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<ol><li> 1. by B R E N N A , C I N D Y , J O H N , K E L L Y , &amp; Y I W E N </li><li> 2. THE GOOGLE PROBLEM </li><li> 3. The Google Problem </li><li> 4. HOW CAN YELP ATTRACT MORE USERS? </li><li> 5. Heading out? Bring Yelp with you. The free Yelp mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to search for businesses near you. Solution </li><li> 6. C. Question Answer Reliability Enhancement Usability Development International Expansion Strategy </li><li> 7. Reliability Y E L P ' S C U R R E N T R A T I N G S Y S T E M </li><li> 8. Reliability -Yelps Current Rating System </li><li> 9. Reliability - Rotten Tomato Rating System </li><li> 10. CAR NAVIGATION SYSTEM VIDEO FEATURE --- </li><li> 11. Video Feature </li><li> 12. Countries with Yelp </li><li> 13. India CONNECT. ENJOY. SHARE. </li><li> 14. Tourism by Nationality </li><li> 15. TOURISM GROWTH RATE </li><li> 16. MOBILE GET CONNECTED </li><li> 17. MOBILE PHONE GROWTH </li><li> 18. IndiaExpansion F I V E D I A M O N D F R A M E W O R K Arena Vehicle Differentiator Major cities of India Enter the market from scratch with its large amount of capital. Targeting tourists in India and focus on new and diverse businesses </li><li> 19. UsabilityDevelopment F I V E D I A M O N D F R A M E W O R K Arena Differentiator Economic Logic Fit with SMD platforms Few online information providers have the video feature and link to GPS Increase usability of Yelps review services to users: more traffic and profitability Vehicle Adding the video feature Yelps App in the built- in navigation system of cars </li><li> 20. THE SEVEN S FRAMEWORK STRATEGY Adapt to the Indian market Attaining smaller businesses (street vendors and farmers markets) on Indian Yelp app Attract tourists in India Balanced commitment on protecting both customers and businesses with reliable reviews STAFF Hire new employees in India Indias IT industry currently has over 3.5 million workers SKILLS Technological capabilities in website development to modify designs of Yelps desktop and mobile interfaces Indian employees with great R&amp;D knowledge </li><li> 21. THE SEVEN S FRAMEWORK SYSTEM Yelps current sophisticated algorithm filters out about 25% of the reviews submitted to Yelp Restaurant search: Most frequently used review site vs. OpenTable and Zagat Local directories: Most influential, trustworthy, highest quality vs. TripAdvisor and Angies List Mobile: more actions and deeper user engagement Tips, Reservations, Photos, Check-in, Maps, Call (Phone), and Deals Continuous development of mobile app to address threat of Google+ Local Turn use of Yelp to part of daily routines of customers Change in rating system: Elite Yelpers and non-Elite Yelpers SHARED VALUE Real people, real reviews </li><li> 22. Exhibit 1 - Key Financials </li><li> 23. Exhibit 2 - Question Tree </li><li> 24. Exhibit 3 - Market Segmentation </li><li> 25. Exhibit 4 - CAGE Framework </li><li> 26. Exhibit 5 - Business Model Canvas </li><li> 27. Exhibit 6 - VRIN Competencies </li><li> 28. Exhibit 7 - Rotten Tomatoes </li><li> 29. Exhibit 8 - Strategy Diamond </li><li> 30. Exhibit 9 - Expense Allocation </li></ol>