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<ul><li> 1. TARGETING NEW HORIZONS 2011YES EXPLORATION SYNDICATE</li></ul> <p> 2. Since the initial White Gold discovery, over 20 junior mining companies have acquired land in the region which has been dubbed The White Gold District.However, companies focusing their attention solely on the White Gold District may bemissing opportunities farther afieldwhen considering the geological similarities to the broader mineralizing event that created the Dawson Range Mineral Belt - Bennett, Colpron, Burke - Yukon Geological Survey - July 2010YUKON AREA PLAY 3. YUKON TERRITORY 4. THE YUKON IS STILL VERY UNDER-EXPLORED Image from caseyresearch.comwebpage 5. WHILE THERE HAVE BEEN SOME GREAT DISCOVERIES ATAC - OSIRIS (CARLIN GOLD) TARGET UNDERWORLD - WHITE GOLD DEPOSIT Image from ATAC Resources webpage Image from webpage 6. &amp; ORE DEPOSIT DEVELOPMENTS WHITE GOLD MINTO CASINO CASH MT FREEGOLD WILLIAMS CK MT NANSEN WELLGREEN FARO RED MT WHITEHORSE COPPER KETZA RIVER CLEAR LAKE 7. THERES VAST UNTAPPED POTENTIAL WHITE GOLD MINTO CASINO CASH MT FREEGOLD MT NANSEN WELLGREEN FARO RED MT WHITEHORSE COPPER KETZA RIVER CLEAR LAKE WILLIAMS CK 8. WERE FOCUSED ON THE CARMACKS AREA CARMACKS TARGET AREA YUKON 9. HIGHEST DENSITY OF PORPHYRY AND EPITHERMAL DEPOSITS FOUND IN YUKON MATURE BUT ONLY SCRATCHING THE SURFACE 10. HOW MANY DEPOSITS WERE FORMED BY A MASSIVE HYDROTHERMAL EVENT THAT AFFECTED THE CARMACKS DISTRICT IN THE LATE CRETACEOUS PERIOD? &amp; POTENTIALLY FULL OF SURPRISES 11. CARMACKS AREA RESEARCH HAS SHOWN 12. HUGE MAGMATIC EVENT OCCURRED AT CARMACKSThe hydrothermal event was similar in nature and size to that occurring today in Yellowstone Park Image from U.S. National Park Service webpage 13. HYDROTHERMAL ACTIVITY FORMED GOLD DEPOSITS The results of this study provide evidence for a regional metallogenic event related to late cretaceous shoshonitic volcanism, which resulted in thedevelopment of epithermal gold and base metal-rich veins transitional between low and high sulphidation types. The intense alteration and paleo-magnetic resetting of pre-existing country rocks provide evidence for a large scale hydrothermal system through the southern Dawson Rangedriven by the Carmacks Magmatic Event - Katherine Smuk 1999 14. GOLD SOURCE UNEXPLAINED The similarity in structural geometry from NW to SE through the Dawson Range Mineral Belt indicate the presence of a much larger system than previously recognized, howeverthe sources of the gold bearing fluids remain enigmatic- Bennett, Colpron, Burke Yukon Geological Survey July 2010 To date our understanding of the overprinting Late Cretaceous magmatic event is limited ..... - Bennett, Colpron, Burke - Yukon Geological Survey - July 2010 15. (HEAT) SOURCE WAS A MANTLE PLUMEImage from University of Georgia (Dept of Geology) webpage 16. CARMACKS MANTLE PLUME - RELATED GOLD MODEL In Yukon, gold mineralization is related to the Carmacks volcanic units and coeval hydrothermal alteration.A genetic model linking gold mineralization to hot spot related hydrothermal activity is suggested .New exploration models, based on this linkage, may assist in the identification of additional gold mineralization in Yukon. - S.T. Johnston et al - Yellowstone in Yukon - 1996 17. CARMACKS MANTLE PLUME - GEOPHYSICAL DATA a zone of anomalously slow (hot?) mantle detectedteleseismically by Frederiksen &amp; Bostock, 1996 Target Area Volcanoes YUKON ALASKA BRITISH COLUMBIA 18. CARMACKS MANTLE PLUME - GEOPHYSICAL SECTION The zone of hot mantle appears to extend to depths of 600 km.Does it represent afossil mantle plume trackassociated withLate Cretaceous Carmacks volcanics? N S Tectonic Motion 19. A MANTLE PLUME AT CARMACKS? WHAT GEOLOGICAL SURFACE EXPRESSION COULD MANIFEST ABOVE A MANTLE PLUME? A COLLAPSED CALDERA SIMILAR TOYELLOWSTONE! Image from New Mexico Bureau of Geology &amp; Mineral Resources webpage 20. LIHIR ISLAND COLLAPSED CALDERA Ladolam Gold Deposit 65 MILLION OZ Many economically important ore deposits in the western United States and in other parts of the world,are found within collapsed calderas Image from Google Earth 21. IS THERE A COLLAPSED CALDERAAT CARMACKS? Hmmm... YES! Image from webpage 22. CARMACKS COLLAPSED CALDERA CARMACKS CALDERA LOCATED HERE 23. SOUTH YUKON &gt;99 thPERCENTILE GOLD ANOMALIES X&gt;100ppb Au X&gt;200ppb Au X&gt;300ppb Au STRONGEST GROUP OF GOLD ANOMALIES IN YUKON 24. AURORA GEOSCIENCES RGS PCA ANALYSIS CALDERA HAS STRONGEST PCA ANOMALY IN YUKON Au-U-Pb-Mo DOMINANT PRINCIPAL COMPONENT ANALYSIS OF STREAM SEDIMENTS 25. AMPHITHEATRE STRUCTURE Image from 26. INTERIOR STRUCTURES / VENTS / DOMES 27. SOUTH WEST WALL SOUTH WESTCALDERA WALL 28. ARCUATE RING FAULTSTRUNCATED BY FAULT / EROSIONAL FEATURE? 29. GENERAL OUTLINE OF CALDERA TODAY KLONDIKE HIGHWAY CORRIDOR 30. UN-GLACIATED TERRAIN BOUNDARY Geochemical profile is affected byintense surface weathering GLACIAL EROSION OF RIM 22 Ka GLACIAL LIMIT 31. OUTER RIM EVIDENCE AIRBORNE GEOPHYSICS - RADIOMETRIC POTASSIUM 32. GRAVITY SIGNATURE 33. MAGNETIC SIGNATURE 34. OUTSTANDING STRUCTURAL POTENTIAL MAIN CALDERA STRUCTURAL TRENDS - NW/SE AND NE/SW.SIMILAR STRUCTURES HOST MOST GOLD DISCOVERIESIN DAWSON RANGE. 35. CALDERA GEOLOGY ULTRAMAFICSASSOCIATED WITHMANTLE PLUMESAND REES 36. ANOMALOUS GOLD IN STREAM SEDIMENTSLEAD COPPER ARSENIC MERCURY COPPER MERCURY MERCURY MERCURY ZINC LEAD LEAD LEAD ZINC LEAD ZINC MERCURY 37. LATE CRETACEOUS AGE DATES 191 ma 61.2 ma 352.3 ma 63 ma 78 ma 186.2 ma 175 ma 58 ma 187.7 ma 166.2 ma 164 ma 170 ma 68.6 ma 68.32 ma 67.8 ma 106.1 ma 38. YUKON MINFILE DATA MT. NANSEN RICHEST Au-Ag DEPOSIT IN YUKON 446,549 t @ ~17g/t AuEQ FLORENCE CREEKPLACER PGE-GOLDDEPOSIT 39. YUKON MINFILE DATA TAHTE - Cu-Au PORPHYRY TARGET MACKS COPPER - Cu-Au SKARN TARGET NEW SHOSHONI COLLAPSED CALDERA COMPLEX EPITHERMAL GOLD TARGET 40. TARGETING NEW HORIZONS 2011 </p>