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  • 1. Year in Review - 2011 Financial Headlines Personal Headlines Eurozone 1st full year at Market Volatility Greenhill Implied volatility increases Meeting of the late summer/early fall to over 30% from mid-teensParents preceding 12 months 16 days Dow moves more Engagement than 200 points Debt ceiling crisis, Dow New Apartment down 4.3% S&P downgrades US, Dow Heart Surgery down 5.6% Hayden lost his front Occupy Wall Streetteeth in December First Solar MF Global scandal

2. 2011 Select stock and indexperformances S&P 500 index ended about flat Best performer in S&P 500 - Cabot Oil & Gas (COG) up over 100% Vanguard Euro Index (VGK) wasdown roughly 12% Worst performer in S&P 500 - First Solar (FSLR) down about 75% 3. Stock and index performances in 2011Haydens first boogie board riderepresents Euro index. Could haveended worse than it did but it wasntpretty, Vanguard Euro index downS&P 500 ended up about flatabout 12%.for the yearPoppy represents Cabot Oil &Gas Failed flip is First Solar, started out OK but ended upMaking a big splash as top painful being down 75%performing S&P 500 stock 4. 3rd Best S&P 500 Performer IntuitiveSurgical (ISRG) up about 80%Post-recoverybeard Intuitive Surgical designs and builds the da Vinci Surgical System which robotically assists in minimally invasive surgery (MIVS). Ironically, I had a similar procedure for my aortic valve replacementbut failed to buy the stock 5. Commodities were not the headline story like in 2010 but there was still money to be madeand took hisearnings to the tailor to buy a Commodities did notsuit because perform nearly as well in cotton was down 2011 as they did in 2010 about 40% forbut Hayden bought cattle, the year!which was a top performerup over 20%... 6. Things that went missing in 2011 front teeth and $1.2 billion Hayden Santa, allJon Santa, all I want for Christmas I want for are my two frontChristmas is theteeth $1.2 billion thatMF Global lost 7. Take the timeto be thankfulin 2012 andmay all yourdreams cometrue. Happy NewYear.Music by Hall and Oates