sellers not to sell more than a max. number of items/products or a </p><p>limited stock </p><p> Reviews, Comments &amp; Messages Moderation Settings </p><p> Admin Common Settings, Time zone &amp; Currency </p><p> Database Backup Option </p></li></ul>


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